Everything about the Manaslu base camp

Everything about the Manaslu base camp

Wandering in the peace and solitude of the mountain is the best feeling in the world. Manaslu, being Nepla’s most peaceful and versatile trekking route, makes for the best trekking experience for tourists. Located right next to Annapurna, Mount Manaslu, the eighth tallest mountain in the world, is itself a big blessing. And a Manaslu Base Camp Trek is an adventure of a lifetime. Also known as the Manaslu Circuit Trek, this trek is going to be the next sensational trek route in Nepal. 

The Manaslu Base Camp Trek takes travellers to the Gorkha District, which is around 160 km northwest of Kathmandu. This culturally infused area of the Manaslu, which has remained restricted until the beginning of the 21st century, is now a remote and rewarding trekking route in Nepal. And now, hiking along the gushing Budhi Gandaki River is a very unique and rewarding trekking experience in Nepal. The major highlight of the trip is to climb Larkya Pass, which is a very high pass at the height of 1500 meters. 

Why is Manaslu Base Camp Trek best?

  • Manaslu Base Camp Trek is a less travelled, very peaceful trekking trail of Nepal.
  • Cross Larke La Pass at 5125 meters, which is a very adventurous trekking pass
  • The peace and tranquillity of nature around Mount Manaslu at the height of 8,163 metres
  • Stunning views of mountains such as Manaslu, Annapurna, Ngadi Chuli, Himalchuli, Baudha, Pawar Peak, Cheo Himal, Himlung Pyramid, Gyaji Kung, Kang Garu and more. Most of them are above 7000 meters.  
  • Witness the culture of the tradition of Gurung, Tsum, and Nubri people in the higher mountain area. 
  • Stay in many local villages, learn Tibetan culture, and enjoy the traditional food of the Nepalese community. 

Things to see on Manaslu Base Camp

Birendra Tal Lake

Manaslu Circuit Trek Birendra Lake

Birendra Lake is a freshwater lake that was drained from the ice of Mount Manaslu. It lies on a route between Manaslu Base Camp and Samgoan. This pristine blue water lake spread over 3 km2 at the height of 4500m is very stunning. 

Pungyen Gompa (Around 4050m) 

On the 6th day of the Manaslu Base Camp itinerary here, we go from Shyala and Samagaon to visit the Pungyen Gompa. An amazing place to visit for a day. This isn’t just any trip. Pungyen Gompa, at 4050m, lies at the end of a big grassy road. Pungyen Gompa is surrounded by dramatic mountain beasts in all areas, and there will be very old Gompa in between. Further, this is a spiritually rewarding side trip. 

Rupina La Pass

Other than the Large La Pass, this is another trekking peak/ pass in the Manaslu region. This very challenging Rupina La Pass is close to the Boudha Himal Base Camp. However, this trip needs almost four additional days to the classic Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

Tibet border / Rui La, Nepal (4998m)

At almost 5000m lies a very interesting side trip of this journey. For this, you first go from Samdo towards the north. The Rui La border offers a view of the Hindu and Fukang glaciers. And the entire route to this border area is a treat to the eyes. There is just a border stone between these two lands, and there are prayer flags flapping everywhere. 

Kargyu-Pemba Chholing Gompa

Labrang (Lama’s Place) Gompa

Also, Manaslu TSUM Valley Trek is the diversion I need.

Manaslu base camp trek Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival and Trek Preparation 

 Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu Maccha kHola- 9 hours

Day 03: Trek to Jagat ( 5 hours)

Day 04: Trek to Dyang or Deng (6 hours)

Day 05: Trek to Namrung (5 to 6 hours trekking)

Day 06: Trek to Shyala village (4 hours trek)

Day 07: Trek to Sama Gaon (5 hours trek)

Day 08: Explore Manaslu Base Camp ( 4 to 5 hours)

Day 09: Trek to Samdo (5 to 6 hours trekking)

Day 10: Cross Larkya Phedi and hike to Dharmasala (5 to 6 hours trekking)

Day 11: Trek to Bimthang (8 hours trekking)

Day 12: Bimthang to Tilje Village (5 to 6 hours trekking)

Day 13: Dharpani to Kathmandu (9 hours ride)

Manaslu base camp elevation

Manaslu Base Camp’s height is Manaslu Base Camp, which lies at an altitude of 4800m. The summit of Manaslu is at a height of 8163M, and there are four camps between the base camp and the summit. Camp I is at 5600m, camp II at 6300M, Camp III is at 6900M, and the final Camp IIII is at 7300M above sea level. You will need a special climbing permit if you want to cross the base camp and climb higher. Up to Manaslu Base camp altitude, you will not need any such climbing permits. 

Manaslu base camp trek map

Manaslu base camp Map

The route for the Manaslu base camp trekking map is Maccha Khola- Jagat- Deng- Namrung- Sama Gaon- Manaslu Base Camp

Best time for Manaslu Trek

Since this is already a remote trekking region of Nepal, trekking in the off-season is not really recommended. Although some trekking agencies claim summer and winter treks in Manaus are doable, they might be very risky for travellers. The best months for the Manasulu base camp trek are September, October, and November. However, due to the crowd and the amazing views of the colourful forest, trekking in Spring for the months of March, April, and May is also favourable. In Autumn, you will see that the route is mostly for fellow trekkers, while in the Spring, you can meet mountain climbers. 

How hard is the Manaslu base camp trekking?

The Manaslu Base Camp Trek Itinerary is designed in a way so that beginners and intermediate-level climbers can easily complete the journey. However, this is one of the most adventurous and challenging trekking routes in Nepal. With the right kind of preparation, the trek is easily completed. Since you will be travelling around 5000 m in height, at some level, there might be some difficulty in breathing and bodily function due to the altitude. If you take enough rest and follow your guide’s directions, you will likely be safe and complete the journey. Himalayan masters have had 100% success on the Manaslu base camp trekking. 

Cost of Manaslu Base Camp Trek

Manaslu base camp trek is a journey to Nepal’s remote, restricted land. Meaning it will be a bit expensive but worth it. Manaslu Base Camp Trek ranges from $700 to $800 for travelling in large groups when you don’t have a travel package and travel with minimum expenditure. Travelling in a fully organised travel package with a guide and porter while also using private transportation will cost you about $1200. However, Himalayan masters have been able to organise a full Manaslu trekking package that costs about $995.  

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