How To Get Kathmandu To Bardiya National Park

How To Get Kathmandu To Bardiya National Park

Bardiya National Park is one of the most peaceful and beautiful conservation areas in the western region of Nepal. It is the largest and undisturbed National Park in Nepal’s Terai, occupying 968 square kilometres bordering the Karnali River in the west and Churiya hills in the North. We will explore how to get kathmandu to Bardiya National Park.

In 1988, the area was declared Royal Bardiya National Park, probably for the then royal family. At that time, the royal members, especially the kings, were fond of hunting. This park provides a great experience to its visitors, probably more astonishing than the Chitwan National Park.

Exploration of extinct and endangered wildlife like the Royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, and many other mammals and reptiles make your trip more amazing than planning the trek in the Everest or Annapurna regionBardiya National Park offers multiple opportunities. Some of them include elephant rides, jeep safari, rafting, bird watching, and fishing in the Karnali and the Babai Rivers. So, let’s learn how to get kathmandu to Bardia National Park.

How To Travel From Kathmandu To Bardia National Park?

Bardiya National Park is located in western Nepal’s Bardiya district, which is nearly 383 kilometres away from the capital, Kathmandu. Airways and roadways are possible for how to get kathmandu to Bardiya National Park, but the distance depends on the visitors’ time, budget, and interest.

1. Airway And Then Drive

Flight 50 minutes and then 3 hrs drive.

Taking a Nepalgunj flight from Kathmandu airport is the easiest way to reach Nepalgunj, which is the gateway to Bardiya National Park. The park is just about 87 kilometres away from Nepalgunj. Thus, we recommend you take a 3-hour drive from Nepalgunj once you land at Nepalgunj airport. About an hour’s flight and then 3 hour drive on a luxury private car or the jeep is an amazing experience.

If you fly, try to get a window seat so that you can enjoy panoramic views of the natural forest and the Himalayas. We suggest you stay overnight in the town of Thakurdwara, the headquarters of Bardiya district. The locals provide you with accommodation with all the basic requirements, but it might not be as luxurious as the ones in Pokhara Accommodation.

2. Roadways

Time: 10+ hours

Although it is a long and tiring journey of about 10 hours, it is more adventurous and exciting as it offers panoramic views of diverse landscapes, snow-capped mountains, beautiful forests, rivers, and valleys. It is quite rare to find luxury tourist buses like in the Pokhara tour or Chitwan Visit, but the local/public buses in recent days are not less comfortable.

You might get obsessed with the loud Nepali or Hindi music on the buses, but they easily stop it or play it if you request it. The road passes along the Prithivi Highway, the same road that connects Kathmandu to Pokhara.

Then, it turns to Terai from Muglin via Narayangadh/Butwal. You will experience several towns and rural villages of southern Nepal until you reach the final destination, Bardiya National Park.

How To Travel From Pokhara To Bardiya National Park?

Bardiya National Park is about 238 kilometres from Pokhara, the second-biggest city in Nepal and a tourist hub. Travelling to Bardiya is comparatively tougher than travelling to Chitwan from Pokhara or Kathmandu.

Flight: Pokhara-Kathmandu-Nepalgunj (30 min. + 50 min.)

You cannot have a direct flight from Pokhara to Bardiya. If you prefer to fly, you should take the flight to Kathmandu and then take the Nepalgunj flight. Although it is more expensive if you require a double flight, it is mostly recommended. Reaching Nepalgunj in just one and a half hours saves much of your time, so you can spend long hours in Bardiya exploring the national park.


Time: 10+ hours 

Travelling from Pokhara to Bardiya by bus is nearly a 10 to 13-hour drive, but it is budget-friendly and far cheaper than the flight. However, we recommend taking the flight to our clients as it saves a lot of time that can be utilized to explore the national park. 

The buses might not be as comfortable as those on the Kathmandu-Pokhara or Kathmandu-Chitwan route. However, a few buses leave for Nepalgunj every day from Pokhara. You travel through Tansen and Butwal and finally reach Nepalgunj. From there, you need to take another bus to Thakurdwara, Bardiya. 

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