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Resham Firiri Song Lyrics And English Meaning

Resham Firiri Song Lyrics And English Meaning

Facts About This Song

  • Composer: Buddhi Pariyar
  • Original Singers: Sundar Shrestha and Dwarika Lal Joshi
  • Language: Nepali
  • Released: 1969/70
  • Genre: Folk
  • Length: 5:28 minutes

Resham Firiri is the popular Nepali folk song familiar to almost every Nepalese throughout the country. In recent days, its popularity has crossed national boundaries all over the world. Resham Firiri’s song is also famous for trekking. This article will explore many facts about this famous song along with its lyrics, English translation, and explanation helping you to enjoy, entertain and understand.

In Nepali (नेपालीमा)

रेशम  फिरिरी रेशम  फिरिरी
उडेर जाउँ कि डाँडामा भन्ज्यांग,
रेशम  फिरिरी
कुकुरलाई कुती कुती, बिरालोलाई सुरी
तिम्रो हाम्रो माया प्रिती दोबाटोमा कुरी
एकनाले बन्दुक  दुइनाले बन्दुक, मिर्गलाई ताकेको
मिर्गलाई मैले ताकेको होइन, मायालाई डाकेको
आकाशमा जहाज  सडकमा मोटर नभए गाडा छ
यो मन जस्तो त्यो मन भए तागत गाढा छ
सानोमा सानो गाईको बाच्छो भिरैमा राम  राम
छोडेर जान सकिन मैले, बरु माया संगै जाउँ

Lyrics In English

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udera jaunkee dandaa ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Kukurali kuti kuti biralolai suri
Timro hamro Maya pirti dobatoma kuri
Resham firiri resham firiri, udera jaunkee danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Ek nale banduk, dui nale banduk, mirga lai takeko
Mirga lai mailey takeko hoina maya lai dakey ko
Resham firiri resham firiri, udera jaunkee danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Aakashma jahaz, sadakma motor nabhaye gaada chha
Yo manma jasto tyo manma vaya tagatai gada chha
Resham firiri resham firiri, udera jaunkee danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Saano ma saano gaai ko bachho bhirai ma Ram Ram
Chhodera jaana sakina maile, baru maya sanghai jaam
Resham firiri resham firiri, udera jaunkee danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Vocabulary And Meanings

Resham: Silk-like material, soft and smooth
Firiri: An expression used at the time when something is fluttering in the wind like a child’s paper fan in the air making the child happy.
Udera: Flying
Jaunki: Go, travel
Daanda: Hill
Ma: On (preposition)
Bhanjyang: Pleteau like a land
Kukura: Dog
Kuti: Another name to the dog. Also used while calling the dog.
Biralo: Cat
Suri: Another name to the cat. Also used to indicate cat.
Timro: Your
Hamro: Our
Mayapirti: Love and affection
Dobato: Junction, crossroads
Kuri: Waiting
Eknale banduk: Single barreled gun
Duinale banduk: Double-barreled gun
Mirga: Deer
Maile: I
Takeko: Target
Haina: No
Maya: Love
Dakeko: Call, invitation
Aakash: Sky
Jahaz: Aeroplane
Sadak: Road
Motor: Vehicle
Navaya: Unless
Gaada: Cart
Yo: This
Man: Heart
Jasto: Alike
Tyo: That
Vaya: If there is…
Tagat: Energy
Gaadha: Abundance
Saano: Little
Gaaiko: Cow’s
Baachho: Calf
Bhir: Precipice, Steep land usually dangerous
Ram Ram: Expression of loss, used usually at the time when something important is lost or damaged.
Chhodera: Leaving, break up
Jaana: Leave, going away
Sakina: Cannot
Mailey: I
Baru: Instead
Sangai: Together with, along with
Jaam: Let’s go

English Translation Of The Lyrics

This beautiful lyrical song is the voice of a passionate lover trying to woo his beloved to be together. Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, or Wordsworth’s theme of love is clearly expressed in this lyric. It is closely related to Shakespeare’s love sonnet. The translated version of the Resham Firiri song available on Wikipedia sounds not as beautiful as in the original Nepali version though I am pretty sure it helps you to understand the gist and figure out the summary of the text.

The version posted in Wikipedia is presented below. My heart is fluttering like silk in the wind I cannot decide whether to fly or sit on the hilltop To the dog-it’s puppy, puppy, to the cat-its meow meow Our love is waiting at the crossroads One-barrelled gun, two-barrelled gun, targeted at a deer It’s not the deer I am aiming at, but at my beloved calling her. Airplane in the sky, motor on the roads, if not then bullock cart If your heart feels the same as mine then come The small baby calf is in danger at the precipice I couldn’t leave; let’s go together, my love.

Reasons Behind Its Popularity

The song Resham Firiri has been popular in every nook and corner of the world whether it is Nepalese or any person having an interest in Nepal. One of the reasons for its popularity is the simple lyrics talking about the typical Nepali culture and lifestyle. The music is so appealing that it unknowingly grabs anyone’s attention. The music produced by the Nepali traditional instruments like Sarangi (violin-like musical instrument), Basuri (Nepali flute), and madal (kind of Nepali drum) is the center of attraction for the people around the world.

Another reason this song is famous worldwide is the remix versions especially created by the Nepali trekking guides to entertain the guests. Some of the examples are given below.

Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri
Tourist monkey, Nepali donkey
Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri

Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri

Sometimes trekking, sometimes rafting
Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri
Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri
I am a donkey, you are a monkey
Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri

Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri
Sometimes drinking, sometimes singing
Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri

Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri
Ascending uphill, beautiful Poonhill
Resham Firiri, Resham Firiri

The Gandarba men(a tribe of Nepal) strolling on the Thamel streets singing Resham Firiri carrying sarangi draw the attention of hundreds of foreigners around the world who have become the important agents to spread its popularity. Today, there are nearly a dozen versions of this song around the world. The performance staged at Germany’s Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Germany-Nepal diplomatic relations 2018 is really a remarkable event performed by the 17 musicians from Germany and 30 Nepali musicians. likewise, other songs, this song is very popular among many trekkers.

The original version of Resham Firiri is probably recorded in the voices of Sundar Shrestha and Dwarika Lal Joshi. It was supposed to be recorded on Radio Nepal, Nepal’s first radio station in 1969/70.

The followings are some other links where you can find different versions of the song Resham Firiri.


Himalayan-masters greatly acknowledged many of the websites that provided me with enough information to complete this article. I would like to thank all those individuals who posted their valuable ideas about one of our popular folk songs Resham Firiri. moreover, I feel sorry for not being able to mention the names of people. However, I am always thankful to you all. Our best trip includes Manaslu Circuit Trek and Everest View Trek.

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