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The Everest region which homes the world's tallest mountain, i.e., Mount Everest, is a land cherished by the world as a whole. Everest peak at 8848 meters is the tallest mountain and the world's highest point. You should know that the Everest Region not only homes Sagarmatha, but there are other mountains such as Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu, all listed as the world's 10th highest. Now, imagine being surrounded by the snowy mountain peaks, the highest in the world, and living in the remote village of Nepal.

The entire world looks to spend their holiday in the Khumbu region of Nepal, and you shouldn't miss your chance. The mountains in Everest (also called the Khumbu region) lie in Nepal's Solukhumbu district. After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay succeeded in Mount Everest climb for the first time, the area has literally been crowded with thousands of tourists. However, the local Sherpa people have managed to keep their rich Tibetan Buddhist tradition unaffected.

Treks In The Everest Region

They are the protector of mountains, and the Nature of the Everest region is still very virgin. However, hundreds of luxurious hotels and restaurants have been built for trekkers' comfort. In short, Everest trekking is the perfect blend of culture, Nature, and comfort. Almost all treks in the Mount Everest area start from Lukla, about 138 northeast of Kathmandu. The ultimate goal for the trekkers is to reach the Everest Base Camp at 5380 meters.

You will need climbing permits and gears, which are basically mountaineering things from then onwards. This Mount Everest height can be conquered by any newbie trekker with zero high-altitude trekking experience. The more adventurous treks on Everest are the Gokyo Valley trek, the Kalapathar trek, and Renjo La Pass. These treks are two and three weeks long and go beyond the classic Everest Base camp trek route.

Also, there are shorter and easier tours such as Everest View trek, Short Everest trek, Luxurious Everest trek, and more. However, the most exciting package is the Everest Helicopter tour, where you will directly land at the Everest Base Camp. Himalayan Masters has been organizing the Everest Region trek for almost a decade.

We design a comfortable tour for each trekker as per their timetable and assist them with a comfortable stay. Trekking to Everest with Himalayan masters will make your tour fun and luxurious. We also assist the team with the Mount Everest climb.

PS: if you find Everest rather busy, do check Makalu Region. 

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