How to train for Everest base camp?

How to train for Everest base camp?

In short: Training for Everest base camp is a combination of Cardio exercises, building body strength, developing flexibility, and interval hill training (For coping with altitude). Let’s learn in detail. 

Everest Base Camp Trek is a dream, and at the same time, it is also a reality to many. Almost 40,000 tourists per year go to Everest each year, and it’s the most commercialized trekking route, probably in the whole world. 

There’s just a way lot of information about Everest base camp on the internet and we understand how overwhelming that can be. If you are finding it difficult to decode the details of how to train for the everest trek, you can just talk to experts, or a regular guide going for the EBC trek at [email protected]

How long to train for Everest base camp?

If you have already booked your Everest base Camp Trek or planning to book in the near future, then it’s recommended to start your training plan for Everest Base Camp Trek three months before the trip. Three months of slow, but regular training will make you fully prepared for the journey in a way that you will not feel extra pressure or difficulty while you are in Nepal. This does not require you to invest any extra time for you. Rather, you will just need to modify a few exercises from your regular gym routine. If you don’t have so much time, the training of 1 month, rather intensive and well planned, is also enough. 

How to train for the Everest base camp Trek?

training plan for everest base camp
training plan for everest base camp

Note: The Everest trek is just a regular walk and You do not need any additional trekking gear as rope, crampons, axes etc in any part of the journey. So all you need is regular exercise and no new training. Such skills might be needed for Everest Three Pass Trek only.

1. Training for strength 

Usually, the training in the gym includes body shape building. But for the Everest trek, your focus should be on being physically fit and strong. So instead of using individual muscle-targeted machines each day, include all body parts exercises for training for the Everest Base Camp Trek. And legs should be your main focus here, mostly for peak climbing at Island peak. Some great full body strength building exercises are:

  • Shoulder Presses
  • All kinds of Push-ups
  • Central and side Lunges
  • Sit-ups 
  • Squats
  • Step aerobics
  • Shoulder Presses

Repetition: You don’t even need a gym for this. Just go them in 3 sets, 12 count in each set, and your body is all pumped up. 

2. Aerobic and Cardio 

Aerobic workouts are the best training for the Everest base camp trek. The effective Aerobic Exercises that can get your heart pumped are 

  • Running/ Hopping up and down the stairs
  • Box jumps or Jumping jacks
  • Burpees
  • Squats combined with Jumping
  • Zumba
  • Spinning

Repetition: Once again, You don’t need to go to the gym for these exercises, home exercise is more than enough. 2-3 times each week, for three months.

Riding and Swimming 
everest base camp training plan
everest base camp training plan

They can be the replacement for your cardiovascular exercises for the Everest base camp training program. Riding a cycle can improve the strength of your legs and swimming improves the lung’s capacity and oxygen-using capacity. 1 hour of riding or 1 hour of swimming can replace either of these exercises for your Body. 

3. Yoga and Meditation 

Yoga: Yoga combined with stretching exercises and other activities, such as Pilates can be great to develop the flexibility of your body. If you are coming to the mountains, which are home to great knowledge and power of yoga and Hindu culture, it’s important you learn something beforehand. Some yoga posters that develop flexibility and stretch your whole body before, and during the trek will be very engaging. 

Meditation: This is probably the only exercise that you will need to be mentally trained for Everest trek. Meditation calms you down in an unbelievable way. It not only develops a sense of positivity but also improves your overall mental and physical health. The habit of meditation before and during the trek allows you to enjoy every moment of the trek with higher energy. Being guided by YouTube videos or expert Gurus for medication can be equally helpful. 

4. Hiking with backpack training 

The intention of this Everest base camp training plan is to prepare your legs for walking and your shoulder for some hikes. Even if you hire a porter, it’s obvious that you need to carry a few kgs of essential items yourself. And, since this is a long hour of hike, a lot of tourists feel this pressure within the shoulder, thus having shoulder pain at the end of the day. 

Plan: The Everest base camp training plan is to begin with slow short-term hikes. Choose any path you can that’s a bit rough, and irregular, as high as possible. Increase the duration and pace as you improve. The trick here is to carry weight while you hike (around 5 kgs). You can get this weight from simple things such as water, a camera, food, and more. 

Training for altitude

One can never be 100% ready to be at 5000 meters height without actually being there. But that being said, you can definitely follow some Everest base camp training plans to make it easier. 

Attempt the highest hill nearby

Which is the highest hill in your city? Your state? Or your country? Doesn’t matter how high you can go, just go the highest you can/ feasible. Hiking in hills above 2,000m before the big Everest is known to prepare you, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make it without it. And when you go for the actual hike, just do not go up. There’s one technique called interval hill training which literally means you go up and then come down and again go up. And as the air pressure keeps on changing, your body is adopted accordingly, the perfect Training for Everest base camp. 

Mental preparations for EBC Trek

everest base camp trek training program

The Everest base trek is not just about physical difficulties. It comes with a lot of main challenges as well. While many people choose to Everest for mental healing and to find peace, some find it depressing to complete so difficult hike. Being mentally prepared for the difficulties ahead and setting up realistic goals is really important to keep yourself mentally strong during the trip. Some mental Everest base camp trek preparation exercises that can help are 

1. Talk to travellers who have been there before

We, humans, try to collect information and facts about the place we want to travel. But what’s really important is how it feels during the trek. Only when you talk about the fear and danger with someone else who has been to Everest before, you can get a perspective be doing the real Everest base camp trek training. Rather than just collecting facts, having a real meaningful conversation with a couple of people who have done Everest Base Camp Trek previously is important. And they will help you give at least a few ideas about how it’s gonna feel to be in such a remote landscape. 

If talking to other people is not possible, reading reviews and watching blogs can be another best possible idea. 

2. Developing a Positive Mindset

People go to the mountain to heal themselves, not to develop a new sense of fear and failure. other than fitness training for Everest base camp you must remain positive even in the hardest of times. You cannot imagine hiking 6 to 7 hours uphill to be easy at all times. But when you can see the beautiful landscape and meet the many heartwarming people of the mountains, it is going to be worth it. It takes gratitude, visualisation, and actualization to complete this trek. A positive mindset will not only help you but also people around you. Obviously, there will be some moments when you feel like giving up or when you feel like it’s not worth it, but at the end of the day, you will be glad that you did this journey at least once in your life.

3. Setting Realistic Goals

Achieving success on the journey to Base Camp requires setting realistic goals. Although reaching the world’s highest peak base camp is an incredible accomplishment, it’s crucial to break down the trek into smaller milestones.

Whether the goal is to simply reach the next rest stop, finish a certain section of the trek, or reach a given height each day, creating practical goals can help to maintain motivation and prevent getting overwhelmed. Planning a practical goal will allow you to concentrate on improving steadily without putting too much pressure on yourself to enjoy the process too much. 

So our answer for how to train for Everest base camp is “being mentally prepared to face anything that might come with patience”. 

Some crazy hacks to make things easier 

1. Training with your Everest BOOTS! 

everest base camp preparation

Whether it’s old or new, the habit of training for Everest base camp in your trek boots makes it habitual to you. Especially if you are getting new boots for Everest, then wear them at the gym and during hikes for a couple of times. The function of your boots should be to keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.

2. Use the Everest base camp Training Mask

Did you know that there is a Mask that can stimulate the Everest-like air condition in your Gym? Nowadays, you can find a Mask called something like an “Elevation Training Mask” or “High Altitude Simulation Mask”. This Mask can help with a few additional tasks such as higher lung capacity, increasing mental focus, and oxygen efficiency. Other than actual hiking this is a crazy way to prepare for the altitude of 5000m+. 

3. A few minutes of stretches

Sure, while on the trek. after a long day of walking, all you want to do is crash on your bed. But the fact it, a few minutes of stretches right before sleep, loosens your muscles and helps you heel properly. Similar full-body stretches in the morning loosen your body for the long hike day. Making a habit of this practice is really helpful. 

Everest base camp trek training program

There’s no special training program from the Everest base camp trek and honestly, you don’t need one. Just your regular swimming, gym, cycling, and running is more than enough. But if you need a special Everest base camp trek training program, then we can make 2/3 months of Training package for you. This package will be customized as per your timetable, the landscape of your country, and your physical strength. 

There are two types of Everest base camp trek training program

Everest base camp trek training program before Nepal 

The training package includes 3 months, at least 3 times per week at the gym, and one day of hike per week. The training should focus on strengthening the entire body to ensure your endurance for the trek. Keep the pace up to 1 week before the trek, and then let your body rest, and store all that energy for the big Everest. 

Contact Himalayan Masters for a specialized Everest base camp trek training program before you come to Nepal. 

Everest base camp trek training program in Nepal

This Everest base camp trek training program is specially designed for first-time hikers in Nepal. The training includes two sections 

1. Briefing and demonstration from the guide. 

2. Interval hill training in hills near Kathmandu, Nagarkot recommended (duration 2 extra days in Kathmandu)

3. Interval hill training in Namche Bazaar after you start the EBC trek (add 1 extra day in the EBC trek)

Everest base camp preparation

Other than Physical fitness training, there are some pre-do Everest Base Camp Trek Preparation. This includes:

1. Check your health 

Two health checkups before the trek is recommended. The first one should be right before you confirm your EBC trek package bookings and the second one is to be a few days before you fly to Nepal. 

Compulsory checkups include: 

  1. Blood pressure or hypertension because altitude is known to raise your blood pressure even higher. 
  2. Asthma as breathing difficulty can be the hardest thing for the EBC trek
  3. Full blood or full body check to identify any deep rooted issues 
  4. Pregnancy- 3 months+ pregnant months are not recommended to be EBC trek 
  5. Any other heart, lungs, liver, or blood related problems. 

2. Complete your vaccination 

This is not legally compulsory, but we do suggest following vaccination to have completed. 

  • measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine,
  • varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, 
  • diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine,
  • polio vaccine, 
  • Hepatitis B
  • Your yearly flu shot
  • Cholera; 
  • Japanese Encephalitis.
  • Rabies

Most of these vaccinations are given as a child, but if you are not so sure, get it again. Cholera and Rabies are the very important ones. 

4. Watch Nutrition and Hydration 

everest base camp trek preparation
everest base camp trek preparation

Let’s break this Everest base camp trek preparation into two parts. On the trek, it’s important to eat healthy food and also vegetarian food. So, if you eat meat every day, it might be hard to skip meat for 15 days in the trek. So, Practice including vegetable meals in your diet beforehand. Having some Indian foods can build up your spice tolerance and prepare your body for Nepalese food as well. You can find all kinds of foreign meals in EBC trek, so, this is not a big deal. 

Being well-hydrated: Only for those who drink less water, start changing your habit. On the trek, if you don’t drink 5-6 liters of water, you will be severely dehydrated. And such habit of drinking 5-6 liters each day, don’t come overnight, be prepared. 

Start avoiding alcohol: All kinds of alcoholic products are discouraged during the EBC trek. And if you are habitual to those, it’s wise to start quitting or finding a solution early. 

5. Buy your gear Early

We talked about the boots already. Although you don’t need to break through all of your trek gear, trying on your clothes, sleeping bags, jackets, etc before the trek is advised. You will have an idea about how well they fit and how comfortable they feel. And that is very important.


What clothes should I wear for Everest Base Camp training?

Your regular gym and yoga clothes do fine while you are trekking. Mask and boots as recommended above can be used. 

Is training with a backpack compulsory?

Almost all trek packages to Everest base camp come with a porter, so you don’t need a carry a whole bag. But you need to carry a few kgs for personal items needed during the daytime. It’s just 3-4kgs and not a big deal. Carry your backpack only when you go for a hike and not when you go to the gym for the everest base camp training plan. 

Is it compulsory to train for the Everest Base Camp Trek?

It’s not compulsory to take any fitness training for the everest base camp, but rather a purely personal choice. If you want to trek for the Everest Base Camp without regular exercise, walking for 6 to 7 hours each day, that too in higher altitudes gets quite difficult. People who do not engage in regular exercises or have a good level of physical fitness, find it very challenging to complete the Everest base camp trek. For those who are engaged in regular exercises, the journey is just going to be a smooth hike. So, it doesn’t mean that you cannot complete the Everest Base Camp trek without a hike. It definitely means you should have the habit of exercising if you want to enjoy the journey rather than having painful moments in the mountains.

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