Nestled beautifully in the eastern land of Nepal, Makalu mountain is the world’s fifth tallest mountain. This 8463-meter peak lies next to Everest and 16 other distinct peaks. Along with the south face of Mt. Makalu, you will be pleased by the views of Everest and Lhotse. Most of these peaks lie in the Makalu Barun National Park, which is spread over an area of 2330 sq. km.

The frozen glaciers, many waterfalls, perennial rivers, and suspension bridges are the most beautiful part of this Mount Makalu trek. In the classic villages of Mukalu, you can see the Sherpa, Rai, and Limbu ethnic groups. These people have their own unique culture and tradition, which is literally hidden from the world. The delicious Nepalese local cuisine, their exciting custom, and rituals is something that must be tired. A peek into their lifestyle can be an enriching and fulfilling experience. 

Makalu Region – An Pioneer Adventure

The treks or the climbing Makalu summit begins at sub-tropical Arun Valley and goes into the thick forest of Rhododendron, Oak, and Pines. Makalu base camp route is the most popular trek in this region and takes about three weeks. The beauty of the mighty Barun Glacier and its peaks are out-of-the-world. The Sherpani/ west Col into the upper Hongu valley is the most exciting part of the Trek to Makalu.

Other popular tours in the Makalu region are the Lumba Sumba Pass trek, which is shorter and easier than the Makalu Base camp trek. But this is the recently made trial, and we might not find suitable tea houses in all parts. And since the number of trekkers is considerably low, you will have the entire Nature by yourself. Solitude at such an altitude is very rejuvenating. 

Despite all the perks of the Makalu trek, you cannot ignore the fact that it’s challenging and risky. Having good guidance, a helpful team, and the best available accommodation is important. Himalayan Master Expert’s team can be trusted for your Makalu trek. We have been planning these treks for years and know exactly how to keep you comfortable and safe. The Makalu Trek Itinerary will be designed as per your schedule and needs. Just let us know when you will be traveling. 

Climbing & Expedition

Nepal is the homeland of 14 world’s highest mountains and climbing these high summits is a dream for all mountaineers. From the small practice peak to the highest Everest and deadliest Makalu, Nepal’s the ultimate destination for all-mountain climbers. It’s where the 14 peaks- nothing is Impossible team started the journey and the entire world was left amused. When Everest was first climbed in 1953 by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa, the impossible turned to possible.

Since then, every adventure freak has been lured by the Himalayan giant. There are fourteen peaks above 8,000 meters that are climbed by experienced trekkers only. Along with Everest, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Kanchunjunga, and Makalu are very challenging and thrilling. These Nepal mountain climbs are assisted by the Sherpa, the heroes of mountains. Even then, you will need years of preparation and practice to conquer the high mountains of Nepal; it’s no joke. 

Trekking And Hiking: What’s The Difference?

At 7,000 meters, the most popular climbing peaks in Nepal are Mera Peak, Island Peak, Chulu West Peak, Lobuche East, and Ama Dablam. For training purposes, Himalayan Masters organize short mountain climbs for peaks of 6,000 meters. High passes treks are also equally exciting as mountain climbs. High passes treks are cheaper (doesn’t need the climbing permits), easier, and need no climbing tools.

High passes at 5,000 meters can be a good start to the mountain trek. Undoubtedly, Nepal’s big technical mountains offer the best climbing expedition. But it can also be life-threatening and deadly. So, if you are planning for mountain climbing in Nepal, make sure you are accompanied by a registered and reliable trekking agency like Himalayan masters.

Our expert team of climbers, guides, cooks, and porters are all trained for high-altitude climbs. They will assist you with every difficulty and emergency for the climb, making peak climbing in Nepal a fun experience. Himalayan masters will be your best friend while you face the most challenging ventures and thrills in the world. 

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