What months can you hike in Nepal?

What months can you hike in Nepal?

Hike in Nepal is legally permitted and physically possible throughout the year. You can’t travel during any time of the year and plan the trip to the reason of Nepal as per the weather. For example, the Everest base camp trek can be done only in Autumn and spring, but the Everest view trek can be done in Winter and summer.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you’re planning Hiking in Nepal; you can just pack your bags and travel to Nepal, and you will obviously find a possible trekking route that you can conquer. 

Before you know or select which month is best for a Hike in Nepal, you should know a little bit about the weather in Nepal. Nepal lies in the South Asian region between the Himalayas and has a very moderate climate throughout the year. It means the average temperature remains about 15°C throughout the country. However, the trekking routes in the mountains are obviously very cold. 

Here are the details of the weather patterns in Nepal that we are going to discuss.

Weather of Summer in Nepal (June, July, August)

Summer in Nepal is known to be warm and wet for the Hike in Nepal. In Kathmandu, the temperature remains around 25°C, but in the mountain region, it can go up to 10°C. June and July receive the maximum amount of rainfall, which causes the trekking trail to remain slippery. 

Hiking in Nepal in June, July, and August: Due to rainfall and the blockage of mountain views, summer is not a great time for mountain trekking in Nepal. However, you can choose a rather short and easy trek close to Kathmandu or the Everest View trek. The best trek in Nepal in summer is in the Manang and Mustang areas, known to be Nepal’s semi-desert land. The Manang and Mustang areas have very little rainfall, and you can hike in Nepal without disturbance.

Weather of Autumn in Nepal (September, October, November)

 These three months are considered the best hiking time in Nepal. After all the clouds have been cleared off from the summer rains, the sky opens up to overlook the most amazing views of the mountains in Autumn. The average temperature remains about 20°C in a lower region and about five °C in a higher region, while the chance of rainfall and snowfall is minimal. So, overall, there is pleasant weather for travelling, and the chances of flight cancellations and delays are also very low. 

What months can you hike in Nepal?
What months can you hike in Nepal?

Nepal Hiking for Autumn: All hiking routes in Nepal are open and pleasant in the month of Autumn. October is especially very crowded on popular routes such as Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp. So, we recommend starting the journey in September or waiting until November if you want to travel in a peaceful environment. To avoid the crowded route, you can travel to the new and exciting trekking trials at Manaslu Circuit and Langtang Valley. 

Weather of winter in Nepal(December, January, and February)

These three are the coldest months for Hike in Nepal, with an average temperature of 15°C in the lower region and about 0°C in the mountain region. During Winter, the chances of snowfall make it difficult to hike in the higher Himalayan region. Areas above 3000 meters are likely to receive one or two snowfalls per year, while areas above 5000 meters get frequent snowfall from December to January. Among the three, January is the coldest month, while trekking in December and February is quite visible. 

Trekking in Nepal In Winter: The start of December is actually a very good time for trekking in Nepal. Since the number of tourists starts to drop, you can enjoy nature to its fullest without the crowd. You can also get some amazing deals, and the views are still very pleasant. The temperature is also not very low, and trekking throughout December on all trek routes of Nepal is fun. Only peak climbing is not recommended in December. As January begins, most of the high altitudes are covered in snow, and it is difficult to hike. During January, we recommend low-altitude treks such as Ghorepani Poonhill, Mohare Danda, Everest View Trek, etc. As January appears, the temperature starts to rise slightly, and the snow in the higher Mountain starts to melt. By February, the trekking route are opened to welcome the tourist. You can trek normally without much snowfall in Winter.

Weather of Spring in Nepal (March, April, May)

 After a short Winter, the temperature starts to rise slightly and reaches about 20°C to 25°C at a lower altitude while the temperature of the mountains goes up to 10°C. Although the view of the Mountain is not as clear as in Autumn, the landscape and colourful blooms of wildflowers make spring a great time for Nepal hiking. From March, almost all of the sub-tropical forests of Nepal started to reflect the heavy bloom of Rhododendrons. Rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal, fills the forest with great colour variation, making it a very exciting time to visit. During spring, the mountains have little chance of rainfall and snowfall, which is the most preferred month for expeditions for Mountain climbers.

Trekking in Nepal in March, April, May, and Spring: Spring is a great time for all kinds of Hike in Nepal. Mountain climbers mostly occupy popular hiking routes such as Everest or Annapurna, while other less popular trekking routes like Manaslu Circuit and Lobuche are also exciting. The crowd is less in comparison to Autumn, and the weather is warm and pleasant.

What is the best month to hike in Nepal?

October and November are currently considered the best months for hiking in Nepal due to the clear view of the Mountain. However, if you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy nature to its fullest, then March and April are also the best months for hiking in Nepal.

Which month is good for Kathmandu?

Any month of the year is good for Kathmandu for hiking in Nepal. Kathmandu has very moderate weather with temperatures that are not less than 15°C in Winter and not higher than 40°C in summer. This means that the weather, every month, is equally pleasant in comparison to the Himalayas. If you wanna enjoy the festival season of Nepal, then October and November are good seasons, along with festivals such as Holi March. 

Is October a good time to hike to Nepal?

October is the busiest month In the trekking routes of Nepal. It is considered the best month to visit the mountains due to the clear views and the moderate temperature. If you have ever heard about human traffic jams in Everest base camp, that will happen in October. Nowadays, almost all accommodations are overbooked in Everest and or Annapurna during October. So, if you are travelling to Nepal in October, then we suggest that you go for a less travelled Route search, such as the Manaslu circuit trek. 

Which season is best for hiking in Nepal?

Autumn and spring are the best season for hiking in Nepal. If you would rather have clear views of the Mountain throughout the day, then Autumn is a great time. Or, if you want to enjoy the journey through the colourful blooms of the wildflowers and wild animals wandering around, then spring is the month you gotta choose what to avoid in Kathmandu.

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