Despite being tiny, Nepal is full of many different trekking routes. There are more than 100 Nepal trekking routes, each one them offering a completely different trekking experience. Most of these trek routes of Nepal has been opened almost a century back. And there are still some trekking routes in Nepal that are restricted to visit without a special permit. Nepal’s easy treks and challenging treks are both trekkings close to the Himalayas, bestowing a rejuvenating experience.

The most popular Nepal trekking routes lie within:

Everest region

Annapurna region

Manaslu region

Langtang region

Dolpo region

Makalu region

Kanchenjunga region

Each one of these trekking regions has its own perks. They differ in remoteness, difficulty, and distance. For example,e the classic Everest base camp trek is a quite luxurious trekking experience. However, trekking to Kanchenjunga and Dolpo is a very difficult experience for some. Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang are the most popular treks of Nepal are growing for many years. Other trek routes of Nepal are recently been upgraded as tea house treks, offering only minimum facilities. There are also peak climbing like Mera Peak, Island Peak, and Yala peaks for a more adventurous twist.

However, no matter which trekking routes of Nepal you pick, one shall be close to the Himalayan, live in close relation with nature, and experience a great cultural richness. You get to live in a Gomba and enjoy Yak Cheese in Langtang. On Everest, you get to visit the Tengboche monastery and experience a Sherpa Culture. In Annapurna, you get to live with very friendly Tamang and Gurung people. Now doesn’t all of these sound interesting to you?

So, are you ready to explore the unexplored and enjoy the best of Nepal with one of these Nepal trek routes?