3 days 2 night Tour Bhutan from Kathmandu

Trip facts

Starts in: Kathmandu      

Ends at: Kathmandu

Trek Region: Bhutan       

Maximum altitude: 3180 meters  

Transport: Flight and private car

Duration: 3 Days, 2 nights

Trip Grade: Easy

Accommodation: Hotels

Season: Year-round booking

Bhutan tour Highlight

  • Experience a thrilling flight to Paro with views of the world’s tallest Himalayan peaks including Everest 
  • A peaceful Hike to the Tiger’s Nest Temple that lies at 3180m
  • Visit many Dzong, Museum, and chortens around Paro and Thimpu valley
  • Be part of Bhutanese culture and tradition for a day 
  • Enjoy the rich hospitality of warm welcoming Bhutanese
  • Stay at a luxurious hotel and drive in a private car during a well-managed holiday

 Tour Bhutan Overview 

Ever heard about the land of Thunder kingdom? Bhutan is the Himalayan wonderland, preferred for its cultural settlements, and unusual landscapes. This lowland subtropical region of Bhutan lies between huge lands of China and India. Right before the majestic Himalayan range, Bhutan has managed to keep its cultural richness intact over the year. Rest assured, this tour of Bhutan is going to be a life-changing opportunity for you.

The life guided by Buddhism believe has led to the formation of many Dzongs, Temples, and Chortens within the pristine beauty of the valley. Bhutanese awesome architecture includes the masterpiece that has been cliffed in the middle of high hills. Tracing back the history of these Bhutanese heritages, we get back to the 7th century. Even now, these places to visit in Bhutan tour are the center for cultural performances, mask dances, and Bhutanese songs. With the background of the awesome Himalaya range, the calming cities of Bhutan make a rejuvenating stay. 

Our 2 night 3 days Bhutan tour in Asia’s happiest country oversees all the beautiful culture and heritage of Paro and Thimpu city. Himalayan master’s tour Bhutan Itinerary is designed to cover maximum places during your short stay. Firstly, we fly to Paro from Kathmandu and drive via the winding roads in the hills to Thimpu. Observing the people’s lifestyle for a brief hour and visiting many tranquil monasteries, we get back to Kathmandu. In conclusion, your short Bhutan tour will be luxurious, rewarding, and rejuvenating, all at a time. 

So, are you ready for this exciting journey to the land of Dragon king? Let’s have a look at the places we shall be visiting. 

Bhutan tour Itinerary

Day 1: Fly to Pare & Paro Sightseeing 

Distance 54 Km 

We fly from Kathmandu to Paro in the morning- the start of our tour of Bhutan. We fly as early as possible so that we get an entire day for the visit. A private car picks you up from any part around Kathmandu valley and drops you at the international airport of Kathmandu. Then, we fly to Bhutan with the Panorama of Himalaya range before us. During the flight, you can even see Mount Everest, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Cho Oyo, and many other peaks above 8000m. 

Landing at the Paro airport, we shall then drive towards our hotel in Paro. After some rest, we drive to visit the Paro Dzong. Also called Rinpung Dzong, this is dzong is regarded as a high point of Bhutanese architecture. The massive structured walls have huge Buddhist monasteries and fortresses inside them. The Dzong also has administrative offices in Paro. After that, we might also visit Kichu Lhakhang (also called Lho Kichu Temple). Located in Paro at the place called Lango Gewong, it’s the oldest temple in the country of Bhutan. 

Day 2: Hike to Tiger Nest and drive to Thimpu

We wake up early to hike up to the Tiger Nest. This famous monastery of Buddhist people was cliffed in the hills. As per the traditional myth, the monastery has been built in the place where the Guru Rinpoche stayed for 3 months long meditation. He flew from Tibet to Bhutan on the Tiger’s back and got to these hills. The hike is about 3 hours long on the stone stairs and sub-tropical forest. You can also ride on horseback for an adventurous ride. From the top, the overall area feels extremely peaceful. Also, one gets to witness the awesome panorama of the Himalayas range within the mountains. 

We get back to the hotel in Paro for lunch and then start driving towards Thimpu. Driving on the winding roads of the hills is obviously magical. This 45-mins relaxing drive brings us to the capital of Bhutan by evening. If our time permits, we will be visiting the following places on the Bhutan tour.

Kuenselcholing View Point:  This place offers the view of Thimphu valley that is seen from the Buddha point called Kuensel Phodrang. You shall offer prayers to the largest Buddha statue in the country; a relaxing moment during the tour Bhutan.

Memorial Chorten:  This memorial Chorten was made in the year 1974 in memory of King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. King Jigme is the father of modern Bhutan and holds high respect in Bhutan’s society. 

 Tashichho Dzong: This Fortress of Glorious Religion dates back to 1641. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel made this Dzong that has the office of the king and the central monk body. We visit this Dzong during the evening on a tour of Bhutan.

Day 3: Departure

This is the final day of our 2 night 3 days Bhutan trip. We wake up quite early to leave this city of Thimpu and start driving towards Bhutan. This 45-mins of the drive will re-trace our journey back to Paro. In Paro, we wait for our flight to Kathmandu. The short i.e. about one hour-long flight from Paro to Kathmandu will obviously be exciting. Back to Kathmandu, you will be only be left with awesome memories of the trip. 

Bhutan Tour FAQ

 Should I book my tour with a travel agency in Bhutan?

Yes, tour Bhutan promotes eco-tourism where they prohibit Independent traveling. This means you must book your trip with a travel agency in Bhutan. This list of these local tour operators is available on Bhutan Tourism Council’s official website. While booking via an international agency, they need to be associated with Bhutanese local tour operators. 

Since it’s easier to book a Bhutan tour from Nepal, you can book your 2 night 3 days tour of Bhutan with Himalayan masters. You must be accompanied by a tourist guide

 Do I need a visa for the Bhutan tour?

 Yes, all foreigners other than Indian need tourist Visa to Bhutan. Bangladeshi and Maldives citizens can get visas on arrival (free of cost). For foreigners, once you book your Bhutan tour from the licensed tour operators in Nepal, you can get a visa clearance copy from the operator. Then you shall fly to Bhutan with the Visa. The cost of a Visa to Bhutan is $40.

 What does the daily package include?

 Bhutan government has set the minimum daily package of $250/ night (peak season) and $200/ night. This package includes 3 meals per day, accommodation in hotel, guide, private car, and driver cost. Basically, there will not any additional expenses during the trip.

 How do I get to Bhutan?

Multiple countries around the world directly fly to the airport in Bhutan located at Paro. Flights are available from Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, India (Delhi, Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, Bangladesh, and Guwahati. There are only two flight operators in Bhutan i.e. Druk Air, and Tashi Air. 

Via road, you can get to tour Bhutan from the overland borders crossing. All of these three borders connected to India are Phuentsholing, Gelephu, and Samdrup Jongkhar. 

Is such an expensive tour to Bhutan worth it?

Bhutan is one of the most expensive countries in South Asia for tourists. Even then, it’s flooded with tourists from all around the world. That’s due to the traditional Bhutanese beliefs and culture that has been preserved intact in the world. Bhutanese people are the happiest people in the world and their secrets are hidden in those lush hills and mountains. Also, your travel expenses go for free education, health care, and poverty elevation in Bhutan. So we must say that it’s worth it.

Final words, 

Himalayan make all the arrangements with the best available facilities. Himalayan masters make it super easy to book the Bhutan tour for people around the world. So, either leave us an email or drop a comment below, and we book your trip instantly. 

Or, you can also contact us for any general queries. 

See you soon

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