Kanchanjunga Region

Have you ever heard about the "Five Treasures of the Great Snow"? That's actually how people describe the unbelievable beauty of the Kanchenjunga region. Kanchenjunga mountain is the 3rd highest mountain globally at 8586 meters, an absolute pride of Nepal. Lying in the easternmost region of Nepal, the beautiful Mt. Kanchenjunga is bordered by Sikkim in India. The word Kanchenjunga meaning denotes "crystal clear," and the purpose goes true for the beauty it reflects.

Besides the Kanchenjunga mountain, the trek shows the view of 16 Himalayan peaks such as Makalu (8481 meters), Jannu, Kabru, TharpuChuli, and more. Kanchenjunga trek once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's among the most rewarding trekking trail in the world. You will definitely celebrate your decision to make this trip. Living in the 21st century, can you imagine a region where the mule is the only way of transportation?

Kanchenjunga Region - Five Treasures of the Great Snow

Yeah, you are reading it right. Every sack of rice and all other foods and construction materials in the Kanchenjunga trek trail should be carried for multiple days in a mule. During the Kanchunga trek, you experience this lifestyle that existed a few centuries back. Despite such remoteness, peoples in the Kanchenjunga region live their life to joy. And that's what this trek is going to teach you.

Kanchenjunga trek is mostly of camping style. Kanchenjunga Base camp trek, Kanchenjunga North Base camp Trek, Kanchenjunga Circuit trek. In the lower region, you will also find tea houses, making your trip even more comfortable. In short, the tour to Kanchenjunga has been reserved for the adventurous soul who would wish to explore the hidden lands and virgin Nature.

Along with the Kanchenjunga submit view, each trek comes with the perks of the frozen glacier, cascading river, snow-painted monasteries, old-fashioned village, and more. Along the Kanchenjunga Base camp trek path, you get to witness a large number of sub-tropical alpine flora and fauna. During the trial, the red panda, pheasants, and blue sheep are also seen. And you might also see the Yet.

Since the Kanchenjunga trek is a bit challenging and risky, you should make sure that you are in safe hands. The expert guide and planners in Himalayan masters have the Kanchenjunga climb experience of more than a decade. They are familiar with the region and dedicated to making your stay comfortable and fun. You would be in safe hands.

So, when will you be arriving in Nepal? We are excited to welcome you..

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