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Best Time To Do Khopra Ridge Trek

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The trekking routes in the Annapurna region are open throughout the year. Very few of the sections in some routes especially in higher elevation are temporarily halted at the time of dreadful avalanches. The rest of the trekking trails in this region are mostly easy and moderate.

Basically, we have three types of time that need to be considered while going for the Himalayan trek or any trip in Nepal. The spring and autumn are taken as the best time to visit Nepal, particularly the Himalayan trek whereas summer and winter are considered to be mild and harsh times respectively.

September to November and March to May are given due consideration for the amazing and purposeful hike in almost all the Himalayan treks. Crystal clear views, warm days, and the beautiful rhododendron flowers embellishing the wide extending forest along the trail make the journey a really pleasant experience in the spring season (March, April, and May).

Spring, known as the king of the seasons, is the window of opportunity to make a Nepal trip, Clear mornings, stunning mountain views, a warm climate, and a low amount of precipitation during the spring and autumn seasons are the major factors that millions of tourists favor this time for hiking in Nepal’s Himalayas.

festivals in Nepal. The two major festivals like Dashain and Tihar fall in this season. Almost all Nepalese observe these festivals with great enthusiasm which can be an excellent chance for the foreigners to learn Nepali cultural aspects and entertain along with the locals.

Jun, July, and August are rainy months of the year. This season is comparatively less preferred for the Himalayan treks. Even so, there is usually less rain in the higher elevation. Slippery trails and leeches are the blips of these months but a little precaution like carrying a slicker, trekking poles make you feel safe. Putting a little amount of salt is a great idea to remove the leeches from your skin.

Planning Your Trek In Khopra Ridge Trek

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Some travelers are afraid of the leeches but there is nothing to worry about as they do not transfer any diseases. Another less favored season for the Himalayan trek is winter though the mountain views during this season are incredible. The number of trekkers choosing the winter season for the Himalayan trek is significantly increasing in recent days.

The wonderful views of the mountains, less crowd along the trail, availability of standard teahouses probably at low cost are some of the reasons behind it. The chance of heavy snowfall, freezing temperature for weeks, sudden change in the climate is the key issues during December, January, and the beginning of February.

which can be resolved by having the proper preparation of the trip with high-quality trekking gear and an experienced guide. The Best, Mild, and Harsh time of the year for trekking have their own unique merits and demerits. The tips given below are believed to be highly significant for you to decide the right time for your successful Himalayan trip.


Spring: March, April, and May                                   

Autumn: September, October, and November


  • Crystal clear views of the mountain
  • Clear landscape views
  • Beautiful scene of blooming rhododendron
  • Warm and pleasant weather
  • Chance of encountering with the trekkers around the world


  • Most evenings and mornings are freezing condition over 4000 meter
  • Might be crowd on the trail
  • Need to plan/book the trip/guide/porter/accommodation in advance
  • Trekking in lower altitude might cause hot and sweat


Monsoon: Jun, July, and August


  • Great time for monsoon lovers
  • Less crowded trail
  • Can choose the best teahouse probably in low cost
  • Clear views after the rain
  • Chance to encounter unique flora and fauna


  • Bugs and leeches on the trail
  • Slippery and muddy trail
  • Rain
  • Mountains hide in cloud
  • Need to carry waterproof clothes and trench coat


 Winter: December and January


  • Crowd free trail
  • Can choose the best teahouse probably in low cost
  • Clear views of snow capped mountains


  • Slippery trail
  • Heavy snow fall
  • Require more equipments
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