How To Get From Kathmandu To Lumbini?

How To Get From Kathmandu To Lumbini?

Lumbini is one of the world’s most amazingly peaceful and spiritual sites. It is located in western Terai of Nepal and has 25 Buddhist monasteries built by different countries. This is the sacred place where Siddhartha Gautam was born in 623 BC and later was enlightened and became Lord Buddha. This blog will let you know how to get from Kathmandu to Lumbini. Some of the attractions of this holy land include:

  • Mayadevi Temple was built in the 3rd century
  •  Dozens of Buddhist monasteries and stupas
  •  Visit World Peace Flame and World Peace Stupa
  •  Ashoka Pillar was built in 249 BC
  •  Popular Lumbini Museum

The world today is almost filled with people following Buddhist philosophy; Buddhism. Thus, the flow of visitors to Lumbini from different corners of the world is rapidly increasing. Exploring the facts of Buddha and Buddhism, meditation, and visiting the birthplace of Buddha within the holy Mayadevi Gardens are the major attractions of your Nepal Visit.

How To Travel From Kathmandu To Lumbini?

The distance from Kathmandu to Lumbini is about 250 kilometres. You have three different options for an amazing trip to this holy land: taking a flight with a short drive, hiring a private car, or using a tourist/local bus, depending upon your time, budget, and interest.

How to get Kathmandu to Lumbini
The birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini.

Flight From Kathmandu To Lumbini

Flight: 35 min. Drive: 1 hour (22 km)

Despite having extended territory, Lumbini needs an airport. Travellers wishing to take a flight are required to take the Kathmandu-Bhairahawa flight and then drive about an hour to reach Lumbini. The Bhairahawa airport at Siddharthanagar is being upgraded as the second international airport in Nepal. The government of Nepal has recently renamed this airport Gautam Buddha Airport, honouring Lord Buddha. 

A nearly 35-minute flight from Tribhuvan International Airport takes you to Gautam Buddha Airport at Siddharthanagar, which is about 22 kilometres away from Lumbini. Upon landing at the Siddharthanagar airport, a private car will pick you up for Lumbini. If you are an independent traveller, you can also take a public bus, which is significantly cheaper.

Drive From Kathmandu To Lumbini (Private Car/Tourist Bus)

Time: 7 hrs. Distance: 250 km

If there is no timing issue, planning the journey by a luxury tourist bus with air conditioning is a great experience. Make a special request to your seat partner to let you sit at the window so that you can cherish the astonishing landscapes along the Prithivi Highway.

The greenery around the Trisuli River, flowing almost parallel to the highway, adds extra charm to the 7/8 hours-long journey, making you feel that time is flying in no time.  

Hiring a private car is another excellent way to travel. Although it is quite expensive, it is the best option because you can begin your trip at your convenience and stop as many times as you want.

Drive From Kathmandu To Lumbini (Normal Bus)

A few buses leave for Lumbini every day from Balaju Buspark. Travellers, especially independent ones with lower budgets, prefer to use these vehicles. They are comparatively cheaper but not as comfortable as tourist buses.

They might take a little longer to reach the destination as they stop many times to receive and drop passengers off. Himalayan-Masters always recommends private cars or domestic flights for its clients as they are faster, safer, and more convenient.

Past Glories Of The Lumbini

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, has global significance. This place explores the glorious facts of 2500 years ago when queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam, who later became famous worldwide as ‘Buddha’. The ‘Bodhi’ tree is one of the attractions related to the birth of Siddhartha Gautam.

Buddhism claims that Mayadevi grasped a tree branch while giving birth to Siddhartha. This holy site is believed to have been forgotten and ignored for a long time and was rediscovered in the 19th century. In the identification process, the written description of medieval Chinese pilgrimage and the inscription found on two-thousand-year-old sandstone pillars were compared.

What Can You Expect In Lumbini?

The widely stretched arena of Lumbini is one of the important religious sites enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It’s an amazing land with dozens of monasteries built by different countries in the world. It is more interesting that the countries have used national styles to build monasteries.

The Mayadevi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, ancient bathing pond, and the sacred Bodhi tree are the major attractions of Lumbini.

How to get Kathmandu to Lumbini
Lumbini listed in UNESCO heritage site.

Best Time To Visit Lumbini

Lumbini allows visitors to visit its territory throughout the year. However, the cool winter months are a better time as it lies in the lowlands of Terai. Spring and autumn seasons also attract thousands of domestic and international tourists. Comparatively fewer visitors choose this site during the month with hot weather as it becomes quite hot.

4 Days Itinerary For Lumbini Visit

The five-day Lumbini tour is suitable for cultural and religious enthusiasts who wish to explore peaceful and amazingly spiritual sites in Nepal’s southern plain.

Overall Glance of the Itinerary

  • Day 1: Welcome to Nepal
  •  Day 2: Drive to Lumbini or Fly to Gautam Buddha Airport and drive to Lumbini
  •  Day 3: Explore Lumbini
  •  Day 4: Drive back to Kathmandu
  •  Day 5: Depart from Nepal

Day 1: Welcome to Nepal

Upon landing at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the representative of Himalayan Masters will receive you and take you to one of the luxurious hotels in a private car.

In the late afternoon, there will be a pre-trip meeting at the hotel or in our office to finalize our trip plan. The guide will also be introduced. The guide and other experts will answer many of your queries regarding the trip.

Remember to carry your passport, three copies of passport-size photos, and a copy of your travel insurance policy before attending the meeting.

Overnight at a Five Star Hotel

Day 2: Drive to Lumbini or Fly to Gautam Buddha Airport and drive to Lumbini

The distance from Kathmandu to Lumbini is about 250 kilometres. You can choose either the flight or the bus travel. See how to travel from Kathmandu to the Lumbini section for detailed information. 

Overnight at one of the best hotels

Day 3: Explore Lumbini

The following are the major stations to visit.

  • Temples built in the 3rd century
  •  Dozens of Buddhist monasteries and stupas
  •  Visit World Peace Flame and World Peace Stupa
  •  Ashoka Pillar was built in 249 BC
  •  Popular Lumbini Museum
  •  Overnight at one of the fine hotels
How to get Kathmandu to Lumbini
Statutes of Buddha in random stores.

Day 4: Drive back to Kathmandu

If you want to take the flight, drive to Bhairahawa Airport at Siddharthanagar and then take a flight. A direct bus from Lumbini to Kathmandu is also possible. Travellers organizing the tour with Himalayan Masters need not worry about finding and managing the vehicles; our guide will manage everything for our organized clients.

Day 5: Depart Nepal

It is the final day of your trip and the day you leave Nepal. Manage all your things in the hotel and check out in time for the plane. It is best to reach the airport at least three hours before the scheduled flight time. 

The representative of Himalayan Masters will come to the airport to say goodbye. Have an amazing and safe flight home. If you are dissatisfied with our services, please write to us so that we can improve in the days to come. If you are satisfied, recommend our services to many of your friends and relatives.

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