Visit Bardiya National Park, A Lifetime Experience

Visit Bardiya National Park, A Lifetime Experience

Where is Bardiya national park located? The pristine area of the western region, the Bardiya National Park is one of the important conservation areas in Nepal. It is a special spot for many of the adventurous as well as educational activities both for Nepalese and foreigners. It is an amazing alternative destination to the Chitwan National Park.

Having a walk in the jungle looking for the wild beasts like tigers, elephants and rhinoceros do not only give you entertainment but also great solace. Visit the Breeding centers and Tharu Museum, bicycle tour around the village, jeep safari deep into the forest are some of the major things to do in Bardia national park Nepal. 

The followings are the main things to do in Bardiya National Park: 

1. Boating in the Karnali River

Two main rivers the Karnali and the Babai flow across the national park. Sailing along the river is the best way to watch different wildlife that walks along the beach. However, boating here is equally dangerous as you might encounter crocodiles suddenly. Be aware of them at the time of boating. 

2. Fishing in the rivers

Fishing in the rivers during your Bardiya visit is an interesting act. Golden Masheer or Goonch are popular fish. If you want to do fishing but have no equipment, you can rent the ones for about USD 10 per day. The permit is essential for fishing and the most interesting thing is that the fish you need to return the fish to the rivers after collecting. 

3. Tharu Cultural Museum

You can see the Tharu Cultural Museum near the main gate of the national park where different materials. There are equipment related to agriculture, clothing, and kitchen things that they use in the Tharu communities are on the display. In order to enter the museum, you require paying a little amount. 

4. Visit Breeding Centers

You can visit the crocodile breeding centers and elephant breeding centers during your stay in Bardia. You can enjoy the crocodiles with their tiny babies playing and sunbathing at the edge of the pond. 

The giant elephants and their little babies in the breeding area are a great place, especially for the kids. The breeding centers are a wonderful place for parents to educate their children about wildlife. The elephant breeding center is to the south of Bardiya National park which is similar to the one in the Chitwan National Park. 

5. Cycling and or walk around the village

Walking around some of the astonishing villages near the national park is amazing to experience. You require no entry fees for entering any village but if you prefer to have a guide for you, you will have to pay for the one. 

6. Rafting in the Karnali River

Wild Rafting in the Karnali River is one of the best adventurous activities during your Bardiya trip. As the river flows through the National park, there will be high possibilities of encountering a number of wildlife. You can stop at some of the spots to observe the wild animals and unique vegetation. But be aware of the dangerous crocodiles.  

7. Visit Unique Black Buck Sanctuary

The most endangered antelope of Nepal which we can only find in Bardiya National Park is well protected here. The Sanctuary is just outside the park. The Sanctuary’s only aim is to increase the population of endangered antelope. This protected area is nearly 35 kilometers south of Thakurdwara

8. Birds Watching 

Bardiya national park is home to varieties of birds. There are about 400 species of birds in the park. Some birds are seasonal migrants from Siberia. Due to the diverse kinds of birds, Bardiya is one of the popular locations for bird-watchers and bird lovers. 

Historical Facts Of Bardiya National Park

Bardiya National Park old name was ‘Naya Muluk’ meaning ‘New Country’. The reason for this is the historical fact that the area of this location was captured by the East India Company in Sugauli Treaty. Later, Nepal got this land back when Nepal supported the Indian Independence Movement in 1960. In 1969, nearly 368 sq. km area was set as Royal Hunting Reserve mainly for hunting purposes for the then royal family. It was officially renamed Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve. In 1984, the park was again renamed Royal Bardiya Wildlife Reserve including the Babai River valley. 

Since 1988, it was popular as the Royal Bardiya National Park. Today the word ‘royal’ is not there in the name. it was used as a gratitude to the royal family but after the overthrown of the king in 2063, the park is named only as ‘Bardiya National Park’. 

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