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Visiting the wonderland of Langtang might be the best holiday you have ever had. The breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, unique landscape, rich bio-diversity within the Langtang National Park, and the century-old culture of Langtang valley are something you get to explore in a single visit. However, the trek to the remote land of Langtang valley also needs a lot of preparation. And as a foreigner, one of the most hectic things you have to do is collect the Langtang trek permits. So, our team at Himalayan master is here to make this process easier.

Here, we write about where and how to get a Langtang trek permit. This permit is compulsory for all foreigners (including people of the SAARC country). You will be asked to get the permit at many checkpoints throughout the trekking route. The Langtang valley trek permit, Tamang heritage trek permit, Gosaikunda Trek permit, Helambu trek permit, and Helambu-Langtang Trek permit are all listed here.

Nepalese Visa

Should we really be writing that you will need a Nepalese visa before you get these Langtang trek permits? Isn’t that obvious?

All foreigners (other than Indians) need to issue Nepalese Travel visas. Trekkers of most countries (with some exceptions) can issue Nepal visas on arrival by filling out two forms. You need a passport with 6-month validity and a passport-size photo (bring many of them with you) to issue the Visa. The cost of a Nepalese visa is $30, $50, and $125 for 15, 30, and 90 days respectively. It’s free for children below 10 years and people of SAARC country. You can learn more about the Nepalese visa here. Other than the Nepal Travel Visa, you need two other permits for the Langtang trek.

Redd full Langtang Trek Cost

Langtang National Park Entry Permit

During the trek, we will be strolling in many areas of Langtang National Park. Langtang National Park was established in 1976 and covers an area of 1710m2. The team has been conserving wildlife like musk deer, Himalayan tahr/ black bear, red panda, snow leopard, serow, and over 250 bird species. This is among the most diverse national park in Nepal. 

The Cost of Langtang National Park Entry permit is NRP 3,000 + 13% VAT (about USD 32) for foreigners and NPR 1500 + 13% VAT (about USD 15) for people of SAARC country. No permit is needed for children below 10 years. It cost NRP 100 for the Nepalese. All trekkers need a Langtang National Park entry permit to get inside the premises. 

Note: The permit is the same for Langtang Gosaikunda Trek.

Where To Get This Permit?

If you will be staying in Kathmandu for a long time, you can get this Langtang trek permit from Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu. The easiest option is to get it at the entry point at Dhunche.

Where the money goes?

The Langtang Trek Permit for National Park has two purposes- first to keep the track of tourist movement in the national park and second for the maintenance of the National Park. This permit will somehow ensure your safety during emergencies such as earthquakes, landslides, etc. It maintains the rules and regulations as you are in the national park. Your Langtang permit price goes for a good cause. 

Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park Entry Permit

The classic Langtang valley trek commences from Syabrubesi, 122 km from Kathmandu. Trekking from Syabrubesi doesn’t require this permit. However, some trekkers take an alternative path via the Gosaikunda-Helambu route. If you are talking about this route then, you also need a Shivapuri National Park entry permit. This permit cost NPR 1,000 for foreigners, NRP 600 for SAARC citizens, and NPR 50 for the locals.

It’s free for the Childers below 10 yrs age. Just like the Langtang National Park permit, you can either get this permit from Tourism Board at Kathmandu or at the entry point in Shivapuri. 

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Langtang Local area permit 

This Langtang Trekking Permit for the local area was introduced as the replacement for the TIMS card. It was supposed to be issued by the local government of Langtang. However, our guide did inform us that Langtang Local area permit is not necessary at this moment. Even if you need the permit, it will be issued in the check post at Langtang and might cost $10 to $20. So, don’t worry about this permit right now. If we get any new information about this Langtang Trek permit, we will keep you posted.

Documents required for Langtang Trek Permit

When you get to the respective department for the permit, you will need an original passport, its photocopy, and two passport-sized photos for each permit. In total, you will need 6-8 photos and 4-5 photocopies of the passport. It’s easier if you get these from your home country. Also, do carry your visa while you go the issue the permit. Once you pay the bill and fill out the form given there, the permit will be issued within a few minutes for Langtang Trekking Permit. 

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Other information you might need

  • Starting and ending point/ dates of the trek
  • Trekking routes and Itinerary 
  • Emergency contact in Nepal (might be your agency or your hotel)
  • Emergency contact in the home country
  • Your insurance policy details 

When To Issue Langtang Trek Permit?

Issuing all these permits in Kathmandu needs a few hours. So, if you are staying in Kathmandu for an extra day, you can issue the permit easily. The office is open from 10 am to 4 pm. Also, look out for public holidays and Saturdays- the office remains closed for Langtang Trekking Permit.

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