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Manaslu Circuit Trek, 13 Day Itinerary
5 USD 995 Per Person
13 Days
Tea house
Springs and autumn (March to June and September to December)
Breakfast lunch dinner with Three Cup of Hot Drinks a day
Local Namaste sim card
6 to 7 hours

Manaslu Circuit Trek, 13 Day Itinerary

Do you know what the sound of forest whistling, waterfalls singing, and Monal (Nepal’s national bird) chirping all at once sounds like? Can you imagine what a place with great mountain views and an alpine meadow would look like? The picturesque landscapes on terraced farmland and several suspension bridges are just a few of the hundred perks of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of Nepal’s classic and off-the-beaten trails. It passes through the border between Nepal and Tibet. This route has been popular since its emergence in 1992. The trail is among the best treks in Nepal that take you around the world’s 8th highest mountain, Mt. Manaslu, a mountain peak at an elevation of 8163 meters.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Highlights

  • Hike near the world’s 8th highest peak, Manaslu Base Camp
  • A much less crowded trail is located in the territory of Mansiri Himal.
  • A short yet wonderfully scenic drive from Kathmandu to Arughat/Maccha Khola
  • Panoramic views of dozens of giant Himalayas, such as Manaslu, Annapurna II, and Lamjung Himal
  • Pass through Budigandaki Gorge.
  • Chance of encountering strange flora and fauna, including snow leopards
  • Explore the fantastic local cultures while exploring the monastery, which dates back over 200 years.
  • Trek to the Tibetan border from Samdo Village

Manaslu Trek: A Short Insight

While all mountain treks in Nepal are immensely pleasing, the walk to Manaslu is by far the most peaceful and pleasing one. Although it opened nearly three decades ago, this Manaslu Trek is less crowded than Everest Base Camp (EBC) or Annapurna Base Camp (ABC).

So, where do you start your Manaslu Circuit Trek? First, fly to Kathmandu from your home country, and we will be there with you right from the airport. After a night in Kathmandu, we hop on an early morning drive to Arughat or Sotikhola. From here, we move on the trail from Jagat to Deng to Namrung to Sama Gaun. On the 6th day of the trip, we stopped at Sama Gaun, visiting some local places there. Then we moved to Samdo to stop there for one more day before we hiked to Dharmashala, our highest stop for the trek. Then we proceed to Bhimtang, Gho, and finally to Dharapani. From Dharapani, we get a jeep that drives us back to Kathmandu. This might be a lot of information in one paragraph, so we break down the day-to-day Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary below.

Important note: Road Construction in Manaslu and ways to avoid it

Over the years, the route of the Manaslu Circuit Trek has somewhat changed due to road construction. Before 7 to 8 years, the trip would start from Aarughat, and you would need to walk for 3 to 4 days to reach Maccha Khola. You can get Jeep rides up to Maccha Khola and shorten your trip. Even after that, you must follow the muddy trail from Maccha Khola to Tatopani. Road construction in the Manaslu Circuit Trek started in 2010 when China committed to building a road connecting India, Nepal, and China via Tsum Valley. While this is excellent news for the community, the trekking route seems to be affected. The good news is that you can avoid the road construction and follow a new path to the Manaslu Zone.

The classic route before was Soti Khola-Maccha Khola-Korlabesi-Tatopani-Dobhan.

Now, you can avoid the route via Soti Khola-Nuban Kharka-Kashigoan-Kerauja-Khorlabeshi-Dobhan. This new route might be a longer detour, but it adds some new villages to explore.

Alternatively, you can jeep to Maccha Khola and walk to Kejaura, Khorlabeshi, and Dobhan. This way, you only walk in the construction area for a few hours and still complete the trek in a shorter time.

Well, this is just for the first two days of the trek. After that, the trail is the same, and you do not need to worry about road construction.

Benefits from Himalayan Masters Only 

  1.  Complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off by private transport. 
  2. Local experts (All the trek leaders who led the trip to Manaslu Circuit were born and raised in the Manaslu region.)
  3. Online trip briefing after booking confirmation, if needed. The Himalayan Masters will properly brief you about the Manaslu trek before departure. You will get a briefing from the Himalayan Masters Co-Founder, Sandip, or Adventure Experts, Raj.
  4. 100% fixed departure guaranteed 
  5. Multi-channel communication (Email, WhatsApp, Viber, zoom, telegram, Zoom)
  6. 24/7 phone communication: +9779823636377 for WhatsApp and +9779851329447 for local and international calls. 
  7. Easy Payment system
  8. A complimentary arrangement of Himalayan Masters Brand Sleeping bags, down jackets, water bottles, and trekking caps
  9. Free excess luggage storage at the Himalayan Masters store during the trek
  10. Himalayan Masters-brand waterproof duffle bags will be provided for the porters. (You can take the duffle bags home; there is no need to return them.)

Note: Solo trekking is not allowed in the Manaslu Circuit Trek route, and if you are coming to Nepal Solo, you must do Manaslu circuit Trek group joining.

Important note about the fixed departure: 

Your departure from the Himalayan Masters trek to the Manaslu Circuit is 100% assured once you have signed up for it. But Solo travellers will have to pay USD 210 for a single supplement if they cannot find another group member until the date of departure.

Manaslu Trek Video By Himalayan Masters


Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Maccha Khola via Soti Khola (930m)

7 am: Breakfast in a Hotel at Kathmandu

7:30 am: Get together in the office or hotel as per the preference of our guest and departure from Kathmandu

7:30 to 11 am: Drive along Prithivi Highway and cross Thankot to get to Dhading Besi. After 90 km of hiding from Kathmandu, we had our lunch at a place called Jyamire.

12am to 2pm: Drive from Dhading Besi to Arughat on the same vechile. This part of the trip is a combination of good-pitch road and bumpy off-road.

2 pm to 4 pm: We change the vehicle or continue in the same vehicle to the off-road villages of Nepal.

About Maccha Khola: Maccha Khola is the first stop for the night where we sleep in Nepalese villages. This large village of Manaslu has over 150 households of mostly Gurung people.

About Hotels in Maccha Khola

Number: 10 good hotels for tourists + few guest houses

Toilet attached: Yes 

Wi-Fi: Yes 

Charing in the room: Yes 

The major attraction Day 1

  • Drive along the river bank
  • Clear Days has view of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal
  • Agricultural land/ greenery of Terrance farm along the ride
  • Some Hindu temple

Bus to Maccha Khola

You have two options for a Bus to Maccha Khola/ Arughat

  1. Private Jeep/Hiace = The private jeep directly from Kathmandu to Maccha Khola, thus giving a pleasant start to Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal. This cost is not included in our package price. There will be 1 guide from the company in the private jeep and the porter can take the local bus if you have a large group. Reach Maccha Khola at around 3 pm.
  1. Local bus- First a car/ hiace drives all group members, guide, and porter in hotel/ office to the Buspark. From Bus Park you hop in a local bus, a deluxe box that takes you up to Arughat. At Arughat, you get another Jeep/ local bus to Maccha Khola. Reach Maccha Khola at around 5 to 6 pm.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours (146 km)

Day 02: Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat (1340 m)

You will be served your breakfast at 7 am in the tea house at Machha Khola, thus starting 2nd days of Manaslu trekking Nepal. 

Macha khola- kholabesi: Then, we move along the way, on a rather flat to uphill path. This is about 45 minutes of hike and our first stop for the day.

Kholabesi to Tatopani (30 mins): Tatopani is a natural hot spring in the y of Manaslu Trekking wa. There are many such natural hot showers along Nepal but this one is a bit small, just on the side of the road. You can take a dip or just touch the water with your feet, whatever you want.

Tatopani to Dovan or Thulo Dhunga: This is an hour-long walk from Tatopani on a first trail. Thulo Dhunga is the stop for lunch where you reach at around noon.

Thulo Dhunga to Jagat: The final part of the hike starts at about 1 pm. The hike at this part is mostly uphill for 2.5 hours and it is quite challenging. Most tourists reach Jagat at around 3 pm.

About Jagat Village 

Jagat is a beautiful place with many beautiful things to explore in the evening. There are about 40 houses in this village with attractions such as Mani walls, Stupas, and traditional houses.

Hotels in Jagat 

  • Number: Around 10-12 hotels
  • Bathroom attached: Yes  
  • Wi-Fi: Yes 
  • Charger In room : Yes 

Challenges till now

  • On the first two days, you might have to walk along the road sometimes, so the dust from the vehicle can be unpleasant, on the 2nd day, you have to cross the landslide part, which is quite challenging, so make sure you listen to the guide.
  • As you are hiking on the lower path, mostly tropical areas, it’s going to be hot during the day.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking) 18 km

Day 03: Trek from Jagat to Deng (Dyang) (1860 m)

Hike to Manaslu
Hike to Manaslu

3rd day of Manaslu circuit nepal going to be quite exciting as you can see, stunning views and big villages on the way. The hike also starts at around 8 am, after breakfast in Jagat.

Jagat to Salleri: about 1 hour of hike along the river bank of Budhigandaki takes you to Salleri.

Salleri to Philim: Philim is another 1 hour of hike to Salleri and arrive after you cross a Suspension bridge over Budhi Gandaki. Philim is the largest village where you get to visit a big village with a checkpoint for a Manaslu Conservation Area Permit. Also, there are attractions such as hospitals, a gomba, a school, a village, a check post, and more than 100 houses.

Philim to Chisapani: 45 minutes walk from Philim then takes you to Chisapani. This is where you stop for lunch for about 1 hour.

Chisapani to Deng: The final part of the trip is quite difficult 4 hours of hike. There are just a few stops on the way such as Nyak Phedi and Pewa small village. The uphill hike is accompanied by many other locals and mules as this route also goes to the TSUM valley.

About Deng Village

This is a quite Small village with almost 20 houses and 4/5 hotels in total. As Deng is located right on the river bank, it overlooks quite a beautiful view of a small peak. 90% of villages are are Buddhist, Stupa small, mani walls here.

Hotels in Deng: 

  • Number of Hotels: 4/5 hotels
  • room with attached bathroom: NO 
  • Wi-Fi: yes
  • charge in the room: No 

Major attraction:

  • Large Philim village
  • Many stupas and mastery
  • Night in a beautiful village along the river bank
  • Hospitals and schools

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking

Day 04: Trek from Deng to Namrung (2660 m)

This is another long hiking day of Manaslu Hiking in the mountains as you hike from 8 am in the morning to 3 pm.

Deng to Bhee Phedi (1hrs): The starting of the day is also the challenging part as you hike mostly uphill. But as you reach Bhee Phedi, things get exciting. This is a beautiful local village with some river, mountain peak views, gumbos, and Mani walls.

Bhee Phedi to Ghap: This is an hour’s hike in the earthquake route, so be very careful. This part includes hiking in the forest and you might also see wild monkeys on the way. Then, stop at Ghap for about 1 hour.

Ghap to Namrung: The final part of the trek is about 2hours. The path is initially quite pleasing as you walk on the bank of Budi Gandaki. Then you go uphill after crossing the suspension bridge.

About Namrung village:

This is another beautiful village with interesting places to visit such as Gomba, 15 local villages, a Police Station, small School. All residents here are Buddhist, mostly migrated from Tibet.

Hotels in Namrung

  • Number: 4/5 hotels
  • Room with attached bathroom: NO 
  • Wi-Fi: Yes 
  • Room charge: Yes

Read all tricks and tips for Manaslu Trek. 

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (19 km)

Day 05: Trek from Namrung to Shyala Village (3420 m)

Culture of Manaslu Region
Culture of Manaslu Region

It’s a short and interesting day in the Manaslu Hike Nepal.

Namrung to Shoo: The first 2 hours of the trek is a full flat path. There are suspension bridges and mountain views of peaks such as Niki Peak on the right and Lamjung Himal on the left.

Shoo to Loo: In another 2 hours, you get to the beautiful Loo. Here you start the see the beautiful Manaslu I and Himchuli. At Loo, you can see 50 to 60 beautiful villages, 8/10 hotels, and some Monasteries.

Loo to Shyala: Here’s the hiking day filled with Pine forest, Rhododendron, and Juniper.

About Shyala village

Shyala does have a nice monastery, stupa, mani wall, school, and health post, and offers one of the best views of Manaslu and other mountains such as Himchuli and Nadi Chuli. In Shyala, there are 50 local houses of Buddhist people.

Hotels in Shyala: 

  • Number: 10 Big hotels+ few homestays
  • Attached bathroom: Maybe
  • Wifi: Yes, 
  • room plugs: Yes


Meal : Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking

Day 06: Trek to Samagoun (3540 meters) via Pungen Monastery

From Syala, we have another interesting day of Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary. The hike begins at around 8 am after the breakfast.

Syala- Pyungen Gompa (4 hours)– The initial 1.5 hours from Syala to Pyungen Gompa is a big challenging. Then, for a short while, it’s flat land. In this section, you get the view of the most spectacular mountain from Manaslu, also the best viewpoint of the entire journey. This 600/700-year-old monastery is the highlight of this trip to Manaslu.

Pyungen Gompa to Samagaon: after a brief moment in Pyungen Gompa, we start to walk downhill for 2.5 hrs, reaching Samagaon at 2 to 3 o clock. As we hike to the Yak Kharkha, you can see wild animals all along. This glacier path is quite interesting.

About Samagaon village

This is the largest and most interesting village of the whole Manaslu Circuit Itinerary. The village, also a local market hub has one old monastery, school, check post, and a health post, a perfect place to spend two days for acclimatization.

About Samagaon Hotel

  • Number: There are 10/12 hotels+homestay, 
  • Attached bathroom- Yes
  • WiFi- yes
  • Charging plugs in room- No

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 hours trekking

Day 07: Rest at Samagoun/ Trip to Manaslu Base Camp

This is the most perfect place for a night’s stay, enjoying a rest day and acclimatization on Manaslu hike Itinerary. You can two options for the hike here:

Birendra Lake- This glacier lake with pristine blue water from Manaslu is about 1 hrs of uphill hike from Samagaon. This option is good for travelers who don’t want to do strenuous hikes to the mountains.

Manaslu Base Camp: Obviously, getting to the foothills of the world’s eight highest mountains oversees the best view, but the route is no fun. You gain about 1200 meters, hiking uphill for 4 to 5 hours. Manaslu base camp side trip is only recommended when there is no ice on the way. The return trip is about 2 hours.

Meal : Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Accomodation : Tea House

Walking / Driving : 4-5 hours trek

Day 08: Trek from Sama Gaun to Samdo (3860 m)

Trek to Manaslu Base Camp
Trek to Manaslu Base Camp


Now, you are already in a high mountain zone, at major height of Manaslu trek and you will only walk for a few hours, enjoying the journey to its fullest.

Samagaon to Samdo: There are no villages in this alpine meadow, there are just a few huts here and these. Also, there is one suspension bridge with most paths flat and the last part uphill. Before the final climb to the village of Samdo, you shall cross the Budhi Gandaki River. In about 4 hours, you will enjoy a good lunch in Samdo.

About Samdo village 

This is the village last of Manaslu, which can also be called the forbidden village here. This is quite a big village with 30 to 40 hours, with all Buddhist people. Also, there are monasteries and stupas. Right from the hotel window, you can see the beautiful Sambo peak and the entire Manaslu range,

Hotels in Samdo

  • Number: 6/7 hotels
  • Attached bathrooms- yes
  • Wifi- yes
  •  In-room plug: No
  • Hot -shower: Yes 

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 6 hours trekking

Day 09: Rest Day at Samdo (3860 m) (Acclimatization Hike to Tibet Border)

Since we have had much rest, we can take another day off at Samdo and spend an extra night here at Manaslu tour. You can either spend a whole day taking pictures and eating hot soup or go for a fun hike nearby. Two options for a sider trip are:

Tibetan border (5 to 6 hrs): This is a great option for beautiful views and acclimatization. The sloppy uphill trail of almost 6 hours takes you to the Tibetan pillar. You can some pictures on Manaslu’s Tibetan side before returning to Samdo

Trek to Samdo Peak: This 300/400 meters uphill hike for about 2 hours is a shorter alternative for tourists who don’t feel like going for a long hike.

Read Places to visit in Manaslu

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (9 km)

Day 10: Trek from Samdo to Dharamasala (4480 m)

The trek hour of the 10th day of the Manaslu circuit is quite low, but the remoteness of Manaslu makes it challenging. The hike to the highest point of Manaslu is only 4.5 hours. The only hotel in stop is Larke Bazaar which is about 30mins of hike from Samdo. On the Budhi Gandaki River, we cross a dangerous wooden Then, we hike for another 500 meters, on the uphill path. bridge and head toward the alpine meadow. While enjoying the beautiful view of Larkya Glacier, we continued to a stone-built guest house in Dharamsala. Larke Bazaar is the diversion point of the Tibet border as well. We get to Dharmasala around 1 pm in the daytime, where you can enjoy the lunch of Manaslu Region trek.

About Dharmasala: 

This is the remotest stop on the route with no village and only 3 hotels. The rooms are very basic and you might have to sleep in the common room, over a mat. Also, most tourists go for an acclimatized hike for a few hours to khaka danda.

Hotels in Dharmasala

  • Number: 3
  • Attached Bathroom: No
  • Wi-fi: Yes
  • Charing in room: No

Meal : Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (12km)

Day 11: Trek from Dharamasala to Bhimtang (3750 m) via Larke Pass (5160 m)

Trek to Larke Pass
Trek to Larke Pass

This is the most challenging day of the Manaslu Circuit trek. We hiked for more than 9 hours on a hazardous trail, covering more than 25 km. The hike begins after breakfast at 4 am.

Dharmasala to Larke Pass: From 4:30, we get our touch light and start walking uphill to the Larke Pass. Taking beautiful pictures of the four frozen lakes, we hike straight for 704m, reaching Larke Pass at 9 to 10 am. We stop here for some time to watch the views of the Himlung Himal (7126 m), Cheo Himal (6820 m), Gyaji Kung (7030 m), Nardi Chuli, Kang Guru (6981 m), and Annapurna II (7937 m).

Larke pass to Larke Phedi: This is a 2.5 hrs of downhill hike that takes us to the lower altitude. There are 3 hotels in Larke Phedi where you can have lunch as well.

Larke Phedi to Bhimthang: This is another 1.5 hrs of hike, that takes you to the end point of the day. Good hikes can get to Bhimtang at about 12 pm while the normal Time to reach here is 2 to 3 pm.

About Bhimthang

This is only a rest point for the travelers and not the village. Here as you can see Manaslu from the backside, Punker Himal, and Lamjung Himal.

Hotels in Bhimthang

  • Numbers: 6/7 hotels
  • Attached Bathroom: No
  • Wi-fi: Yes
  • Charing in room: No

And, from here, your roaming around Manaslu Conservation Area will end.

Meal : Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 8 hours trekking

Day 12: Trek from Bhimtang to Tilje Village (2550 m).

This is the final walking day of your Manaslu Circuit Itinerary, and also a fun one. 

Bhimthang- Yak Kharka: This is 2.5 hours down and a flat walking trail and there are only 2 hotels.

Yak Kharka to Sokhe: This is another 2 hours of hike into the Sokhe.

 Sokhe to Goa: This is a village of Gurung people where you stop for lunch at around 1pm.

Goa to Tilje: About 2 hours of soft walk in the forest and villages. 

About Tilje Village

This is the last village on our Manaslu hike route and is located along the road network. We reach here at about 3 pm and get everything ready for the drive to Kathmandu the next day. Tilijhe village has 30/40 houses of both Buddhist and Hindu People. Also, there is a gompa and health post.

Hotels in Tilije

  • Number: 4/5 hotels
  • Attached Bathroom: Yes
  • Wi-fi: Yes
  • Charing in room: Yes

Also read: Detailed Manaslu region guide.

Meal : Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (25 km)

Day 13: Drive from Beshisahar to Kathmandu or Pokhara


This is the day to say goodbye to the Himalayas. Utilize your last few minutes to share your experiences in the Himalayas with any locals.

 Tilje to Besisahar: From Tilije we join a local jeep at around 8/8:30 in the morning. The jeep ride from Tilje to Besishar is off-road and we get to Besisahar at 12/1 am. This is about 45 to 45 km of ride only.

Besisahar to Kathmandu: It is mandatory to rush a little in the morning to catch at least the last bus to Kathmandu from Beshisahar. If you cannot get the bus to Kathmandu, you will probably need to wait till the next day.From Besisahar to Kathmandu is about 150km and you arrive here at around 7PM.

 Upon arriving in Kathmandu, you will be invited to a fine restaurant’s last farewell dinner party. You will probably be provided with some Nepali cultural dances and special performances.

Note: If someone wishes to travel to Pokhara instead of Kathmandu following the trek, the Himalayan masters will assist you in arranging transportation to Pokhara. Also, you might be interested in Helicopter Tours to Nepal. 

Meal : Breakfast and lunch

Walking / Driving : 7 hours drive (175 km)

Fixed Departure

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Create your own tailored made trip on your own way and get ready to travel.

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Trip Cost Includes

  1. Airport pick-up and drop-off service by private car
  2. 12 nights Best available clean and comfortable Tea house accommodation during the trek
  3. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 13 days of trekking
  4. Three hot drinks a day (Tea and Coffee)
  5. Kathmandu to Maccha Khola by Local bus
  6. Dharapani to Besi Sahar by public sharing jeep
  7. Besi Sahar to Kathmandu or pokhara by Tourist bus
  8. Guide for 13 days
  9. Trekking permits: Annapurna conservation permit and TIMS Card
  10. Manaslu Conservation Area permit
  11. Manaslu restricted area permit
  12. All Local and Government taxes and administrative charges

Complementary services from Himalayan Masters

  1.  Himalayan Masters Brand 25-degree sleeping bag during the trip
  2. Himalayan Masters Brand -25 Down jacket during the trek
  3. and a pulse oximeter for monitoring your oxygen saturation and heart rate at high altitudes.
  4. Himalayan Masters brand water bottles and purification tablets
  5. First aid kit box
  6. Seasonal fruits for dessert
  7. Himalayan Masters Brand Duffle Bag for the Trek (If you hire a porter)
  8. Himalayan Masters Brand Trekking T-Shirt and Cap
  9. The guide keeps a bottle of oxygen on hand in an emergency.
  10. Manaslu trekking maps

Trip Cost Excludes

  • accommodation in Kathmandu in case of early arrival or late departure
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Nepal Visa fee
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • International flights
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, internet, laundry, bar bills, snacks, bottled or boiled water, souvenirs, hot showers)
  • Personal trekking gear and equipment
  • Porter for the trek (One porter for 13 days, USD 220)
  • Private Transport
  • Tips for guide  and drivers (tipping is expected)


useful info

Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance

The total distance of the Manaslu Circuit trek is 151km from Maccha Khola to Jagat. If you start the trek from Soti Khola, this distance increases by 15 km and becomes almost 166 km. The new road construction around Manaslu has caused the trek to become longer, adding 5 to 10 kilometres to the entire trip. You will walk for 6 to 8 hours daily, covering about 18 to 19 km.

Day 1: Kathmandu to MachhaKhola distance 143 km
Day 2: MachhaKhola to Jagat distance: 22km
Day 3: Distance from Jagat to Deng: 19.9 km
Day 4: Deng to Namrung distance 19.5 km
Day5: Namrung to Shyala village 9.7 km
Day 6: Shyala village to Samagaon 8.2km
Day 7: Samagaon to Samdo distance: 16.4 km
Day 9: Samdo to Dharamsala distance: 12 km
Day 10: Dharamsala to Bimthang via Larkya La pass distance: 24.7 km
Day 11: Bimthang to Gho distance 14km
Day 12: Gho to Dharapani distance: 5km
Day 13: Dharapani to Kathmandu distance: 118km

Manaslu Circuit Trek elevation and altitude

Manaslu Circuit Trek elevation

Note: More Details about Manaslu Circuit Trek can be found in our blog pages that has been linked here.

Altitude sickness in Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek has a high altitude and high sickness. The Manaslu circuit trek elevation is 5106 meters, and Larkya La Pass, the major highlight, is located at a high altitude.

People are prone to altitude sickness over 3000 meters. Altitude sickness can even lead to the death of a person, so one should take it very seriously. Drink enough water because hydration is the key to getting over altitude sickness. If you get any symptoms of altitude sickness on the Manaslu circuit trek, then please take Diamox or Acetazolamide. But you must drink at least 4 litres of water after taking medicine. You can also reduce the effect by having a hot garlic soup or ginger soup.

If the condition worsens, you should abort your trek and not ascend higher because it can create more risk. You can take the trekker to the nearest health post for medications.

Trip Grade: Fitness level, Medical, and health

We have already mentioned the Manaslu circuit trek difficulty in Nepal. So, you will need to have a good fitness level. You will cover the Manaslu Circuit trek distance of 177 km, it means that you will walk for 6-7 hours every day. A trekker must be prepared to walk on rough surfaces, ascend, and descend well. You must have good stamina for the Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal. Practice cardio and cycling before the Manaslu Trek for stamina and strong legs.

Talking about medical, it is recommended that people with critical medical situations avoid the trek. Also, people with pressure problems must take care of their bodies, as it can be a problem at high altitudes. You should take the required medications with you before embarking on this trek. Your health is the most important aspect of your life, so make sure you take proper care of it.

Manaslu Weather 

March, April, and May mark the spring season in Nepal. March begins at -6 degrees Celsius at night but rises to 6–12 degrees in the late afternoon. The mountains are pretty warm at the end of May, even at night. Autumn is a time of celebration and fun.

After the post-monsoon, the weather in September, October and November, is relatively stable and dry. Days are pretty warm, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 degrees in the Manaslu region. These are the best seasons for Manaslu treks in Nepal. The summer in the South Asian region marks a prominent monsoon. The rain starts to fall in the second week of June and lasts for almost a month. As December approaches, the high mountains’ temperature drops to -8 degrees Celsius. But the snowfall begins after mid-January and lasts until mid-December. At this time, the nighttime temperature is almost -10 to -6 degrees. Even if the temperature reaches zero,

Manaslu Circuit Trek
Best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Thankfully, the Manaslu trek is open for hiking at any time of the year. Sadly, the winter trek is challenging as the tea houses in the upper sections of the hike are closed. However, if you don’t want to miss the best mountain views covered in a thick white blanket, you can arrange the tour even in the winter. Also, the monsoon is considered a low season due to its slippery path and leaches. But since it’s the best time to visit for keen botanists, you can head for the trek with the proper preparation.

But one thing that should not be questioned is the relative instability of the weather and temperatures. Since the Manaslu region is at a higher altitude above sea level, the weather is not constant and keeps on changing. You need to ensure that your clothes are packed depending on the weather of the place you are going to.

Accommodation on the Manaslu Trek

On the trek, we will stay in the tea houses in Manaslu that the local families own. The lodge has a central dining area with a big stove for heating the room. The room mostly has two or three beds. They provide you with mattresses, a small blanket, and pillows. You might need to use sleeping bags for the night.

What is a tea house like?

What do you imagine a house in the most challenging mountain terrain looks like? The tea house in Manaslu looks like a small hut, mostly made of wood or mud. Every tea house has a central dining area with a big wood burner. The fire is supposed to keep the room warm while you rest after a long day. Then, there will be two or three single beds with a thin mattress and blanket. Well, bedsheets might not always be very clean (it’s safe to carry your bedsheets), and blankets are not warm enough (that’s why we recommend sleeping bags). 

Let’s talk about the most important topic here: the bathrooms. Still called toilets in Nepal, there might be western or Indian pan restrooms that are provided in sharing basic. There are hot showers in almost all hotels in Manaslu, but you must pay extra for that. 

We often talk about electricity or charging in Manaslu Circuit Trek. The rooms in tea houses don’t have any plugs for charging, and you must give your mobile or camera in reception. They assess your devices for a couple of extra bugs. 

The tea houses offer some suitable varieties, but Nepalese Dal Bhat is always the best option. Do you want to know more about foods in Manaslu? Just get to the article here. 

Electricity on The Manaslu Circuit Trek

Yes, you can find electricity along the trail of Manaslu. But, always do not rely on the electricity of the trail. Since Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote area of Nepal, the higher altitudes on the trek may not have access to the internet. Solar energy might be an alternative in places where there is no electricity. Dharmasala does not have any electricity facility on the trek. But you have to pay extra charges for electricity services like hot showers and charging and heating services. It can cost Rs.300- Rs.700 depending on the location and altitude of the teahouses.

Food for Manaslu trekking 

Regarding the food in Manaslu, you can have any meal of your choice while you stay in Kathmandu. We only provide you with breakfast (along with a welcome or farewell dinner) so you can choose to eat whatever and wherever you want. During the trek, all three meals of the day are included. You can have a pancake, bread, dairy, juice, etc. The tea houses also have muesli and oats as options. The popular Dal Bhat with additional supplies is the best choice for lunch and dinner. However, you can also pick from noodles, momo, rolls, roti, and some curry. Some continental options, like pizza and burgers, are also available in the lower altitudes. Do try local foods such as tulpa and butter tea. 

Transportation During Manaslu Trek

Regarding the accommodation, we will predominantly travel in a private tourist vehicle. The vehicle size differs as per the group. Airport pick-up and drop-off will also be done in a private car. This particular tour does not have the option of a flight. So, most of the travelling is done by road.

Bus to Manaslu 

You have two options for a Bus to Maccha Khola/ Arughat 

  1. Private Jeep/Hiace = The private jeep directly from Kathmandu to Maccha Khola, thus giving a pleasant start to Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal. The one-way jeep costs $200 and the cost can be shared by up to 5 passengers. There will be 1 guide from the company in the private jeep and the porter can take the local bus if you have a large group. Reach Maccha Khola at around 3 pm.
  1. Local bus- First a car/ hiace drives all group members, guide, and porter in hotel/ office to the Buspark. From Bus Park you hop in a local bus, a deluxe box that takes you up to Arughat. At Arughat, you get another Jeep/ local bus to Maccha Khola. Reach Maccha Khola at around 5 to 6 pm.

Culture and festivals of the Manaslu region

Manaslu area is probably the most culturally diverse section of Nepal. In the lower chamber, we can witness village settlements with Chettri, Brahmin, and Newar people, whose lives are guided by Hindu values. Then, as we shift to the upper section, we witness the Tibeto-Burmans and Mongoloids, who mainly belong to the Rai, Magar, Gurung, and Tamang castes. 

Their culture includes beautiful monasteries, mani walls, rotating wheels, and prayer flags. In places like Mu gumba, Gumba lungdung, and Rachen gumba, you can see many nuns, especially younger ones, practising the ancient art of meditation and medicine. 

 People also celebrate different festivals that bind them in a commonplace. Lhosar and Bouddha Jayanti are celebrated with much joy. Explore the unique clothing of Manaslu and be a part of their festivals. You will have enough time to interact with the people and learn about their local culture. 

People in Manaslu TSUM Valley

If you combine the Manaslu Circuit trek with the TSUM Valley trek, you get to meet the Tsumbas, who are the residents of Tsum Valley. Tsum Valley has a total population of 2,700, most of them being farmers. These people who claim to have met ’Yeti’ are of Tibetan origin and have their own unique dialect called Tsumke or Tsumba. Although it might sound very weird to the world, the Tibetans in TSum Valley still follow the polyandry system.

Permits for Manaslu Trek

Manaslu area limited area permits, Manaslu conservation area permits (MCAP), Annapurna conservation area permits (ACAP), and Trekkers Information Management Systems Card (TIMS) are the four types of permits required for trekking in Manaslu. You need these four licenses to accomplish the Manaslu Trek.

Why is a Restricted Area Permit required for Manaslu trekking?

A restricted Area Permit is needed for trekking in the Manaslu region, mainly to control and observe the growth of tourism in the area. Also, the Manaslu Circuit Trek falls under the Manaslu Conservation area. The Manaslu Circuit Trek involves passing through areas to avoid destroying the local social structure, agriculture, flora, and fauna. Restricted area permits effectively control the number of people allowed to attempt the trek in a given time, avoiding the degradation of natural and ancient soils.

Nepal Tourist Visa information for Manaslu Trek

To get a visa for a Nepal trek or tour, you need a valid passport and other required documents. The Nepal Visa fees should always be paid in cash; no debit, credit card, or mobile banking can be used. The charge for Nepal Visa fees is $30 for the first 15 days, $50 for 30 days, and $125 for the first 90 days. The people of SAARC countries are not charged any visa fees for the first 90 days.

The Nepal visa extension fee for 15 days or less is $35. For more extended days than 15 each day, $2 will be charged.

Money exchange | USD to NPR

As of today, 26th May 2024, $1 = Rs. 132.83. This is the dollar rate in Nepal. The rate keeps on changing every day. If you have not carried any Nepali cash, then there’s nothing you need to worry about. You can find several money exchange centres around Kathmandu. Majorly you will find hundreds of money exchange centres in Thamel. They might charge a bit for the money exchange. The money exchange at the International Airport of Kathmandu might cost you more than the other money exchanges in the area.

Please carry Nepali rupees while you are on the trek. Because most of the teahouses and hotels on the trek only accept Nepali currency. So, make sure you are carrying enough money while traveling in Nepal.

Manaslu for Beginners

Many people ask if the Manaslu Circuit trek is for beginners. The answer is yes; a beginner can trek to the Manaslu Circuit area. However, a beginner also needs to be a regular exerciser or someone who hits the gym every day. You must walk around 15-18 km daily on the Manaslu trek. So, beginners might need some Manaslu Circuit trek tips.

Here are some major tips for the Manaslu Circuit trek for beginners:

  1. Take small steps during the trek; a bigger step can consume more energy.
  2. Always hydrate yourself with at least 4-5 litres of water daily.
  3. Acclimatize properly, as there is no need to rush for the trek.
  4. Avoid the intake of alcohol and highly caffeinated drinks.
  5. Have a good amount of nutritional foods and carry energy bars.
  6. Carry all essential clothes and gear as per the season, but please do not overpack.

How to Prepare for The Manaslu Circuit Trek?

To prepare for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you must be familiar with some of its major tips and tricks. We will provide you with these tips.

  1. Regularly exercised a month ago before trekking to the Manaslu Circuit.
  2. Practice ascents and descents like in your home stairs.
  3. Breathing exercises are the most important to keep you breathing in a rhythm.
  4. Eat healthy foods and fruits and avoid eating junk before starting the Manaslu Trek.
  5. Consult with a healthcare expert for more tips on how to care for your body and deal with altitude sickness on the trail.

What is a day on the Manaslu Circuit Trek actually like?

You know what we are discussing if you have been on any other high-altitude trek in the mountains. If it’s your first time, read carefully. Every trek day will be different, and difficulty adds up as you gain altitude, but a general outline can be made. 

Each day, the Manaslu Circuit trek begins after breakfast in a teahouse around seven to eight in the morning. You need to wake up quite early, freshen up before breakfast is served, and then we will start the walk. Following the trail led by our guide, we enjoyed the view along the route. When you are tired, signal and the guide will stop. We cross a couple of kilometres before the guide takes us for lunch. You will spend almost an hour in the hotel here before moving ahead. You might have to take a packed lunch sometimes, but we mostly eat fresh lunch prepared in the tea houses. 

After lunch, we walked for a couple of more hours. You might want to stuff juice, chocolates, or snacks in your small bag. Depending on the distance we covered, we reached our destination somewhere between three and seven o’clock in the evening. The guide finds you a tea house where you shall crash for the night. Manaslu Circuit Trek beginners must read. 

After the Manaslu Trek

Although a trek to Manaslu will rejuvenate your soul, it might be physically tiresome. When you return to Kathmandu, a long spa session might be the best thing to do. And for the ladies, you might need a facial and a hair care day after that. Give yourself a day or two to let that muscle relax. Short tours to Kathmandu Valley or Nagarkot might be an excellent finish for your Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

Where can I meet Himalayan masters?

You can contact us via email or WhatsApp provided on the site. We will be available to pick you up at the Tribhuvan International Airport and transport you to the hotel anywhere in Kathmandu. Do note that our package begins from the day we move for the trek to Manaslu, so any accommodation costs before that are not covered. If you are already in Kathmandu, we will pick you up from the hotel. 

The Himalayan Masters believe in flexibility and comfort. We will provide you with the contact details of your client and the driver, just in case you need to ask anything. 

Booking and payment with Himalayan Masters

To get your trekking permit and start booking with the Manaslu, contact Himalayan Masters through their online site or by e-mail or phone showing your interest. They will give you an elaborate schedule, charges, and other facilities that you will expect on the trek so that you can make the appropriate arrangements. Himalayan Masters will then confirm your trekking details, provide the detailed itinerary, and ask for a deposit for the trekking.

The payment process is usually straightforward, and reliable payment methods such as bank transfer and other secure online payment methods are always available. The Himalayan Masters will provide final details, including your trek date, packing list, required permits, and health concerns. They will also conduct another briefing before the trek to attend to issues not discussed earlier or to ratify the logistical problems.

On the trek’s starting day, the guide and the Himalayan Masters’ team will be at the start venue. They will guarantee that all necessary provisions are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of trekking through some of the most beautiful geography and ethnography that the Manaslu Circuit has to offer.

Manaslu Trek Packing List by Himalayan Masters

Our expert leader made this complete packing list, so please look at the Manaslu Trek packing list.

Head :

  1. Sun hat or scarf (Himalayan masters will provide the trekking caps)
  2. Winter hat, insulating hat or wide-brimmed hat
  3. Headlights with extra batteries

Face :

  1. Sunscreen, lip balm, and lip guard
  2. Sunglasses with UV protection
  3. Face/body wipes

Hand :

  1. Lightweight gloves
  2. Heavyweight winter gloves

Body :

  1. Hiking shirt
  2. Long-sleeved shirt
  3. Hooded rain jacket
  4. Fleece jacket
  5. Lightweight cotton pants
  6. T-shirt (lightweight wool)
  7. polypropylene underwear
  8. Down jacket (-20 is the best at high altitude trekking / is complimentary by Himalayan Masters)
  9. sweater
  10. waterproof jacket and pants
  11. walking trousers


  1. Trekking boots (Goretex ones)
  2. Thick wool socks (take the extra pain of thick light socks)
  3. Flip flops/sandals
  4. Crampons

Essential gear:

  1. Backpack/daypack (size depends)
  2. Thermal bottle
  3. Water purification (is complementary to Himalayan Masters)
  4. Trekking pole
  5. Sleeping bag (-20 is the best for high-altitude trekking / is complimentary by Himalayan Masters)

Others :

  1. Hand sanitizer (if needed)
  2. Antiseptic cream or spray
  3. Personal medicine
  4. Toilet papers
  5. Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, etc.)
  6. Rain cover
  7. Waterproof trousers, jacket, and gloves
  8. Compass/trekking maps

Customized Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary For 2024/2025

Himalayan Masters does customize Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary for 2024/2025. We customize your itinerary to fit your needs. We can make it exactly like you want. Himalayan Masters can add or reduce the number of days as per your need. So please remember us when customizing your Manaslu Trek.

Alternative Treks Around the Manaslu Region

Do you wonder if there are any alternative treks around the Manaslu region? Well, yes, there are. At the same time, the Manaslu Circuit trek remains at the top position for the famous treks around the Manaslu region. But some other treks provide a beautiful experience for you, too.

Some of the famous treks around the Manaslu region are:

Manaslu Circuit Trek Travel Insurance

As you know, travelling or trekking to the mountain area cannot be fully in your hands. Sometimes, some inconvenience can occur and cause huge losses, physically or financially. So, you must be prepared for both of these things during the trek. In that case, you must have travel insurance for you to keep you safe. Whether it’s a helicopter evacuation or health-related things, your travel insurance will cover all your expenses on the trek for such inconvenience. It can cost you around 1000 USD or even lower or sometimes higher, but it can cover all your expenses just in case.  Please be extra careful when choosing an agency for travel insurance for Manaslu Trek.

Tipping on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Tipping might not be considered mandatory on the trek. It depends on the trekker whether to tip or not. But we suggest tipping the guides and porter since they are your best companions on the trek. They work very hard to make your trek successful. Major tipping can also be done based on the work and performance of the guide and porter. But at least a minor tip can be given to fellow guides and porters for all the hard work they have done for you on the Manaslu Trek.

Booking Manaslu Trek and Payment 

With Himalayan Masters, the booking and payment process for the Manaslu Circuit trek is simple and hassle-free. We provide a simple way to book any kind of trek with us.

You can simply visit our website and go to the booking option. If you want to inquire about the trek before booking, you can contact them through the contact number shared on the website or by mail at [email protected]. They will try to reach you as soon as possible.

Last-minute booking

We prefer advanced booking for every kind of trek. But if any inconvenience causes a last-minute booking, we will also try our best to make your booking properly. During the peak season, we request everyone to book their treks and tours beforehand because the trails are overcrowded. Due to this, we may not find a teahouse or hotel for our accommodation. In case of such emergencies and last-minute bookings, we will try our best to find accommodation for you.



Manaslu Circuit Trip with Himalayan Masters:
For the fall of 2020, we planned a trip to Nepal and weren’t sure whether we should book it through a german agency or with a local one. Needless to say, we are 100% satisfied that we booked the trip through Himalayan Masters. The communication was professional from the very beginning and from the moment we were picked up at Kathmandu airport we were taken care of perfectly.

Nepal is beautiful and especially the Manaslu area. But since travel experiences are not (just) made by the places you visit but also by the people that you meet, here is to our guide Dipak and all the wonderful people we met along the way who have been so welcoming and sincere with us! Without exaggeration, this trip has been the purest experience of our lives. And if the trip is measured in friends rather than miles, we must say this trip was as good as it gets!!

Our guide Dipak left nothing to be desired, shone with perfect local knowledge and took care of us so touchingly at any time that a regular thank you seems way too little. Dipak is not only a guide you can rely on 100% but also extremely empathetic, amiable and was always there when we needed him. We had so much fun together, that only after a few hours the trip almost felt like trekking with a good friend.

Since we are both relatively fit and also coped well with the altitude, Dipak kept suggesting additional excursions and routes into our original planning so that we got to see the most beautiful spots such as the Pungyen Gompa Monastery or even Manaslu Base Camp (highly recommended!). In retrospect, this was an unbeatable advantage compared to one of the big tour providers with large and inhomogeneous groups – we were flexible at all times and could shape the tour according to our wishes.

In this way, a clear recommendation to travel to Nepal with the Himalayan Masters! Many thanks to our guide Dipak, our porter Suren and of course to Sandip for the great organization! Nepal will definitely remain in our memories, but most of all in our hearts!

Filip FGermany

We enjoyed a great experience with Himalaya Masters. Sandip, the owner, provided us with clear and detailed information from the moment we reached out to him.
There is a lot to consider when coming to Nepal to trek for the first time and Sandip really helped put out minds at ease with his patience and advice.
We ended up trekking the Manaslu circuit with Raj as our guide. It was such a lovely experience and it was great to have such an experienced guide with us on our journey. Pit was also part of our group, as a porter but he helped us all and provided us with fresh fruit and sometimes apple fritters!
It was a legendary experience and one that we’ll not soon forget.
Make sure you bring your warm clothing for your trip – the weather can fluctuate and be unpredictable in the mountains!
We’re already looking forward to returning and doing more trekking in Nepal!

Ryan GCanada 🇨🇦

We did the Manaslu circuit with Himalayan Masters in a group of nine people and couldn’t have found a better company to do this with!

Before the trip, we emailed and backed them up, and Sandip was super helpful and patiently answered all of our questions (in peak season, sometimes it could take a bit longer since he is still leading tours himself). The communication was very professional, and we felt well taken care of! Once we arrived, Raj, the office manager, explained the itinerary and provided us with the down jackets and sleeping bags we needed at higher altitudes. He is a lovely guy, and we ended up chatting with him over some masala tea.

During the tour, our guides Dipak and Arjun went above and beyond to ensure we had the most incredible experience possible and turned our group into a small trekking family, sharing laughter and some challenging moments! Dipak is an experienced and knowledgeable guide with many connections in the villages in the Manaslu region. He would ensure we get the best accommodations, restaurants, and tea houses for our breaks! Every evening, he gave a detailed briefing about what to expect the next day and a motivational speech when needed. Arjun, our assistant guide, spread joy to the whole group by always having the biggest smile and ensuring everyone was comfortable (thank you so much for bringing tea and apple pie to base camp!).

The trek itself is just stunning. Before coming to Nepal, we were indecisive about whether to do the Annapurna or the Manaslu circuit, but after the trek, we can wholeheartedly and 100% recommend the Manaslu circuit. Opposed to the Annapurna circuit, you never walk on roads with jeeps (just donkeys), and from day two on, it’s all hiking trails. We were so happy that the Himalayan Master’s itinerary allowed for Pungyen Gompa and a day trip to Manaslu base camp. Those were two highlights of our trip. Almost all the other groups we met had to choose between the two. The day trip to Basecamp was challenging but so rewarding (and we felt very well acclimatized for the pass afterwards!).
We didn’t have a porter, so we carried the backpacks ourselves. For us, it wasn’t as complicated as we expected (we are used to doing multi-day hikes in the Alps), and it felt like an outstanding achievement carrying our stuff over Larke Pass (be sure to pack as light as possible).

Overall, the trek was one of the best experiences of our lifetime! If you are still looking for a trekking company to go with, don’t look any further and go with the Himalayan masters! Thank you so much to the whole team; we’re already thinking about which trek to do next with you guys!

Nils VGermany 🇩🇪

We hiked the Manaslu Circuit with Himalayan Masters in April and felt very well taken care of from the first Email contact through to the hike itself. We’d recommend them to anyone who wants to have the planning certainty of booking from abroad but still get a small local agency with a good price and service package.

We made contact from home already but committed only once we were in Kathmandu and able to compare on the ground. The communication with Sandip was excellent also via email: prompt, in good English and knowledgeable. We later learned he is an experienced guide himself, still leading summit hikes, which we think is positive.
H.M. helped us pick the trek and get all the necessary equipment in preparation.

We (as a couple) hiked with a guide and a porter, Ram and Baikuntha, who turned out to be the best company we could have asked for on the hike. Baikuntha brought our belongings quickly and reliably across the mountains and was also one of the more ‘present’ porters, trying to learn English with us, walking by our side and not always sprinting ahead. We had those typical stomach issues early in the trek and Ram and Baikuntha quickly figured out a way for us to adapt our stops and route to something manageable.

Last but not least I want to send a special thanks to Ram who supported us every step along the way, coaching, sharing knowledge, and entertaining. He was approachable, reliable and dedicated to his work, available for us whenever we needed help. Thank you!

Dennis WGermany 🇩🇪

Our Manaslu trek was fantastic with Surje Lama. Helped out immensely when I got sick, and when we had a very challenging pass day. Sandip was fantastic on the organising end from start to finish. Changes to the plan were no problem. We had a great trip. Thanks, Surje and Sandip

Lachlan Australia 🇦🇺

This local agency is excellent and I would highly recommend anyone to book their trip through them, they will take care of almost everything and make you feel safe throughout the trip. Our Guide was Ram and he was by far the best, most caring and kind Guide we could have wished for. He helped us through the most difficult and dangerous passages of the trek and always checked on us to make sure we were feeling well. One note of caution: the Manaslu Trek is much more difficult than it seems. The trails are consistently very steep, making the long days very exhausting and particularly when the weather turns bad it may be too dangerous to cross the lake pass, in which case you will have to turn back.

SarahGermany 🇩🇪

My second time back with Himalayan Masters and they exceeded my expectations yet again. Manaslu and Tsum valley trek organised by Sandip was a great itinerary and Dipak was an amazing guide that truly went above and beyond the duties of a trekking guide. He supported our group through all our ups and downs and we certainly couldn’t have done it without his help. The 3 porters, Syren, Pawan, and Pitumber also went above their duties to help cook, serve us fresh fruit every day and keep spirits high! I would recommend Himalayan Masters to anyone who is interested in trekking in Nepal. Miss it already

Hannah KadiAustralia

Amazing experience. My favourite part was Larke Pass. Ask for Ramesh, he’s an excellent guide and very knowledgeable.

Daniel CAustralia 🇦🇺

This was my husband’s and my first time hiking in Nepal. We have done several multi-day hikes before but none at this altitude. Himalayan Masters quickly became our first choice because of the reviews and Sandip’s excellent customer service. He was always very responsive and we could tell he was just a fun and nice guy. We chose the Manaslu circuit trek because it sounded quieter than the others and less on the road, and we were really happy with the hikes.

Our group consisted of three other people, Raj our guide, and Pitanbar our porter. Raj was a really great guide and he knew how to interact with everyone and have a lot of fun. The pit was also very kind and hard-working. Our group came upon some unfortunate weather later in the trek and it was always unsure whether we would actually be able to make the Larke pass due to storms. Raj was pretty open with us regarding the weather and being flexible with staying in certain places and seeing how things go.

On the day that we planned to complete the pass a storm hit. All of the groups that were at the beginning camp (Dharamsala) ended up completing the pass despite the weather which risked everyone’s safety. Multiple guides and porters afterwards stated that it was the worst weather they had ever seen in their lives. It was shocking to me that every single group chose to take the risk of crossing despite the terrible weather. We are thankful that everyone is safe now and that Himalayan Masters were open to listening to our concerns and implementing changes. Sandip agreed that having GPS tracking for each guide will need to be the norm in order to ensure the safety of everyone and he promised to implement the changes by next year. After having this serious discussion with Himalayan Masters I would feel confident booking a tour with them again. They were very respectful and good listeners, and they helped to make sure that this experience would not negatively impact our trip, and not happen again.

Amanda WUSA 🇺🇸

We have such an incredible experience on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. From the minute we landed to the time that we flew out Sandip had organised everything perfectly. I have travelled to Nepal many times before and this was by far the best trek I have ever done due to the organisation and professionalism of the Himalayan Masters Team. Our guide Surje did an excellent job throughout the trek and his experience and knowledge allowed us all to enjoy our time on the mountain. His humour and jokes had us laughing our way over the Larkya La Pass. Our porters did an excellent effort to carry our bags and have them ready at each stop before our arrival. Overall I can only express gratitude towards Himalayan Masters for making my time on the mountain one that I will never forget 🙌. For anyone looking for a reliable trekking company, this should be your choice 😀!

HayleaAustralia 🇦🇺


Why trek to Manaslu Circuit with Himalayan masters?

The Manaslu Trek is a remote, restricted trekking area with many unexpected physical and legal issues. This is why you need the experts at Himalayan Masters for the following advantages:

We provide you with an experienced guide who is very useful in coping with every difficulty in the Manaslu trekking route

Experts have designed our itinerary to keep you safe and avoid hectic walks; it’s easily achievable.

We offer the cheapest Manaslu trek packages, the best offers among Nepalese local trekking companies.

Himalayan mastermasters who lead Manaslu treks Most of them are from the Manaslu region and are highly familiar with the area.

We accommodate you in the best available hotels throughout the trekking route.
Our travel packages cover all necessary costs for the tour (other than those mentioned in our policy) without any hidden charge.

We always prioritize our travellers’ health, safety, and comfort; the team will help you during any emergency.
And the list can go on…

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