Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty in Rainbow valley Facts

Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty in Rainbow valley Facts

Mount Everest, known as the highest peak, has fascinated courageous mountaineers for many years. Among the numerous legends attached to this impressive mountain peak, one story stands out above the rest. This one is the story of Francys Arsentiev, whose other nickname is “Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty.” Her story is bittersweet and heroic, representing the struggles and risks of conquering Everest.

Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty
Climbers climbing Mount Everest.

Francys Arsentiev Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty is a story of determination and misfortune that happened on Everest. She began her journey in May 1998 with an ambition to climb to the top of the mountain and realize her dream. However, her ascent was more of a nightmare, and the tragedy that followed left her no choice but to pay with her life. Despite the attempts of other climbers to save her, Arsentiev unluckily died on the mountain, leaving a history of courage and strength as a legacy. 

Who is the sleeping beauty on Mount Everest?

For our mountain, Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty, Francys Arsentiev, an American climber, will be remembered as long as ever because she died on her way down to the peak of Everest in May 1998. The name Francys was given to her because her adventurous spirit was exemplified by the tragic event of being discovered in a frozen cave in an early north-pole expedition.

Her story impacted the world, gaining popularity as she was the first American woman to reach the top of Everest without any supplemental oxygen, which is a significant success in this world. She experienced such severe tiredness and got separated from her husband during the descend. Hence, she lost her life. The very nature of the summit leaves even the most experienced mountaineers with the evidence that Everest is a land of unpredictable dangers and surprises.

From a personal perspective, the story of Francys Arsentiev is the inner life of a disaster and true success. The fact that she ascended to the summit without an oxygen cylinder stripped away all the samples in front of her and that there was no artificial assistance showed she was a true climber. However, the fall and death of the main character during the ascent illustrate the dangers of climbing Mount Everest at high altitudes. Her memory did not fade away but symbolized a courageous feat: those who succeeded against the unbearable suffering.

Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty story

The sleeping beauty of Mount Everest Francys Arsentiev is an American adventurer whose biggest dream is to step up towards the highest peak in the world. The Mount Everest sleeping beauty story starts here, with her on Mount Everest. Francys and her husband Sergei Arsentiev chose to climb Everest from Tibet that spring. They began their journey with the determination and eagerness to make their dream a reality, which was a common goal. The trek kick-started in May, the start of the year, right in the middle of the harshness and the high peaks of the Himalayas.


Although the way up was more difficult than EBC, Francys and Sergei had to cope with dangerous routes, critical weather conditions and altitude. Be it the difficult moments, they climbed the hill bit by bit. On May 22 of the same year, following a few complicated routes, Francys reached the world’s top. Having reached the top without supplemental oxygen, Francys became the first American woman to ascend. Their ascent was met with limited success since frostbite and exhaustion became the consequences of their climb up the mountain during the descent.

The two simple people faced a large problem when they descended from the mountain. Francys got separated, and she was alone in a harsh environment. The struggle to make it in the harsh environment of freezing temperatures and snow almost cost her her life during the time that she almost died in the cave. Later, some people took her to a hospital and tried to help, but she was so exhausted and froze. Unfortunately, Francys passed away. Her struggle, however, had come to an end. The iconic, striking image of Francys lying down in the snow cave earned her the nickname “The Sleeping Beauty of Mount Everest”, a sadly symbolic representation of the real dangers inherent in high-altitude mountain climbing.

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The journey that was filled with great expectations and enthusiasm at its onset turned into a shocking tragedy on May 24 as Unfortunate Francys left this life while fighting an extreme death on the ice-cold slopes of Everest. She is a role model and a message for climbers worldwide as a reminder of the sacrifices and risks of reaching for our dreams.

How did the name of Mount Everest’s sleeping beauty’s dead body come about?

The name “Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty” was given to Francys Arsentiev due to the heartbreaking and disturbing events that surrounded her death on the highest mountain in the world. The US climber Francys passed during a Mount Everest expedition on May 24, 1998. She was endeavouring to become the first American female who would stand at the peak without the help of oxygen.

While on her way, Francys and her husband, Sergei Arsentiev, encountered harsh weather. They were separated, and Francys spent the night at an altitude of over 8,000 meters (26,000 feet) with biting elements. The other climbers who tried to rescue her could not save her, and she died on the mountain.

The nickname “Sleeping Beauty” was given by the climbers who found Francy’s lifeless body sleeping in the cold, frozen to death. A Mount Everest sleeping beauty picture of her body wearing climbing gear and appearing deep asleep triggered many to call her name. Francys Arsentiev’s story reminds us of the risks of Mount Everest and high-altitude climbing.

Pictures of sleeping beauty on Mount Everest

Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty
Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty Photo

How did Sleeping Beauty die on Mount Everest?

Unfortunately, Francys Arsentiev, nicknamed The Sleeping Beauty Mount Everest, didn’t make it home after descending from Mount Everest on May 23, 1998. They were part of a mission to reach the world’s highest point. During the downhill, Francys and her spouse, Sergei Arsentiev, faced a harsh condition—a raging snowstorm. They were separated with difficulty, yet several mountaineers tried to find her in the mountain for a couple of days.

Climbers were not able to find the Francys Arsentiev’s body until 2007. It was clear to us that on her way down. She had tumbled onto a steep and icy coup known as the ‘Second Step’, and she had remained there exposed to the extreme temperatures, which might have caused her death. The real cause of her death has never been known for sure.

Her last words were, “Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me alone, please.”

Sleeping Beauty Everest face photo

Some images of the sleeping beauty of Everest were captured by the climbers while they were on their way to the summit. The photos that got popular in the later days were taken during the “Tao of Everest” campaign led by Ian Woodall and Cathy O’Dowd. Her photos when surfed on Internet got popular as an “Everest Sleeping Beauty”. Her faded purple jacket, black trousers, and brown boots are used to recognize the image on the internet. With her hands folded and her body lying peacefully, her Woman Everest body face appears as if she has been in peaceful sleep. 

Who removed the sleeping beauty body from Everest?

Francis Arsentiev aka “Sleeping Beauty of Mount Everest” body was rescued in 2007 as a part of the campaign “Tao of Everest”. This campaign was led by Cathy O’Dowd and her husband Ian Woodall in 2007. 

Other dead bodies such as Green Boots, and David Sharp were also removed and got their final burial as a part of this campaign. 

The story behind this campaign is quite inspirational. Back in May 1998 Woodall and Cathy O’Dowd were in Mount Everest for their second life (First climbed in 1996). They met Francys Arsentiev on the way up when she was half-conscious, almost dead, and unable to move independently. The couple, showing a heroic gesture, stopped their climb and then tried to help Francys. But due to her extreme condition and bad weather, they had to leave Francys on the mountain and walk downwards. But the couple were always hunted by not being able to help Francy at that time. Later Ian Woodall led a project to recover her body. 

About her husband and son

Francys Arsentiev’s husband, Sergei Arsentiev, was also a competent climber who had the same enthusiasm for mountaineering as she did. He was Russain-born and climbed at least some significant mountains, such as those in the Pamirs and Tien Shan ranges. Sergei and his wife, Francys, became familiar and hit up a romance while climbing on Annapurna I. In due course, they wed, and their son was Paul.

Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty
Photo of Francys Arsentiev with her husband.

Sergei was along with Francys on their naive Mount Everest climb in 1998. Once they separated, the fortunate one (Sergei) was the only one who made it to the camp. He was found dead in 1999. He looked for his Francys; the more he tried to search her, the more he failed.

Besides, he has tried to ascend Kanchenjunga (the third-highest peak in the world) without using artificial oxygen. Paul Arsentiev was only a child when his parents passed away in the very mountains they had comprised.

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Is Sleeping Beauty still on Mount Everest?

The sleeping beauty of Mount Everest was buried on Everest. It is far off from the main route, without any camera. She was discovered in 2007 by a group of climbers led by Ian Woodall and Conrad Anker. They were on the recovery mission to retrieve her body. They moved her body to the spot it had been found, turning off her sleep on the mountain. The flag of the United States was spread over her body, and she was honoured for her courage. She was brought down to deep, deep. She was buried there.

What were Francys Arsentiev’s dreams, and why did she become Mount Everest’s Sleeping Beauty?

Francys Arsentiev, an American mountaineer, was fatally harmed during her descent from Mt. Everest in 1998. She was given the nickname “Mount Everest Sleeping Beauty” because her dead body was found in a gap next to the mountain with her lying as if asleep.

What was the Rainbow Valley for Francys Arsentiev during her ascent to Mount Everest?

Rainbow Valley was Mt Everest, where Francys Arsentiev and her husband, Sergei, were stuck during the descent from the summit. One of them returned, and Francys was too exhausted to set off. Sergei tried to rescue her, but it was too late. Finally, the sleeping beauty of Mount Everest was taken to Rainbow Valley. There she laid her head down and fell asleep.

Where is the sleeping beauty Mount Everest Rainbow Valley in Everest?

The Rainbow Valley, also known as Rainbow Ridge. It lies on the northern slopes of Mount Everest, near the infamous feature known as the “Second Step.” Rainbow Valley is a part of the treacherous climb up the mountain. The name is for the colourful display of climbing gear and clothing left behind by climbers over the years. It creates a haunting yet beautiful scene amidst the harsh environment of Everest.

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