Terms & Conditions

The term “You”, “Them”, “He/ She”, “Travellers”, and “Guest” indicates the person who makes the booking for themselves or their team. “We” or “Our company” refers to Himalayan Masters and its founding owner. 

Please go through the article in detail and be informed about your rights and obligations before you make the booking. 

The person who makes the booking is regarded as the “Group Leader” and agrees to all the following conditions on behalf of his team. 

(0)General Terms and Conditions

(0.1) The leader has carefully read all the terms mentioned here in the Booking Conditions and our Trip page for the trip he/she is willing to book. The leader does agree to be bound by the Terms and conditions of Himalayan Masters when he/ she confirms the booking

(0.2) The person making the booking is above the age of 18 and has taken written permission from a guardian for his team member below the age of 18.

(0.3) The leader is responsible for making full payment for himself/ herself and the entire team. 

(0.4) Appreciate and be considerate of the risks and uncertainty that come along with adventure tourism. 

(0.5) Agrees upon our company’s “privacy policy” on behalf of this team to provide us with their personal details, card information, health conditions or disabilities, and insurance policy. The company will use the data in accordance with our “Privacy Policy:

(0.6) Do not have pre-existing medical conditions that might hamper the tour. In case any members of the team have a medical disability, the leader is responsible for contacting Himalayan Masters before making your booking. Failure to provide the information beforehand might lead to complications in the tour, and the leader will be responsible in this case. 

(1) Booking Inquiry 

(1.1) Our website shows all the details about trips and treks. Even so, we encourage you to send a Booking Inquiry with the general information of your group and tour schedule. We will then plan an Itinerary as per your need and send you a payment invoice, or you can pay via the website. 


The booking of all trips can be done through the Himalayan Masters website or links provided to you in the email. Reservation is only confirmed after you pay 20% of the total cost as an advance deposit. The cost mentioned might change as per season, itinerary, group size, and accommodation option, so we highly encourage you to enquire about the charges by email before you make the payment. Other remaining instalments should be paid at least 15 days before the beginning of the trip.  

(1.2.1) Form of Payments: 

( Advance deposits at the time of booking and all other instalments can be paid via the Himalayan website with your credit card. A personal check to Himalayan Bank Limited, Himalayan Masters, is also accepted. You can use a credit card, visa card, or Master card to deposit the amount. 

Note: For credit card payments, a 3.5% extra will be levied to you as a credit card processing fee by the bank.

Once the payment is received, we send you a “Confirmation email” to fill in all other necessary information. Once you get the confirmation email, the contract between the travel party and Himalayan Masters exists.

( Himalayan Masters reserves the right to decline the booking and refund your payment without any discretion. 

( Once the booking is made, you can send your requirements and amendments by email ([email protected]) or our WhatsApp number (+977-9823636377). We will contact you via these means, and you are obliged to reply to our enquiry within three days so that we can organise everything in the trek smoothly. 


The booking contract becomes active once you fill in the details of your teammates and make an advance payment. Once the payment is made, Himalayan Masters will send you a booking contract by email to issue a written confirmation with a receipt. You can edit travellers’ details within 24 hours of the booking confirmation. Himalayan Masters should approve any changes after that. 

(1.3.1) Early bookings

Any bookings confirmed 30 days before the trip date are categorised as Early bookings. Early bookings are custom-made to fit your custom dates, hotel requirements, transportation requirements and more. These early bookings are flexible and well-planned. We highly recommend travellers make enquiries at least 45 days before the trip and do the booking confirmation at least 30 days before the trip. 


Bookings confirmed 30 days before the arrival date are considered last-minute bookings. Late bookings may be charged with an extra fee that occurred from the last hour rush booking. Last-minute bookings might lead to us asking for full payment in advance. 

Note: When you make late bookings, do not book any flights or activity in Nepal until we confirm your tour and send a detailed trip plan. Many external factors might lead to delay or cancellation of last-minute bookings, so we request that you do other processes only after you get our email. 


20% of the total amount for the entire group should be paid in advance before confirmation of the trip, and the remaining 80% should be received by us at least 15 days before the start of your trek. Himalayan Masters Adventure provides the receipts and details of all your bookings once you make the full payment. 

Suppose Himalayan Masters Adventure does not receive complete payment of the entire crew 15 days before the trip. In that case, such trips are considered “Cancelled by Travellers” and applicable to conditions mentioned in clause 6.1 below. 

(3.1) Form of Payments: Similar to the advance payment, the full payments can be made via our website. Credit cards, Visa cards, Or Master cards can be used to deposit the amount in Himalayan Bank Limited, Himalayan Masters. Suppose you cannot pay us on the website via credit card. In that case, we can also email you a payment invoice or arrange to issue a personal check at Himalayan Bank Limited, Himalayan Masters. 

Note: For credit card payments, a 3.5% extra will be levied to you as a credit card processing fee by the bank.


(4.1) The price of the unsold trip mentioned on our website is subject to change by Himalayan Masters at times without any explanation. We also reserve the right to amend the cost of the confirmed booking if any changes are placed in demand by the travellers or in one of these cases. 

  1. Change in cost of plane tickets, transportation fee, hotel charges, or any other cost we pay to the third party due to inflation, change in cost of fuel or any other reason. 
  2. Change in government regulations that include increases in taxes (including landing taxes, tourist taxes), permit charges, or any fees chargeable for services applicable 
  3. Change related to fluctuating exchange rates relevant to the package.

(4.2) We will email the change in price of the confirmed bookings with possible explanations to the travellers. Travellers are requested to pay the additional increase in the trip cost at least 15 days before the tour. We will not make any last-minute changes to the trip cost 15 days before your arrival in Nepal to protect the rights of our travellers.

(4.3) If the increase in these charges (except for changes due to your personal amendment request or insurance premiums) causes over 10% hike in the booking cost, you have the option to change to another trip or cancel the trip (clause mentioned in Clause 10 “Trip Cancelled on Special case applicable”). The change in the trip or cancellation should be done three days after we email you the details with an explanation. Failure to do so leads to the trip being “Cancelled by Travellers” and applies to conditions mentioned in clause 6.1 below. 

(4.4) If the trip price goes down by either case mentioned in 7.1, 7.2, or 7.3, Himalayan Masters will refund the changes minus transfer charges. 

Note: All of the trip costs on our website are listed as USD by default. If you want the detailed price in your native currency, you are requested to email the Himalayan Masters Adventures representative.


(5.1) If you decide to make your trip shorter or cancel a few locations for whatever reason (before or during the journey), Himalayan Masters is not obligated to refund the cost. In case of any complaints or dissatisfaction with services provided by Himalayan Masters that lead to the shortening of your travel days, we are not responsible for refunding the amount. 

(5.2) If you could not complete the trip due to health issues, unfavourable weather, or any other reasonable circumstances, your travel insurance may cover the cost of a short trip as per their policy, and such a claim should be made directly with the travel company. 


(6.1) If you need to make any changes to your trip (like date postponement or trip change), you can email us the necessary changes, and we will try to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities; however, if you must cancel the trip, the following clause s applicable. 

(6.2) Cancelled by Travellers 

(6.2.1) If you make any change in plans 30 days prior to the trip and cancel the trip, you are obliged to email us with a detailed explanation. Depending on whether we are satisfied with your expiation or not, we will refund you up to 80% of your advance.

(6.2.2) If you cancel your trip 15 days before the trip, you must email us with a detailed explanation. Depending on whether we are satisfied with your explanation or not, we will refund you up to 30% of your advance and up to 60% of the other payment. 

(6.2.3) If you cancel your trip with less than 15 days left for your arrival, we will not be obliged to pay any refund to the travellers. 

Note: Amounts that Himalayan Masters have already used to pay the third party, like insurance premiums, flight bookings, and hotel bookings, are not subject to refund at any time of the bookings. 

(6.2.4) Himalayan Masters keep your booking amount secure for up to 5 years so that you can book the trip on any future date. The new rate mentioned on our website at the time of application is applicable to all future bookings. You can also change your tour location or transfer the total amount you paid to new travellers. No charge is suitable for such transfers or changes unless Himalayan Masters have already used the amount to pay the third party, like Insurance Premiums, flight bookings, and hotel bookings. 

(6.2.5) If we cannot fulfil the request for any reason and you don’t want to continue with the original booking, it will be considered cancelled by you and application to the above-provided clue. 

(6.3)Cancelled in Special Condition

(6.3.1)If Himalayan Masters cannot organise the tour due to some special reason (some issues within the company), we will refund you the full amount minus the bank transfer charges. 

(6.3.2)If the trip/ climb has to be postponed due to bad weather or legal or political issues, we will reserve your total amount (Other than the amount that Himalayan Masters have already used to pay the third party like Insurance Premium, flight bookings, and hotel bookings) that can be used up to 5 years or transferred to another person. If you want to make the same trip on a future date, any increase/ change in the cost of the trip is payable by the Traveller himself/ herself. 

(6.3.4)Cancellation associated with poor health, political instability, bad weather, and natural calamities is claimable with your insurance policy. Himalayan masters will assist you with the necessary documentation in such cases. 

(6.4) Special cancellation due to NO-SHOWS:

If the travellers fail to contact Himalayan Masters for all-paid trips at least 72 hours before the tour and do not appear on the trip, Himalayan Masters will not refund the amount. We do reserve the unused amount for future trips, but we have the full right to use the amount on the no-show. 

Early Return:

Clients may return from their trip early for a variety of reasons. If this occurs, there will be no reimbursement. Payments are non-refundable since guides and porters must be paid for the initial days hired.


(7.1) Changes made by you

(7.1.2) During the trip

( unused services like meals, hotels, or gear unused by you are not subjected to refunds

( you are involuntarily forced to leave a trip for some reason, a refund will be made at the discretion of Himalayan Masters 

( Masters Adventures can modify the Itinerary for any factors beyond our trip’s control. Such reasons can be under the influence of weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances, legal restrictions, etc. Such immediate modification is made in agreement with Himalayan Masters and the Travellers. 

(7.1.3)Before the Trip 

( changes in the Itinerary after booking confirmation have to be notified 30 days before the arrival date. We are not obliged to integrate the request made after that. 

( additional costs due to the changes requested by the Traveller are ordered to be paid within three days of change confirmation. Otherwise, the changes are not applicable. 

( expenses paid to the third party, such as flight cancellations, hotel charges, services charges, permit charges, and administrative charges affected by the changes you requested, are not refundable. 

(7.2)Change In Itinerary by Himalayan Masters

(7.2.1)For minor changes 

( Himalayan Masters has to make a minor modification on your trip, we explain the condition to you but will not be liable to make you the payment. Minor changes can include a change in departure date by one day, a flight delay of up to 12 hours, a change of accommodation to the same standard, a change in 2 meal courses, and facilities provided by HM, such as sleeping bags and trekking gear. 

( the trip, we might have to change the route or Itinerary depending on health conditions, weather, and other factors. We expect the travellers to remain flexible to the factors that are beyond our control.

(7.2.2)For big changes 

( any big change or cancellation made by Himalayan Masters, we email you with a new plan and possible explanation. You have three working days to review the changes, and you can either 

( accepting the changes, or

( for a full refund for the amounts otherwise used for the initial booking or

( request for alternative travel arrangements of a comparable standard and price; 

( We might have to ask you to accept an alternative arrangement of a lower or higher standard for which we will refund the price difference or have to be added respectively. 

( If you cannot accept any of the above conditions, you can transfer the total amount to another person willing to use your credit value. 

( you do not accept any of these options within three days, we will notify you again, and after seven days, we will assume that you have accepted the changes by default. 

(7.3) The Final decision regarding the changes made in the Itinerary during the trip is made by the leader/ guide on the trip. By signing our booking contract, you agree that if the guide sees your behaviour or physical condition affects the safety and well-being of the entire group as a whole or the local people of Nepal for that matter, the guide can ask you to drop the tour without any right of refund.

(7.4)Himalayan Masters Adventures cannot be held accountable for cancellations, delays, alterations incurred due to flight cancellations/delays, transportation issues, inadequate services of hotels, lousy meals, and other minor problems that involve the third party. 

(7.5)Expenses ensured for changes due to conditions such as but not limited to sickness, natural calamities, war, quarantine, pandemic, political issues, and disputes are not covered by Himalayan Masters. Still, they may be recoverable by your own insurance. 


(8.1)The entire Himalayan Masters team puts effort into making your trip fun and comfortable. If you encounter any issues during the tour, you can simply talk with our tour guide, and he shall fix the issues. Further, if you have any complaints about the services or team members, you can email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +977-9823636377. We will resolve your issue as soon as possible. 

(8.2)If the issue is not addressed immediately, you can send a formal letter to our office up to 28 days before the end of your trip. This will assist us in quickly identifying your concerns. 


(9.1) Medical issues and all pre-arrangements, including flight to Nepal and visa process, are your responsibility. Himalayan Masters Adventures is not obliged to bear responsibility for these processes. We can provide some minor information to assist you in the event. 

(9.2) The high altitude travelling in Nepal is a risky activity, and the chance of travelling and being ill or injured is high. Any and all bookings in Himalayan Masters can only be confirmed after you provide proof of travel insurance. All team members should be covered by insurance that covers all costs of repatriation and helicopter rescue at higher altitudes, in addition to travel delay, cancellation, and theft. Digital and Physical proof of insurance should be carried with you throughout the trip.

(9.3) If you do not have any insurance coverage even when you pay us in advance, you need to apply for the policy and get a confirmation before you make the full payment.

(9.4) Failure to take travel insurance might result in the termination of the tour without any refund services. 

(9.5) Insurance Disclaimer*

Travel insurance to Nepal should be swift to react and all-inclusive. You must be able to take any/all emergency evacuations without pre-approval from your company. Since mountain weather is very unpredictable and you might have access to the internet (or any type of communication), it might be hard to act quickly when you need approval from your insurance company.  

Himalayan Master Adventure company and our guide have the right to make decisions about evacuation for the guests’ and will not be obliged to wait for approval from the insurance providers (waiting might worsen the situation). In such case, the company and our guide shall not be withheld responsible for any expiation or expenses for evacuation for the travellers. You are responsible for coordinating with your insurance company and paying all costs incurred by Himalayan Glacier. We will not be held accountable for coordinating with your insurance provider to recover the amount. 


(10.1) All travellers must have an original passport with at least six months of validity remaining. It’s the traveller’s responsibility to obtain the necessary travel visa for the duration of the trip. The cost of the visa will not be covered by the trip cost of Himalayan Masters. We will not be held accountable for any refunds if you are refused entry to Nepal. 

(11) Medical Conditions and DISABILITIES

(11.1) Himalayan Masters attempt to provide the utmost care to the special needs of travellers. However, we are not specialists for disabled tours in Nepal, so we need to know about any medical condition or disability you or your group may have. This special information should be provided before booking confirmation. Otherwise, we will not be held responsible for fulfilling your need or refund. Further, if any medical condition or disability occurs between booking and arrival in Nepal, you must send us the detailed information as soon as possible. 

(11.2) Travellers must submit a doctor’s certificate to ensure they can participate in the given tour. If Himalayan Masters is unable to arrange the needs of the person(s) concerned or see chances of failure due to your medical condition, we will be unable to confirm your booking, or we will cancel it and impose cancellation charges as mentioned in the clause 6.1


(12.1) Himalayan Masters Adventures in Nepal organise very planned and well-managed tours. Even then, the tour conditions might be subject to change without any prior notice, and we may shorten, vary, or reroute the trip as we see fit. Any alterations that we cannot control are made, and you will be responsible for paying the additional expenses that might occur. 

(12.2) You must also be flexible to changes in flight and transportation mode during the trip. Any flight cancellation delay will be subject to clause 13. Himalayan Masters hold full right to change the vehicle, carriers, or aircraft as they see fit during the trip. Internal flights may be substituted by a bus or private car in bad weather and during airport delays. 

(12.3) Himalayan Masters also holds no account in case of any loss of personal belongings, injuries, or any/ all kinds of damage whatsoever. We try to handle your baggage safely when carried by porters or mules. Himalayan Masters, however, do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the bag and its belongings. 

(12.4) Participants know that the tour has certain unavoidable risks and dangers. They accept all the risks and hazards involved and agree to pay all additional costs arising as a result. 

(12.5) Himalayan Masters and our guide will not be held accountable for any health condition, injury, accident, or death during the trip. 


(13.1) If there are changes in your arrival time or date to Nepal, the team of Himalayan Masters should be informed as quickly as possible. Delay in a flight for more than a week gives us the right to terminate your tour and Cancellation Policy as clause eight is applicable. 

Also, Himalayan Masters do not hold account for any changes/delays/cancellations of the domestic flights in Nepal. Since these changes are beyond our control, the travellers are responsible for making the changes. 

(14) Immigration Office 

(14.1) Travellers are requested to abide by all laws of the Immigration and Foreign Office. Any objection from the immigration to issue the permit in your name will lead to the termination of the tour, and Himalayan Masters will not be held accountable. If the Foreign Office advises you to leave the country or avoid some trekking area, we are obliged to follow the rules. 


(15.1) All tour packages of Himalayan Masters that have been booked via any third-party website, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, etc, are subject to all terms and conditions mentioned on our website. You will also be bound to the terms and conditions of the respective third-party website where you made the bookings. Himalayan Masters will not be responsible for any refunds for the tours booked via third-party websites. 


Himalayan Masters may change the details of discounted tour and trip giveaway packages without notice. Trip discounts and free trips are non-transferable; only the travellers who booked/ earned them are awarded them. Such a tour must be immediately booked by paying the advance amount, and travelling should be arranged at the mentioned time. Delay in booking and arrival might result in additional charges. 

*Himalayan Masters Adventures has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time at their discretion. We send our subscribers a copy of the updated terms and conditions, and you can email us within three days if you have any objections to the revised terms and conditions. 

All participants of the trip agree that they have read these terms and conditions in depth and agree to them. 

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Full Name of Himalayan Masters Representative: Sandip Dhungana

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