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Money exchange in Kathmandu

Money exchange in Kathmandu

Knowing about the currency and money exchange system in Nepal is a hard job. You need to go through their policies and government rules, too. You need to be careful before considering these things. If you are a tourist and want to travel or visit Nepal for your next destination, then this blog is for you. Exchange money in Nepal and learn every rule and policy and place to exchange money in Kathmandu.

What is the currency in Kathmandu, Nepal? Nepal has its own currency, which is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). In Nepal, you can find the notes of Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500, and Rs.1000. You can even find coins of Re.1 and Re.2. Before coming to Nepal, you should be able to determine which is which note. Even though it is written on the note, you must know how it looks and feels.

Are you thinking about where to exchange currency in Nepal? You will find many money exchanges in Katmandu. So, you do not need to worry about the money exchange in Kathmandu. As Kathmandu is Nepal’s capital, you will find various places to exchange money. You can exchange any currency you want or have in Nepal.

What is the currency in Kathmandu? 

Nepalese Currency
Nepalese Currency
Exchanging foreign currency in Nepal
Exchanging foreign currency in Nepal

The currency of Kathmandu and Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). So, you will need a Nepalese Rupee to travel to Kathmandu or any other villages of Nepal as Manaslu. The dollar and other currencies also work, but having a Nepali Rupee will be good for you.

Can I pay with dollars in Nepal?

Yes, you can pay with a dollar in Nepal. However, there are certain rules and restrictions for dollar exchange and payments in Nepal. If you are paying with dollars, it will be difficult for you to travel around. You will either roam around the city in a taxi or by a public vehicle.

The hotels in Kathmandu around the Thamel area accept dollar payments. However, if you are travelling to local places in Kathmandu, you must have Nepalese Rupees. The local places and even some hotels outside the Thamel area may not take dollars as payment. Hence, it is wise to have enough Nepali Rupees for the payment.

Should I take cash to Kathmandu?

It is better to have cash while travelling to Kathmandu. As a traveller or tourist, you will need cash at every step, and you need to pay cash for every purchase. Yes, they also accept Visa cards, Debit Cards, Master Cards, and Credit Cards, but in case they don’t work, you must have cash.

Local stores, hotels, restaurants, and shops do not accept anything other than cash. However, some stores and places might have scanners or mobile payments. As a tourist, you do not have access to mobile payments and banking. Even for taxis, permits, and cards to enter the famous UNESCO sites in Nepal, you must pay with cash.

Money Exchange in Kathmandu Airport

How to exchange money in Kathmandu

If you have just arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal, and only have cash (foreign currency) with you. Then you must exchange it with Nepali currency. In case you want instant money exchange in Kathmandu and hassle-free in the Tribhuvan International Airport itself then you will find a Money exchange company there. There are two money exchanges in Kathmandu inside the airport area. However, the companies and agencies inside the money exchange in Kathmandu airport may charge more commission than the other city areas.

If you only have dollars or other foreign currencies, you will be required to have Nepali Currency. But if you have some Nepali currency with you for the taxi fare to your hotel, you can exchange the money in the Thamel area or in Banks in Nepal.

Money Exchange charge in Kathmandu

The money exchange charge differs daily and according to the places and cities. The Nepal Rasta Bank (NRB) gives notice of daily foreign exchange rates. According to the NRB notice, the agencies charge their rate.

The normal money exchange rate in Kathmandu is Re.1 per dollar. So, it means that if you exchange $100 for it, you will be charged Rs.100. However, some agencies and companies may charge more than that. They may charge Rs.1.5 or even more. If you find such cases, then please do not exchange your money with those agencies. It will cost more in money exchange in Nepal airport.

As Nepal Rastra Bank has a fixed money exchange rate in Kathmandu so, the agencies must exchange the money according to it. But, if they fail to do so, then the Nepal Rastra Bank might consider them for any action.

Best money exchange in Kathmandu

You will find various money exchange companies in Kathmandu. As we have already mentioned you will also find money exchange inside the currency exchange in Kathmandu airport. Thamel is the major tourist spot in Kathmandu so you will find abundant money exchange in Thamel Kathmandu. You can also find money exchange in other tourist spots like the Durbar Square area.

The best money exchange to rely on is the Bank of Nepal. You must provide all the documents required by the banks, and it will be a little hassle. However, the local agencies will exchange your currency for Nepali currency instantly.

Some of the best Money Exchange in Kathmandu:

  • Alpine Money Exchange- Thamel, Kathmandu
  • Z Money Exchange- Thamel, Kathmandu
  • Annapurna Money Exchange- Thamel, Kathmandu

These best money exchanges in Kathmandu are open between 10:00-6:00 every day. So, you do not have to worry about the money exchange in Kathmandu. The agencies and the companies might charge some fees for foreign exchange and banks. Thankfully, there are some money exchange places in Lukla en route to EBC.

Money exchange rate in Kathmandu

The money exchange rate in Kathmandu differs every day. It is the rate at which foreign currencies are exchanged in the country. Nepal Rastra Bank is the official and main money exchange bank in Kathmandu and forex in Nepal. Nepal Rastra Bank provides the daily exchange rate at 10 am every day.

As of March 31st, 2024, the money exchange rate in Kathmandu is:

  • USD (US Dollar)- Rs.133.75
  • EUR (European Euro)- Rs. 144.31
  • GBP (UK Pound Sterling)- Rs. 168.69
  • AUD (Australian Dollar)- Rs.87.10
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar)- Rs.98.69

Money exchange in Thamel

Money exchange in Thamel Kathmandu is hassle-free and easy. As Thamel is the public hub for tourists, you will find many money exchanges in this area. At each step, you will find a money exchange in Thamel Kathmandu.

While exchanging money in Thamel, you must make sure that the company has a license for foreign currency exchange. The agency must be registered at Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) for money exchange. You can rely on those agencies and trust them.

You can get Nepali currency by direct money exchange or through the cards you carry. The services may be wired or wireless. The major currencies exchanged daily in large amounts are USD, EURO, YEN, and Indian Rupee.

Withdraw money from ATMs in Kathmandu.

ATM in Nepal
ATM in Nepal

ATMs in Nepal provide 24-hour service for money transactions. On every street, you will find an ATM. But you need to be careful of one thing. Before arriving in Nepal, you must inform your bank in your native country. You need to make sure that the bank has made certain changes to your card that will help you use it in the Kathmandu money exchange.

If you have not informed the bank, your card will probably not operate in Nepal. So please be careful to inform your bank to have a hassle-free ATM transaction. The major money exchange bank in Kathmandu, Nepal, will accept Visa, Master, and debit cards.

A visa card is mandatory while you are travelling in Nepal. But in each transaction, you can withdraw between Rs.10,000 to Rs. 30,000. It is $75 to $225.26.


You will find ATMs everywhere in Kathmandu. In every major street, there are ATMs of several banks. At the same time, you may not find ATMs in the local streets of Kathmandu. You will find various money exchanges in Ktm. The last ATM spot for Everest is Lukla, Langtang is Syabrubesi, and Manaslu is in Filim after Deng.


The ATMs in Kathmandu are open 24 hours a day. If you want to withdraw money from the ATMs in Kathmandu, you can just go and withdraw the amount you want to withdraw. But remember that bank charges will be taken for every transaction. As we have already mentioned, there is a limit to the amount of money you want to withdraw.


For each transaction, the money exchange bank in Kathmandu, Nepal, will charge around Rs.500 for the banking charge. It may differ according to the banks in Nepal. Some banks may charge even more than that. However, the standard bank charge for ATM transactions is RS.500.

Can you pay by card in Nepal?

Yes, you can pay by card in Nepal. In Nepal, you can pay through a Visa Card, Master Card, Credit Card, or even Debit Card. But you need to be careful of one thing. You must inform your bank in the country to apply certain changes to the card before arriving in Nepal. This will help you make payments in Nepal hassle-free.

Big hotels around Kathmandu will accept all types of cards for payments, but the small and local stores and places might prefer cash over cards.

Can I use my debit card in Nepal?

Yes, you can definitely use a debit card in Nepal. But to make sure your debit card works in Nepal, you must inform your bank. Only if the bank has changed the type of your card will you be able to use your debit card in Nepal. You can use your debit card for every type of payment if they accept it.

Is it safe to use credit cards in Nepal?

Yes, it is secure to use credit cards in Nepal. You can use credit cards to pay your hotel bills, shopping bills, and even permits, and many more. Just make sure that international transactions are ON from card settings. Mainly Visa Card, Master Card, and American Express are accepted in Nepal. The banks might charge around 3.5- 4% bank charges for swiping your credit cards.

Is a visa card available in Nepal?

A visa card works in Nepal, but you need to have your own one. Having your own visa is mandatory in Nepal. Ensure you have informed your bank about the Visa card where you are travelling and for how long you will stay there.


Should I exchange money before I travel to Kathmandu?

Well, it depends on you whether to exchange money before you travel to Kathmandu. If you have some Nepali currency with you before arriving, it’s totally fine. But if you don’t have any cash with you, it is also fine. Kathmandu International Airport is the gateway to Nepal for tourists.

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, has various money exchange agencies where you can easily exchange your currency. You can exchange your money through the help of agencies or by going directly to the bank. So, it is not mandatory to exchange the money before you travel to Kathmandu.

How much cash can I carry to Nepal?

The amount of money you want to carry differs according to your preference. It depends on where you want to stay and how long you want to stay. If you are considering trekking in Nepal, you must carry a good amount of money according to the trekking destination in Nepal. But if you just want to hang out in Kathmandu and some other cities in Nepal without having any tourists’ activities then you can carry less amount of money.

If you want to trek in Nepal then you need to carry around 1000 dollars or even more or less according to your expenses and living preferences. It does not include your ticket fare. If you want to travel to major tourist cities in Nepal then you can bring around $700 – $1000.

However, there is a limit on the amount of money you will carry while arriving in Nepal. The limit as per the government is $5000. You will not be able to carry more money than that. So, be careful with that.

Where can I exchange pounds in Nepal?

You can exchange pounds in the same place where you exchange dollars and other foreign currencies. The money exchange centres in Kathmandu exchange every kind of currency you want. The money exchange centers in Kathmandu open between 10-6 every day.

Can I get euros in Nepal?

It is the same process for euros. You can get Euros from the money exchange centers in Kathmandu. You can exchange Nepali Rupees for Euros according to the exchange rate in Nepal. You can get Euros from Nepali Rupees and Vice Versa.

Can I exchange dollars in Nepal?

Yes, you can exchange dollars in Nepal. You can exchange them in any money exchange centers in Kathmandu or any other major city. You can either go to normal money exchange centres in Kathmandu or Banks in Nepal. You can exchange dollar in Nepal as per the exchange rate in Nepal, which changes every day.

What currency do tourists use in Nepal?

Tourists in Nepal usually bring USD, CAD, Pounds, Euro, Indian Rupee, Yen, Yuan, Riyal, Dirham and much more. However, in Nepal, only Nepalese rupees are used. So, you must carry a Nepalese rupee while travelling to Nepal.

Is $100 a lot of money in Nepal?

No, $100 is not a large amount of money in Nepal. If we convert it to Nepalese currency, $100 equals Rs. 13,319.54. You will need daily expenses, hotel charges, taxi and vehicle fares, and food and meals charges. So, this way, you have to pay for each expense yourself. This way, $100 is not a lot of money in Nepal. You can live with $100 in Nepal for 3-4 days, with basic normal accommodation, basic food, and no extra expenses.

How do you exchange the UK dollar for Nepali?

To exchange the UK dollar for Nepali, you need to see the exchange rate given by the Nepal Rastra Bank and calculate accordingly.

As of March 31st 2024, the rate of the UK dollar is Rs.168.14.

So, if you want to exchange $100, that will be $100*168.14 = 16813.92

What is the foreign exchange policy In Nepal?

There are certain rules for the foreign exchange policy in Nepal.

– The money exchange centres in Kathmandu must have a license from Nepal Rastra Bank.

– The company have a tax-paying account.

– The currencies should not be exchanged at a rate other than the one the Nepal Rastra Bank gave.

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