Langtang Helambu Trek
6 Days
Thadepati – 3650 m
Homestay/ Guest house
All season
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Ncell/ NTC
4-5 days

Langtang Helambu Trek

With a short and exciting trekking Itinerary, the Helambu region is a hidden gem of the Langtang region of Nepal. This less-popular trek route of Nepal is a great exposure to the unique village landscape and culture of the Nepalese community in the lower mountain region. Particularly close to Kathmandu, it’s your chance to indulge with local communities and enjoy the best of mountain panorama without having to trek more.

Helambu lies towards Kathmandu’s northeast, around 43 km from Nepal’s capital, and falls under the Langtang National Park and Conservation Area protection. Langtang Helambu trek is a relatively easy trek to the altitude of 3,640 meters for newbie trekkers and inexperienced ones.

Highlights of Helambu Trek

  • An affordable trek with close proximity to Kathmandu and no domestic flights
  • Hike up to the altitude of 3,640 meters for the panorama of mountains such as Langtang Lirung, Gosaikunda, and Dorje Lakpa.
  • Walk through the cascading river and lush forests covered with wild rhododendron trees
  • Interact with local Tamang and Sherpa communities while living in their homes and celebrating their festivals
  • Visit local monasteries, stupas, and museums throughout the journey
  • Short extension tour to Gosaikunda or Langtang region
  • Comfortable trek with a good number of homestay and guest houses
  • Trek possible throughout the year without barrier for snowfall and bad weather

Why Helambu Circuit Trek?

Helambu, the land of sweet juicy laptops and Himalayan delegates is an important development for peaceful tourism. At the start of our Langtang Helambu trek, we visited Sundarijal, a small dam along the river. We walk forward while witnessing some of the marvelous Buddhist monasteries before we start to witness the view of the Langtang range.

Helambu trek is not about difficult walks and long tiring days. Rather, this is your opportunity to find peace and calmness in the simplicity of village life. It’s your chance to indulge in Buddhist culture and tradition, looking for change and peace within yourself. The Langtang Helambu trek region is never crowded and you get to witness nature in its best form without any disturbance.

Nevertheless, you get to capture beautiful pictures of snow-topped mountains such as Gang Chhenpo, Jugal, Nayagang, Dorje Lakpa, Ganesh, and Langtang Lirung.

Maybe you want check our Gosaikunda Trek which is only 3 days of addition to this trek.


Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal and trek to Chisapani

On the first day of Langtang Helambu trek, we receive you at your hotel and then we shall drive towards Sundrijal. This small town in the hilly foothills of Kathmandu is where we begin the walk. From here, we enter the From Sundarijal, we begin our journey to Chisapani, Shivapuri National Park and we walk along the small path of the National Park before hiking to Mulkhara. This small Tamang village is our place for short stops and quick snacks before we continue the hike via the ridge and through a dense oaks/ rhododendrons forest. By evening, we will reach the hilltop of Chisapani.

Chisapani – 2300 m / 7545 ft 

Meal : Lunch/ Dinner

Accomodation : Homestay

Walking / Driving : 3 to 4 hours

Day 02: Chisapani to Kutumsang

Helambu Circuit Trek
Helambu Circuit Trek

This might be the longest day of your hike as we walk for about 7 hours from Chisapani to Kutumsang. A morning in Chisapani greets us with the mountain view before we walk via the temperate forested path. Around mid-day, we stopped at Chipling for our lunch. We other stop shall be the village of Pati Bhanjyange, and Chipling. Moreover, we shall also visit a small monastery at Thotun Danda and make a final stop at Gola Bhanjyang. However, our plan is to walk further upwards to Kutumsang and find a homestay for our night’s stop on 2nd day of Langtang Circuit trek.

Tamang heritage trail is another trek trail in same route.

Meal : Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Accomodation : Guest house

Walking / Driving : 7 hours

Day 03: Kutumsang to Thadepati

As the path winds up further north, we get a closer peek at the Himalayas. Our plan for the 3rd day of Langtang Helambu trek is to ascend higher and cross this no-settlements zone before getting to Yurin Danda. Now, this is a spectacular viewpoint for the Helambu Circuit trek. Our next stop shall be the village called Magen Goth which has a handful of lodges for our service. Now, we need to ascend for a couple of more hours before we walk on the ridge to Tharepati. This is going to be our stop for the night.

Meal : Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Accomodation : Guest house

Walking / Driving : 6 hours

Day 04: Thadepati to Tarke Ghyang

Now, our walk in the morning starts with a short descent. Walking down the dense forest and terraced fields is actually exciting as we look for some rare wildlife. Also, a classic monastery dating back to a few centuries in the Melamchi Village makes a good photo spot. Now, we walk up, interacting with many Tamang settlements along the way. Now, we also get to cross a suspension bridge before walking to Helambu’s biggest settlement Tarkegyang during the Langtang Helambu trek.

Unlike other nearby villages, this is your place to witness the Sherpa community with their unique lifestyle and culture. Also, there are two oldest monasteries, which are also marked as the largest ones in this area. Now, we visit such beauty while also living in the homes of the Hyolmo caste people during langtang Circuit trek.

Tarke Ghyang – 2560 m

Meal : Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Accomodation : Guest house

Walking / Driving : 6 Horus

Day 05: Tarke Ghyang to Sermathang

Langtang Helambu trekking
Langtang Helambu trekking

This is a short and easy day of Langtang Helambu trekking. Also, as we walk down a forested trail, it’s going to be pleasing. So, we shall first walk down from Tarke Ghyang after a relaxing morning. Then we only hike for 3-4 hours in the morning to reach Sermathang (2620m). This is another Sherpa village in the lap of Rolling Range. The location of Sermathnag allows you to view some great views of the mountains including Now, this is your chance to witness some great apple farms It is the center of an important apple-growing area from where a fantastic view of the Himalayas is seen Jugal Himal, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and Rolwaling ranges. This is also your final day in the mountains of Langtang Helambu trek. Check Annapurna Valley trek. 

Gosaikunda – 2610 m / 14632 ft

Meal : Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Accomodation : Guest house

Walking / Driving : 3 to 4 Hours

Day 06: Sermathang to Melamchi Bazaar and Kathmandu

Now, we walk from Sermanthang in the morning and hike down to Dubhachaur. This small village at 1500m also gives us some pleasing time before we walk down to Melamchi bazaar. We stop at a place for a decent lunch and rest for a while.

Melamchi Bazaar is the biggest settlement in the area and it also joins the highway from Kathmandu. From here, we find a jeep for ourselves and catch a bus to Kathmandu. This is only 4-5 hours of drive before you find yourself relaxing in your hotel in Kathmandu. It’s time for some good Spa and a farewell dinner with the team Himalayan Masters. Your Langtang helambu trekking in ends in 6th day.

Melamchi Bazaar – 846 m / 2775

Meal : Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Accomodation : Guest house

Walking / Driving : 2 hours walk/ 5 hours ride

useful info

Where to start

Start: Helambu is a rather circuit trek that begins and ends in Kathmandu. Initially, the trailhead commences from Sundarijal 28 km away from Kathmandu, only 1 hr of ride. You can easily find a local bus or private chip from Kathmandu to Helambu. Even if you book a taxi, the price in the region is quite affordable. 

End: To complete the circuit to Kathmandu, we will walk down to Melamchi, the small settlement that lies before in the hills, right next to the highway. Bus from Melamchi to Kathmandu can be found each hour or you can also take a jeep.

Do you want something more challenging? Check Yala peak climbing. 

How much does the Helambu Circuit trek cost?

Helambu Circuit trek keys in fact among the cheapest rake in Nepal. The reasons for this trek to be affordable are listed below. 

  • This trekking route lies in close distance from Kathmandu, so it can be completed in a short time. 
  • You do not need any domestic flight or expensive traveling for the trek
  • Since the route is less popular there were only a few options for accommodation and all of them had a reasonable price
  • The price of food and drinks in Lelambu is way cheaper than other famous trekking routes in Nepal
  • Since only a few tourists prefer this particular trekking route, the agencies are offering great discounts and deals throughout the year
  • Helambu is not one of those trekking regions where you need a special kind of permit or compulsory book a traveling package. This means, you can trek to Lelambu independently with a guide, and thus comes out to be cheaper.

The price of the Helambu trek ranges from $400 to 500 for six days. Obviously, if you complete the trek Helambu Circuit Trek in a shorter time, the cost is reduced to about $300. The largest sum goes for travelling to and from Kathmandu but the cost of accommodation and food on this route is quite less. You might have to pay about $30 for the homestay for food and accommodation and the guide costs about $20 per day during the Helambu Circuit trek. 

Langtang Helambu Trekking Itinerary 3 days 

Helambu Nepal
Helambu Nepal

To be honest, we don’t recommend you to complete the Langtang Helambu Trek in just 3 days. With the long distance, you need to cover each day, it’s almost impossible to complete this Helambu trek 3 days. 

However, the Helambu Valley trek can be easily done in 4 days. The 4 days Helambu trekking Itinerary can be:

Day 1: Drive to Sundarijal and trek to Chisapani

Day 2: Trek from Chisapani to Kutumsang

Day 3: Trek from Kutumsang to Melamchi Gaun

Day 4: Trek from Melamchi Gaun and drive to Kathmandu 

But if you must complete the Helambu trek in 3 days, you can walk down from Kutumsand to Maleamchi Bazaar in just one day and get an evening ride from Melamchi to Kathmandu. 

Langtang Helambu Trekking Itinerary 5 days 

Also, this trek can be completed in 5 days if you trek to Tharepati Pass. This Langtang trek 5 days is equally comfortable as the 6-day trek, but gives doesn’t allow you to spend one additional day in Sermathang. Also, it’s easier to extend your trek to Gosaikunda with this Helambu Trek for 5 days. 

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal and trek to Chisopani

Day 02: Trek to Kutumsang 

Day 03: Trek to Tharepati Pass (3650 m)

Day 04: Trek to Tarkeghyang (2743m) 

Day 05: Trek to Timbu 3 hours walk and ride to Kathmandu

Altitude sickness during Helambu trekking 

The maximum altitude during this trek is Thadepati at 3650 m. As long as you are hydrated and railways state there is no chance that you can catch the altitude. Since you will have an expert guide with Himalayan Masters they will be helpful during the emergency condition.

Our Everest view trek is also an easy trek with short Itinerary.

Best season for the Helambu trek 

Helambu trek is in fact possible during any time of the year. Since this is a high-altitude trekking route, you can attempt a Langtang trek throughout the month. If you are traveling to Nepal in summer and winter, when other popular trekking routes are closed, this might be the best option for you. The trekking agencies in Nepal mark Helambu as the best trekking destination for monsoon/summer in Nepal. Also in winter, the snowfall is the only in the area above 3000 m and you can easily complete the trek. 

Even then, Spring and Autumn is the best season for all trekking in Nepal. In autumn, the weather is clear and the Himalayas are very distinctively visible. And, during spring the blooming of wildflowers makes it all beautiful. 

Permits from the Helambu trek

It’s necessary to get three different kinds of permits for the Helambu trek. If you are booking any trek package in Nepal, the agency will be responsible for arranging all your permits and documents. So, do talk to your agency about this. However, if you are traveling as an independent traveler, then make sure you issue these permits in Kathmandu or during the trek. TIMS card must be issued while you are in Kathmandu by the Tourism Board Nepal. Other permits can be issued at the entry point of the national park itself. Both Langtang National Park and Shivapuri National Park tickets can be collected from Kathmandu during Langtang Trek 5 days. 

To get the permits, you need a valid visa to Nepal, a few two copies of a photo, copies of your passport, and any booking details. Then you can fill out the form and get the permits. The cost for permits to Helambu re Langtang National Park is NPR 3000 per person, Shivapuri National Park NRP 1000 per person, and TIMS Card – NRP 100 per person. 


How far is Langtang?

The village of Helambu is about 42 km in the northeast direction of Kathmandu. It is reachable within 5 to 6 hours of jeep ride from Kathmandu. Langtang, a popular trekking region of Nepal is about 10 km away from Kathmandu.

How hard is Langtang Helambu trek?

Where is Sarmanthang?

How long is Langtang Helambu Trek?

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