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Ever heard of a city that has "Gods more than people and temples more than houses"? That's how historians used to describe Kathmandu in the old days. This previously Hindu kingdom of Nepal has such spiritual implications that could be felt nowhere else. The people of Nepal literally worship 33million gods and celebrate more than 365 festivals. Each day of the year is a new festival.

Nepal is one of those countries in the world that have managed to keep its cultural uniqueness and diversity intact. Nepalese understanding of life and devotion to God can be the biggest lesson to the world. The lifestyle of people still reflects the 20th century, but they live a happy life; Nepal has always spread peace and harmony to the world. The core of our historical tour is Kathmandu valley, the city of temples and stupas.

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Cultural And Heritage Trail Trekking

There are hundreds of other temples that are dedicated to different gods and goddesses. The woodwork and metal craft of these heritages present the best handi-crafts of mankind. Another major pilgrimage destination is Lumbini, the birth land of Buddhism's founder, Gautam Buddha himself. There are many heritages you can visit around Pokhara and Chitwan as well.

Cultural treks in Nepal are also equally prodigious. There's Tamang heritage trek in the Langtang region, Mustang Muktinath trek, and Sherpa village trek in the Everest region. The high-altitude trek is often associated with understanding Tibetan Buddhist culture. The Buddhist region followed by these people in the mountain region reflects true peace and salvation. It's the only chance to find your inner peace and satisfaction.

A Festival tour in Nepal is also a rejuvenating experience. Visiting Nepal during festivals like Holi, Shivaratri, and Buddha Jayanti in spring gives a unique thrill. Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat are month-long festivals during October/ November. Trekkers also merge the Mani-Rumdi festival trek, and the Loshar trek, Buddhist festivals. Himalayan masters organize all these treks as per individual needs. Let us know what you want to experience and we will manage the cultural tour in Nepal for you.

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Based on your preferences, location, timeframe, and budget, our team can design your dream trek based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the Himalayas. Get in touch with us for detailed information and assistance planning your dream trek. With our 97% success rate on trekking and climbing trips in 2022 and 2023 spring season, we will answer any questions you may have and guide you for an unforgettable experience.