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Langtang Trek distance

Langtang Trek distance

Langtang Trek Distance

The Langtang trek from Syabrubesi to Kyanjin Gompa is 65 kilometres, or 40 miles. This Langtang village is about 190 km from Kathmandu. The starting point, Syabrubesi, is a 140-kilometer ride from Kathmandu. You shall then start the trek, covering 10 to 20 km daily. It means you will cover about  140 kilometers by driving and the rest of the 65 kilometers by trekking from Syabrubesi. The trek might be of 65 kilometers but due to the slopes, ascents and descents it might feel longer than it.

Here is the distance you will cover each day of the Langtang Valley Trek.

1. Kathmandu to Syabrubesi Driving Distance: 145 km/ 90 miles (Estimated Time: 6:30 Hours)

Almost all the roadways up to Syabrubesi are pretty good. Driving from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi in a private Jeep provided by the Himalayan Masters team will be pleasing. In the last part, the off-road route makes it a bit harder. Covering 145 km in a public vehicle with small seats and loud music might not be very pleasing. It takes about seven hours, so we cannot start today’s trek.

2. Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel Hiking Distance: 10.9 km/6.7 miles (Estimated Time: 5: 30 hours)

Today, most of the trail passes through the forest and the stream. You will reach Lama Hotel before the evening, and the first day of our trip will be relatively easy. Some dangerous rocks are along the road, but the path can be easy.

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3. Lama Hotel to Langtang Village Hiking Distance: 14.8 km/9.1 miles (Estimated Time: 6 hours)

This is the longest hiking day on our Langtang Valley trek. As we also gained a lot of altitude, we had to work slowly, reaching Langtang village only in the evening.

4. Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa Hiking Distance: 6.8 km/4.2 miles (Estimated Time: 3 hours)

This is an easy and relaxing day on the Langtang Valley trek. Most of the distance from Langtang to Kyanjin Gompa is on alpine grassland with a beautiful landscape. The path is quite rocky, and you must be careful in some sections, but the overall walk will be easy as we reach the destination before midday.

5. Kyanjin Gompa to Tsergo Ri distance: 10 6.2 miles

Today’s walk is optional. If you don’t feel like walking, you can rest at Kyanjin Gompa and visit the village, including the Yak cheese factory. Alternatively, we can walk up to Tsergo Ri, a small, high pass near the area. Walking to Tsergo Ri gives a clear view of the surrounding mountains.

How long is Langtang Trek?

Did you know about the Langtang Trek permit?

6. Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel Hiking Distance: 21.6 km/13.4 miles (Estimated Time: 7 hours)

Although long, walking back to the Lama Hotel is quite comfortable. Covering 15 km in a day might not be a big deal when you walk on well-levelled land at a lower altitude. However, such distance can be a big deal at the rough Himalayan trial, above 3000 m. Thus, it would be best if you were prepared physically and mentally to cover the Langtang Trek distance.

How do you prepare to cover the Langtang Trek distance?

New bike trekkers can cover the Langtang Trek distance without experience in high-altitude trekking. However, it surely needs some physical preparation so you won’t suffer while on the trek and lower Langtang Trek Difficulty.

In preparation, you should engage yourself in some exercises before the Langtang Valley Trek. Strength-development cardio exercises like swimming, running, jogging, etc., for at least one hour two months before the trek can help you walk easily during the journey. Although this is not compulsory, it’s highly recommended for trekkers.

And if you plan to trek to Langtang as an independent trekker without a porter, your backpack is a big deal. The bag alone will be about 15 kg and cause a lot of pain for your soldiers. So, if you are confident enough to start the trek without the porter, ensure that you include your bag even while going for short treks around your home. Or, you can start by exercising by carrying a weight in your soldier so that it helps you have the bag while you are on a trek.

How long is the Langtang Valley trek?

langtang valley trek detailed itinerary

Ideally, this is a day’s journey from Kathmandu. Among the seven days, two are for the drive to Syarubensi and back, four are for trekking, and one is for a ready day in Kyanjin Gompa. If you want to make it shorter, you can walk from Lama Hotel to Kyanjin Gompa in one way, thus making three trekking days. However, it reduces the chances of altitude sickness. Or you can skip the rest day in Kyanjin Gompa (kept from the hike to Tsergo Ri) and make it six days long.

However, making it to the Langtang Gosaikunda trek takes about 14 days, and the trail is more complicated. However, the route is worth it.

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