Manaslu Region

Among many world-famous trekking destinations of Nepal, the Manaslu mountain region can be rightfully called the under-rated one. Mt. Manaslu, at 8,163 meters, is the world's eighth highest mountain and one of the most dangerous mountains to climb. Thankfully, the trek to Manaslu base camp and Manaslu circuit trek is a very pleasing and adventurous experience. The Manaslu climb has everything you ever imagined with the Epic scenery, unique landscape, intimate encounters with rear wildlife, pristine rivers, and colorful butterflies.

Recently upgraded to tea house trekking, the Manaslu Base camp trek has become a very comfortable option to witness the best of the mountain. The most popular trek in the Manaslu region is Manaslu Circuit Trek which takes you to 5100 meters above sea level. The other equally pleasing and shorter trek is the Manaslu TSUM valley trek. TSUM valley is actually a restricted region that needs a special Manaslu permit to visit.

Most Spectacular Treks

This hidden mountain valley has managed to keep Buddhist culture's century in the most intact form. Only the brave soul aim trekking in this isolated terrain with the dramatic Larke La Pass (5135 meters) climb. Walking in the Budi Gandaki riverbank, you will be trekking over many suspension bridges and high-passes. The colorful prayer flags, Chorten white-washed monasteries, and the unique lifestyle will be an unforgettable experience for you during the Manaslu routes.

And the incredible bio-diversity of sub-tropical vegetation and rear wildlife is to be discussed. Over a hundred species of birds and butterflies, Himalayan Thar, Yaks, red pandas, monkeys, and deers are all roaming around. The thrill is never faded.

The expert's travel team at Himalayan Master's organize the Manaslu trekking throughout the trek. We take care of all permits to Manaslu, bookings, gears, and essentials while you have fun. The comfort of our trekkers is ensured. So, let us know you are traveling.

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