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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Pokhara

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Pokhara

Pokhara can literally be called the “city of dreams” for Nepalese people. This small valley is blessed with eight pristine lakes that are hot spots for tourists. With the colorful lights and vibrant stress of lakeside, panorama of the mountain vista, charismatic view of the hills, and unlimited adventure options for the tourist, Pokhara has so much to offer. Truly speaking, your Nepal visit shall remain incomplete if any of these places are missed. Here’s the list of places to visit in Pokhara.

What Makes Pokhara Nepal So Special?

After the capital itself, Pokhara is the second-largest city in Nepal. As for the tourist, it is preferred more than any other tourist hub of Nepal. The eight different lakes in the city (Phewa lake being the center) make it so special and add many places to visit in Pokhara.

And when these beautiful lakes reflect the Panorama of AnnapurnaDhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Mardi, and many other mountain peaks, the views just get amazing. Pokhara is equally loved for its natural caves. There are 3 natural caves popular among the cities. Then there’s river George and waterfalls, adding to the natural beauty.

Among the man-made structure, there are some most visited temples and a newly built Pokhara cable car. Over years, Pokhara had developed itself to be the Shangri-la of luxury and adventure tourism. There’s not a single day you will be bored. We will explore the 10 places to visit in Pokhara.

10 Best Places To Visit In Pokhara

1. Phewa Lake

Climate of Nepal in October
Phewa lake surrounded with lush green hills.

Well, we wouldn’t move forward on this list of places to visit in Pokhara without praising the beauty of Phewa Lake. This 5.23 sq. km lake is surrounded by fancy restaurants and hotels in all areas. In the backside, there’s a beautiful subtropical forest- the peak destination for Pokhara sightseeing.

Phewa is about 8.6 m deep and has the temple of Tal Barahi in the centre. This temple of the Hindu goddess can only be reached by boat. You can also rent the boat for a few hours and roam around the lake. Boating in Phewa will also take you to World Peace Pagoda. It is Pokhara best place to visit.

Please note that boating in Phewa is closed after 5 pm in the evening (even early if the weather is windy), so make your plans accordingly. Since most of the tourists stay at hotels in Lakeside, they get to visit Phewa Lake in the evening. The lights of the lakeside are reflected in the beautiful Phewa Lake, and you can also have some fun games in Disneyland.

How To Get To Phewa Lake?

You can get a public bus to Phewa right from the airport gate or at the bus park ( Prithivi Chowk). The tourist bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara drops you at Rastra Bank Chowk, which is 15 mins of walking distance from the Phewa. You can also take a taxi from any place in the city.

2. World Peace Pagoda

Among the many man-made wonders of Pokhara city, this small stupa on the hilltop is the most beautiful one for Pokhara Sightseeing. This whitewashed stupa is dedicated to the Buddhist followers of Pokhara. There are beautiful gardens around the place and a very peaceful environment.

The views of the Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake from the top of the hill are also stunning. There’s a newly built cafe behind the Peace Pagoda where you can travel early for the sunrise view or aim for sunset on a clear day. The Himalayas also look amazing from the World Peace Pagoda, the best place to visit in Pokhara.

How do you get to the World Peace Pagoda?

What to do in Pokhara Nepal? The World Peace Pagoda is a 45-minute walk from Chorepatan. If you take a boat from Phewa, then you can trek for 10 minutes to the World Peace Pagoda. You can also get a taxi to World Peace from any place in Pokhara, Nepal. Public buses are available from Chorepatan, but it’s very rare to find one. Tourists also love cycling (about 45 minutes from the lakeside) to the top. The pagoda opens from 10 am to 5 pm in the evening.

3. Sarangkot

Wondering where you can get the most beautiful view of Pokhara Valley? Sarangkot is literally the most popular viewpoint within Pokhara Nepal. Tourists drive to Sarangkot Pokhara hilltop early in the morning so that they can view the beautiful sun rising against the backdrop of the Himalayas. This is the best place in Pokhara to visit.

In the morning, the mountains are also very clear, and Phewa Lake looks stunning. If you missed the sunrise, you can also get to Sarangkot in the evening for sunset. However, make sure that the weather is clear while you are travelling in the evening. You can also stay in the Sarangkot overnight and witness the sunrise from the Sarangkot hotel window. The choice is yours.

Sarangkot is also the spot for adventurous activities like Paragliding and hot air balloon flights. The Himalayan masters’ team takes your Paragliding in Pokhara booking and takes you to Sarangkot from Lakeside. This makes your places to visit in Pokhara even more interesting. 

How To Get To Sarangkot?

Climate in Nepal in November
Paragliding over Pokhara’s serene lake in Nepal.

The latest build cable car from Lakeside to Sarangkot is the best way to get to Sarangkot. With this hack, you can add a twist of adventure to your sightseeing trip. Hiking to Sarangkot from the lakeside takes more than one and a half hours. You can also start the hike at Bindabasini temple and walk uphill for about one hour. Public buses to Sarangkot are available from the Bindabasini temple area.

4. Pumdikot

The recently built statue of Lord Shiva is already the most crowded destination of Pokhara. Although the work is still in progress, the Pumdikot Pokhara has become the charm. And the viral Tiktok videos must get some credit. On the hilltop next to the World peace pagoda, Pumdikot is itself the highest view-point of Pokhara (1500 meters above sea level).

At the outskirt, you can see the bird’s eye view of Phewa Lake. The Pokhara Shiva statue, 108 feet tall was first built at Mathura of India and then installed here in Pokhara. Around the temple, you can see 108 Shiva Linga. And then there’s Shiva Damaru which is the largest in Asia.

Together with the views of the stupa, one can see the ranges of Mt Machhapuchre, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Annapurna, Mt Himchuli, and Mt Mardi. Other adventurous activities will also soon start from the temple premises. 

How to get to Pumdikot?

If you have a little extra time to spare, we suggest that you hike to Pumdikot from Chorepatan. These 2 – 3 hours of a walk along the sub-tropical forest and terrace farms of Pokhara will surely be rejuvenating. Otherwise, you can get a Public Bus to Pumdikot from Chorepatan (which is very rare). The better alternative is taking a jeep ride from Chorepatan, which costs about Rs 200. The ride is about 30 to 45 mins long. Taxi is obviously available.

5. Devi’s Fall

Another best place to visit in Pokhara Nepal and best tourist places in Pokhara Nepal, is Devi’s Fall. The beautiful waterfall is made from the water that flows out of the lakeside itself. The fall is very mysterious, with the water that disappears into the dark hole. Next to Devi’s fall, there’s a beautiful Gupteshowr cave. You can see the water from Devi’s fall flowing into this cave and getting down to the river. 

The name of the cave was given after a woman named Devi, who was downed in the caves a few decades back. For safety reasons, the entire area is now covered by an iron gate. The premises are surrounded by a beautiful garden, which is very relaxing.

How To Get To Devi’s fall?

Devi’s fall is about 2 km away from central Pokhara in a place called Chorepatan. You can find the public bus to Chorepatan from Lakeside or the bus park area. Right next to the waterfall, you can see the stunning natural cave named Gupteshowr; make sure you won’t miss that either. Since the buses to White Peace Pagoda and Pumdikot also leave from Chorepatan, you can complete these places to visit in Pokhara on the same day. 

6. Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake

Among the eight lakes of Pokhara, Begnas Tal and Rupa Tal might be called the most beautiful ones. While Phewa Lake is crowded for most of the year, the Begnas and Rupa lake are mostly calm and solitude. Here, you can skip the crowd while boating in the pristine lake at a cheaper price. That’s a great offer, isn’t it?

Begnas is a large freshwater lake where you can indulge yourself in the actives like cycling, boating, and fishing. If you are feeling a little crazy, you can even swim in these lakes. Rupa Lake is a few km away from Begnas, and you can even row a boat from one lake to another.

And while you visit Begnas and Rupe Lake, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious local fish in the lake area. Himalayan Master arranges all these exciting adventures for you. 

How to reach Begnas and Rupe Lake?

Begnas and Rupa Lake are quite far from the centre of Pokhara Valley. It’s about a 10-km ride east of Pokhara. The bus to Begnas and Rupa is available from Pritihivi Chowk. First, get a bus to Pritihivi Chowk from any place in Pokhara Valley and then find another bus taking to Begnas Valley. Only a few buses are available for Rupa Lake. 

7. Jangchub Choeling Gompa

Choeling Gompa can be called the hidden place and Pokhara Nepal best places to visit. This Tibetan wonder place is usually not included in the list of the best place to visit in Pokhara. But for someone looking to avoid the crowd of the city and have a relaxed time in the outskirt of Pokhara city, Jangchub Choeling Gompa is a true rescue.

Choeling monastery is the center of the Buddhist service in Pokhara. Earlier, it was regarded as the home for Tibetan refugees but now it homes many young students preparing to be monks. With the name given by the Dalai Lama himself, the history of this place is what makes it amazing. Made in the Tibetan style, there’s a central hall that is used for prayer rituals.

Also, one gets to witness the Buddha stupa that has been made of 7-foot-long copper and gold. Along with savoring the architectural grandness of the monastery, you get to witness the natural beauty of Hemja. The mountains look quite fabulous and the Seti River flows right on the outskirt. 

How to get to Jangchub Choeling Gompa?

The monastery is located about 5kms away from the center in the place called Hemja. All public bus riding in the Baglung Rajmarg takes you to Hemja. A bus can be taken from Zero km which is about 20mins of walking distance from Lakeside. Or, you can take a bus to Hari chowk, and then to the monastery. You can also get a jeep or private taxi to the best places to visit in Pokhara.

8. Mountain Museum

Among many classic Pokhara sightseeing tour destinations, the Mountain museum has different kinds of perks. For anyone interested in learning the history and culture of Pokhara, this shall be the starting place. The awesome documentaries here give you a deeper understanding of the mountains.

For the ones interested in mountain climbing, here you can see the evidence of different past and present mountaineering activities by people of all nations. Moreover, you can see the collection of rear Himalayan flora and fauna on the premises.

To spice up things, they have built 3d models of different mountains of Nepal. You can also see some interesting gadgets that are used for mountaineering purposes. Well, visit the Mountain Museum and find out what else they have. 

How to get to Mountain Museum Pokhara?

The Mountain Museum is located in a place called Pardi and the public buses are available from Buspark (Pritihivi Chowk). You can also get a bus to Nayagaun from different places in Pokhara city and walk for a few minutes. It’s about 10mins of a ride from Devi’s fall itself. 

9. Bindabasini Temple

This architectural master’s piece is Pokhara’s major destination among Hindus. Internal tourist and Pokhara tours for Indians always have this temple of Hindu Goddesses at the top. This temple is dedicated to an incarnation of Kali who is named Bhagawati. Around the major temple, there are other forms of the temple for Shiva, Saraswati, Ganesh, and more.

Along with the temples for prayer, Bindabasini has a spot for marriage. Many marriage ceremonies are held in the temple’s premises. For a short peaceful time, these can be called the best places to visit in Pokhara. This temple of Kali was first made in the year 1760s.

It is believed that the Siidhai Narayan Shan, then king of Kaski dreamed about making a temple of Bindhyabasini in his kingdom. He then sends a man to India to bring the statue of the goddess.

On the way back, the men were sleeping in the camp and woke up to find that the statue has established itself in the place where its temple is now established. The temple’s current form has been achieved after many renovations and changes.

How to get to Bindabasini Temple?

Bindabasini Temple is about 2kms north of the central Pokhara. You can find the public bus to Bindabasini from Lakeside, Zero, or any other major places in Pokhara. Get a bus to Hari chowk and be dropped right outside the temple. You can also walk for about 15 minutes from Bagar. Private cars are easily available from any place in Pokhara.

10. Bat cave and Mahendra Cave

The caves have two holes, one used for the entry and another one for the exit. The exit hole is quite narrow and tricky. Locals believe that sinners cannot get out of this hole easily whereas the pure one can exit the hole in one attempt. Right next to the bat cave, you can see another natural cave called Mahendra caves.

This classic limestone cave of Nepal was discovered in the late 1950s by the shepherds and named after the Nepalese king Mahendra. Crossing the 100m long passages on a completely dark hole with water dripping above your head is itself very adventurous. You might even see some bats and other tiny animals here. 

How To Get To Mahendra and Bat cave?

You will get the Public bus to Mahendra and Bat Cave from Bus Park (Pritihivi Chowk) and New Road. If you don’t find the direct bus, first get to Bagar and take another bus to the Bat cave. Even after listing all these places, we have missed out on many things to do in Pokhara valley. So, let’s just list them out in short. 

  • Drive to Hemja for Bungee Jump at Seti George
  • Cycling to Pame Beach ( about 20mins from Lakeside)
  • A short stop at Gorkha Memorial Museum at Bagar to understand the stories of brave Gorkhalis praised all around the world
  • Stop at Seti River Gorge in Bagar which is located right next to the Gorkha Museum
  • White water river rafting at Upper to Lower Seti region 
  • Home-stay experience at Siklesh, Tangting, Macchapuchhre, and many other villages around the city
  • Visit the famous resort at Methlang for the view of the entire valley
  • A yoga class at Yoga Retreat Centre
  • Go for short treks to Dhampus, Austrailan Base camp, Begnaskot, Naudanda, Lwang Ghalel, Siklesh, Panchase etc. Explained in our other articles. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When to Visit Pokhara?

Honestly, the charms of Pokhara are never down. Throughout the year, the stress of lakeside is equally vibrant. The melodious music from the clubs and the colorful lights are never out of season. However, holiday time such as New Year, Christmas, and Holi is flooded with tourist from all part of the world.

October, November is the best time for activities like rafting and paragliding. Spring i.e. April and May is another beautiful season. These are the month when the mountains are clearly visible. However, you can visit whenever you are free and we assure you that you get to savior all the fun.

2. How to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu?

You can ride to Pokhara via Prithivi Highway in a public bus, private car, or tourist bus (7 hours ride). Also, Pokhara can be reached by 25-mins flight from Kathmandu. Read our article here for full information.

3. What are the adventure sports you can do in Pokhara?

Pokhara is the hub for adventure tourism. There are many adventurous activities like Paragliding, Bungee, Rafting, Zip lining, etc. you can enjoy. So, that was all around place to visit in Pokhara during a sightseeing tour. However, we suggest that you should make your Pokhara stay even more exciting with many other adventurous activities listed in our other article here. 

We wish you have a wonderful time in Nepal. Himalayas master’s is always best at organizing luxurious and affordable tours around Pokhara. Do remember us for any help you need.

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