Let’s start with the statement that the Dolpo region is like no other land in the world; it’s even different than all other base camp treks in Nepal. The Dolpo trek is literally the high alpine fantasy coming true. Dolpo lies in Nepal’s northwest, further down from Dhaulagiri’s (8,167 meters) mountain range. The lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo is Nepal’s most extensive region that occupies 15% of the country. However, this dry, desolate valley has a minuscule population and remains the remotest area.

The cascading waterfalls, sacred lakes, mystical mountains, and the wonders of Nature have been unbelievably preserved. Getting into such beautiful land during the Upper Dolpo trek is already a blessing. The trek to the Dolpo region is Shey- Phoksundo National park, which homes the exception beauty of Shey- Phoksundo lake. The abundance of rear Himalayan wildlife such as blue sheep, jackals, musk deer, and snow leopards.

Trekking In The Upper Dolpo Region

You will also see some rare birds such as Himalayan griffons, snow pigeons, pheasant, and many butterflies. The trek to Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo is equally prodigious for viewing this Himalayan bio-diversity. The inhabitant of Dolpo is called Dolpopa, the locals of Tibetan origin. The Tibetan Buddhist followers have a unique language and customs of Bon mysticism.

The spiritual heart of the region is Shey Gompa. The population of the entire region is about 5,000. Inner Dolpo and Upper Dolpo trek of about three weeks will be ideal for immersing yourself in the land’s rich culture and Himalayan beauty. It’s a trek that will rejuvenate your soul.

Himalayan Master’s team is praised for their excellent service in the Dolpo trekking. Since Dolpo is a restricted region, you will need a team of two people and a licensed guide for this trek- Independent trekking is not allowed. Phoksundo lake trek with our team will be a comfortable option as we look for the best hotels in Dolpo and arrange all needed essentials. You will definitely have the best memory of your life with our team. So, are you ready for this life-changing experience?

Trekking and hiking

You should know that Nepal is the world’s best country for trekking. The mountains of Nepal are a true paradise, and trekking to its foothill is the most exciting adventure the earth could offer. Along with the awe-inspiring trekking and hiking mountains, there are numerous glacial lakes, perennial rivers, and many beautiful streams along the trekking trails.

Each trekking trail in Nepal passes via the lush forest of hills and rural indigenous settlements that is hidden from the world. From 100m above sea level to 8,848meters, there’s unbelievable versatility you can witness. All these perks are available in no other trekking destination in the world. The base camp trek in Nepal is the most popular hiking form.

Nepal homes eight out of ten world’s tallest mountain peaks. Among them, Everest Base Camp trek has been trekkers’ favorite for decades. Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu region, Makalu region, Kanchenjunga region, and Dolpo region are the most visited trekking destination.

Take The Trekking And Hiking Experiences With Below Trip

Most Nepal base camp treks are two to three weeks long. Short treks in Nepal like Poonhill- Ghorepani trek, Mardi Himal trek, Dhampus trek, etc., also gives you the best hikes in the Nepal experience. On the day hike to Nepal, you visit the thick sub-tropical forest with many unique wildlife, birds, and butterflies in it. The beautiful rivers in Sundarijal hike, magnificent sunrise/ sunset during Nagarkot trek, Religious insight in Champadevi hike, and bio-diversity in Shivapuri National park trek are something that shouldn’t be missed.

All kinds of adventure await you, from the arduous camping treks in undiscovered land to a luxurious short tour. Himalayan masters organize all these treks in Nepal at a reasonable price. You will be accompanied by an experienced and licensed guide and provided with the best available facilities. Treks to Nepal are organized throughout the year, and we are all waiting for your arrival. Let us know when you will fly to Nepal, and we can proceed with the booking. 

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