What Can Be the Best Time To Do Mardi Himal Trek?

best time to do mardi himal trek

Best Time

  • Spring: March, April and May
  • Autumn: September, October and November
  • Mild
  • Monsoon: Jun, July and
  • August

Harsh Time

  • Winter: December and January

Mardi Himal Base Camp trail remains open throughout the year. The visitors can choose any time of the year to do the trek along this route. However, it does not mean that the weather becomes favorable all the time. It is obvious that the weather in the Himalayas is hardly predictive that, it keeps changing hourly. The trekkers are supposed to have complete knowledge about the changing nature of the Himalayan climate and must be prepared accordingly.

Normally, Nepal experiences four seasons within a year – spring, autumn, summer, and winter.

Spring and autumn are considered to be the best seasons for the Himalayan trek, whereas summer and winter are less preferred seasons. However, there are a number of advantages of trekking in these (usually called) off-seasons. In recent days, the number of trekkers longing to trek during especially winter is significantly increasing.

March, April, and May months fall under the spring season. The trail in these months offers you the panorama of blooming rhododendron. The weather is warm and pleasant. The sky is clear and you can witness clear views of the mountains. Normal t-shirts and shorts are enough to hike during the day on the lower elevations.

The autumn season which refers to September to November is the festive month in Nepal. Since the major festivals of Nepal fall in these months, the trekkers and visitors will get the opportunity to be familiar with lots of cultural, social, and religious experiences.

Planning A Trip

Planning a Nepal trip during the festive atmosphere is like killing two birds with one stone. You can have lots of cultural and religious understanding while trekking through beautiful local villages. Sometimes celebrating the festivals along with the locals and getting involved in many social and religious events give you heartfelt satisfaction and pleasure.

The summer season is also known as monsoon or rainy has its own unique advantages of trekking through the Mardi Himal Base Camp trail. As Bob Marley says “Some people feel the rain. others just get wet”. There are some people who are afraid of getting wet but there are lots of people who feel and enjoy the rain.

I have met many youths along this trail spending weeks walking on the Himalayan trails stretching their arms and letting the drops of rain kiss on their cheeks. When I asked, they replied they were in paradise. It is not unusual getting the trails muddy and slippery in monsoon season.

The leeches and the bugs climbing over your legs might be a disgusting experience. However, the adventure without challenges does not make you an adventurer.

December and January are the coldest months of the year. These winter months are also considered as the harsh time for the Himalayan trek as there is a high possibility of avalanches in different parts of the trail, especially in the higher elevations. And it is also the time the mountain views are amazingly beautiful because of frequent snowfall.

Some of the very high altitude trails get closed during these months but since the Mardi Himal base camp trek comes under moderate level, it remains open throughout the year. Although there are challenges, planning the trip with fully equipped trekking gear and following the precautions carefully helps you to complete your trip successfully.


Furthermore, the trails will have fewer trekkers, especially during monsoon and winter. So, you have abundant opportunities of enjoying each and every station as long as you wish. Most importantly the teahouses will probably offer you the best hospitality and service at a cost that is cheaper than your expectation.

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