Everest Summit Climbing 2024 starts, 10 made it to the top 

Everest Summit Climbing 2024 starts, 10 made it to the top 

The big Season for the Everest Summit has officially begun after 10 brave Mountaineers from Nepal set the ropes for following climbers. The group of Ten Mountains from Expedition Operator Association (EOA) Nepal when to the summit and made it to the world’s highest point on 10th May, Friday, Evening. Thanks to the path they made, at least 414 climbers from 41 teams that are waiting in the base camp, can now start the Everest Summit. 

Chhang Dawa Sherpa, from the Seven Summit Treks, had led this group of 10, the first submitters of southern face for 2024. The news was confirmed by an official statement from Nepal’s tourism department at the Everest base camp. 

Khim Lal Gautam, lead officer at Everest Base Camp told us that many tourists were waiting in the base camp and Camp 2 for this news. And after the rope line was set, they had already started moving. 

This year, Nepal has issued permits for 478 foreigners to climb Everest. And they will be assisted by almost Nepalese climbering experts. With 200 women and 756 men, about 956 people are attempting to the summit this year. 

The first window for clear weather is believed to be until 14th May. So, in the next few days, many other climbers are expected to reach the summit. 

Let’s sit back and wait for the news for Everest until then. 

10 Everest climbers who went for rope fixing in 2024 

  1. The team of 10 was led by Dendi Sherpa. Dendi Sherpa is an expert Everest climber with many Guinness World Records that include Fastest Everest 10 days thrice, and Fastest Everest &K2 – 59 days. 
  2. Another climber Tenjing Gyaljen Sherpa also made a world record last year leading a team that installed a high-altitude weather station on  Bishop’s Rock. Bishop’s Rock is a slab just below the summit of Everest at 8,810 meters.
  3. Pemba Tashi Sherpa associated with the 8K expedition team has also climbed Mount Everest 4 times, Mt K2, Nanga Parbat, and Manaslu. 
  4. Lakpa Sherpa, the bravest female made her record-breaking tenth climb on May 12, 2022. She was the first Nepali woman to climb to the summit and be back alive in 2000 and has been actively engaged in Everest climbing ever since. 
  5. Dawa Sherpa is an avid climber, having ascended Mt. Everest three times as well as four other 8000m peaks and many other smaller peaks.
  6. Lakpa Rinjee Sherpa- The founder of Founder 8k Expeditions, also went with the team for rope fixing this year. 
  7. Pam Dorjee Sherpa has climbed Mount Everest two times. Pam and his girlfriend Moni Mulepati became the first couple to be married on top of Mount Everest. 
  8. One of the two non-Sherpa in the group,  Namgyal Dorjee Tamang is a regular guide and mountain climber. 
  9. Dawa Rinjee Sherpa– Certified Mountain guide 
  10. Suk Bahadur Tamang– Certified Mountain guide 


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