Trekking in Nepal in May, Weather and Tours

Trekking in Nepal in May, Weather and Tours

Trekking in Nepal in May is a fantastic adventure as the country shifts from spring to early summer. The month of May in Nepal brings warmer weather and colourful landscapes, creating a perfect setting for outdoor lovers. Whether hiking in the Himalayas, enjoying blooming flowers, or exploring local customs, a visit to Nepal in May offers a lovely mix of good weather and natural beauty.

As May progresses, the days get warmer, and the scenery transforms with blossoming flowers. Though mornings and nights still have some coolness, trekking conditions are pleasant overall. In the lower hilly areas, occasional rain might happen, adding to the beauty of the lush surroundings.

What to expect in May?

Trekking in Nepal in May brings a unique mix of nature’s beauty and cultural adventures. The weather changes with the height – lower places get warmer, and higher spots showcase clear views of snowy mountain tops. Green landscapes, colourful rhododendron flowers, and different animals make it even more delightful. Whether you’re checking out cultural spots, going on a Himalayan journey, or enjoying lively festivals, the month of May is the perfect time to explore Nepal’s diverse range of experiences.

Nepal in May weather

The month of May in Nepal signifies the onset of warmer temperatures and the pre-monsoon season. The Nepal weather in May undergoes a noticeable shift from spring to a summery feel throughout the country.

1. Lower Altitudes (below 2000m): In Nepal, in May, weather means a warmer season, especially in areas below 2000 meters; you’ll feel the hug of spring turning into early summer. Daytime Nepal temperature in May in lower areas hovers around a comfy 20 to 32 degrees Celsius, creating the perfect warmth for your adventures. Evenings bring a mild coolness, with temperatures settling at 7-10 degrees Celsius. While days are generally steady, there might be a surprise thunderstorm or two. The days are filled with delightful warmth, and nights offer just the right coolness for a cozy evening.

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2. Mid-Altitudes (2000m to 5000m): Now, if your adventures take you to places between 2000 to 5000 meters above sea level, get ready for a moderate climate that’s neither too hot nor too cold, the best kind of Nepal in May weather. The nights maintain a relatively warm feel. It’s like having the best of both worlds – warmth during the day and a comfortable coolness as the sun sets. You can imagine yourself surrounded by hills and valleys, enjoying the mild weather as you explore the mid-altitude wonders.

3. Higher Altitudes (above 5000m): The weather in Nepal in May changes slightly as you advance in Nepal. It doesn’t usually get freezing in May, but you’ll feel relaxed in the air. You feel like being in a place with big, snowy mountains around, and it’s getting cooler. You can see the hills well, and it’s fantastic, depending on which trek you’re going. It’s like an exciting journey, thinking about the fresh air in the mountains and the stunning views as you explore the higher parts of Nepal.

Climate in Nepal in may

May in Nepal is the final month of spring and the beginning of summer. So, you get to experience warmth in the trekking region, but without the disturbance of rainfall as in June. some forests will still have remains of Rhododendrons and other colourful wildflowers. Although the flowers are not as heavy as in April, there might be some color remaining.

Nepal temperature in May

In May, the average Daytime temperatures hover between 12 to 20 degrees Celsius, creating an ideal environment for exploration. However, in the trekking zones, Nepal’s temperature in May is somewhere between 5 to 10 degrees Celcius. Nights in the mountains are cold, with the temperature below 3 degrees Celsius.

Best places to visit in nepal in may

Nepal tours in May blend history, adventure, wildlife, and spirituality in the month of May. So, whether you’re into cultural exploration, scenic beauty, or wildlife, Nepal has something unbelievable to offer during this time.

1. Kathmandu Cultural Tour

kathmandu Nepal

If you’re a fan of history and culture, the Kathmandu Cultural Tour is perfect for you. In this tour, you’ll get to explore the ancient sites of Kathmandu, like Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, and Boudhanath Stupa. It’s like stepping into a time machine as you witness the traditional rituals and customs of the local people.

2. Pokhara Adventure Tour

Pokhara to Mardi Himal Trek
Pokhara to Mardi Himal Trek

Pokhara, known for its serene lakes and magnificent mountain views, is a popular tourist destination in Nepal. The city is situated on the shores of Phewa Lake, offering breathtaking landscapes and various water activities. The Annapurna mountain range, including the iconic Machapuchare, provides a majestic backdrop to the city. The World Peace Pagoda, perched on a hill, offers a peaceful retreat and panoramic views of Pokhara Valley and the surrounding mountains.

3. Chitwan Wildlife Safari

Elephant ride inElephant ride in ChitwanNepal
Elephant ride in Chitwan

Now, if you’re an animal lover, the Chitwan Wildlife Safari is tailor-made for you. Imagine being in Chitwan National Park, where rhinos and elephants roam freely. You can go on a jungle safari, ride a canoe down the river, and even catch cultural performances by the Tharu community. It’s like entering a wildlife wonderland.

4. Lumbini Pilgrimage Tour

Lumbini Nepal
Lumbini Nepal

The Lumbini Pilgrimage Tour is necessary for those seeking peace and holiness. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and the tour takes you to the sacred garden, Maya Devi Temple, and monastic zones. It’s a peaceful experience that allows you to soak in the calmness of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, walking in the footsteps of history.

Best Nepal Trekking in May

Trekking in Nepal in May beckons trekkers with its charming landscapes and vibrant cultural embroidery and a perfect visit to Nepal in May. This month offers an ideal window for trekking in Nepal in May, allowing adventurers to explore various trails amidst blooming rhododendron forests and pleasant weather conditions. Nepal’s diverse offerings are provided to trekkers of all levels, from the iconic Everest Base Camp Trek to the remote trails of Upper Dolpo. With temperatures becoming more favourable and panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, Trekking in Nepal in May is highly recommended.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in May

Mt Manaslu Trekking
Mt Manaslu Trekking

A trek lasting 17 to 24 days with a moderate to challenging difficulty level, reaching a height of 5,213 meters at Larke La Pass. Experience pleasant weather conditions, breathtaking views of Mt. Manaslu, Budhi Gandaki River Valley, and diverse landscapes ranging from sub-tropical jungles to snow-covered peaks. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of Tibetan and Nepalese cultures, visit Buddhist monasteries, marvel at sparkling peaks, and explore the world’s eighth-tallest mountain—Manaslu. The trek includes stays in comfortable lodges and teahouses, providing opportunities to interact with local communities such as Brahmins, Chhetris, and Magars, all amid vibrant rhododendron forests.

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Annapurna Circuit Trek in May

Covering 14-21 days, the Annapurna Circuit Trek is a moderate adventure with a maximum altitude of 5,416 meters at Thorong La Pass. Immerse yourself in the spectacular views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massifs, explore the world’s deepest gorge—Kali Gandaki Gorge—and cross the most comprehensive pass, Thorong-La, with breathtaking panoramic views. Experience cozy lodges, interact with diverse ethnic communities, including Brahmins, Chhetris, Magars, Gurungs, and Thakalis, and cross lustrous rhododendron forests, colourful hills, and fragrant flower-filled landscapes.

Langtang Valley Trek in May

Team Himalayan Masters crew and clients on the Langtang trek

In 8-12 days, the Langtang Valley Trek offers an adventure with a moderate difficulty level, reaching a maximum altitude of 4,773 meters at Kyangjin Ri. Revel in incredible views of Langtang Lirung, Yala Peak, Gangcheenpo, and more. Explore the historic Langtang village and Kyanjin Gompa and encounter waterfalls, dense woodlands, and lush vegetation. Ascend Kyangjin Ri for a panoramic view of jaw-dropping peaks. Pass through lustrous terraced fields, farmlands, and rhododendron backwoods, submerging yourself in the natural beauty of the Langtang region.

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek in May

An easy-to-moderate trek spanning 7-10 days, the Ghorepani Poonhill Trek offers panoramic views from Poonhill at 3,210 meters. This popular short trek unveils a breathtaking sunrise over Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massifs. Explore historical and cultural shrines in Kathmandu and Pokhara, visit ideal Gurung villages like Ghorepani and Ghandruk, and traverse forested lands filled with rhododendrons, oaks, and fir trees. Dive into the cultural richness of Pokhara, a city of lakes, making this trek a delightful and accessible Himalayan experience.

Gokyo Lakes Trek in May

Over 14-16 days, the Gokyo Lakes Trek presents a moderate challenge, reaching an altitude of 5,357 meters at Gokyo Ri. This trek offers a memorable experience with sunrise/sunset views at Mount Everest and neighbouring peaks, including Cho-Oyo, Lhotse, and Makalu. It is an alternative to the traditional Everest Base Camp Trek and showcases the beauty of Gokyo Ri and its five glacier lakes. The trek combines the allure of nature with coming across local culture, providing a unique perspective of the Everest region beyond the renowned base camp.

Kanchenjunga Trek in May

A 21-30 day trek with a strenuous difficulty level, the Kanchenjunga Trek takes you to the foothills of the third-highest peak in the world. Trek through mostly unexplored destinations in eastern Nepal, offering stunning views of Kanchenjunga South, Yalung glacier, and diverse landscapes. Experience a unique transition from tree lines to arctic zone terrain around Lhonak and Pangpema within Kanchenjunga Base Camp. Engage with the impressive culture of High Mountain people, including the Sherpa and Bhotia tribes, making this an epic journey with diverse landscapes and rich cultural experiences.

Mardi Himal Trek in May

Mardi Himal Trek from Pokhara
Mardi Himal Trek from Pokhara

Spanning 10-12 days, the Mardi Himal Trek is a moderate adventure reaching Mardi Himal Base Camp at 4,500 meters. Trek through one of the youngest trekking destinations, exploring magnificent mountain peaks such as Annapurna, Fishtail, and Mardi Himal. Traverse lush rhododendron woodlands and less-explored routes, and relish the reflection of Pokhara Valley. With minimal crowds, this trek offers a serene and scenic experience, allowing you to connect with nature and witness the impressive landscapes of the Annapurna region.

Festivals in Nepal in May

On May, people celebrate Buddha Jayanti, marking the birth of Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal. It’s a great time for pilgrims to visit with decorations and festivities, but be prepared for the hot weather by bringing water, sunscreen, bug repellent, and suitable clothing. On May, Ganatantra Diwas observes Nepal becoming a Republic. 

Best Places to Avoid in May in Nepal

It’s advisable to steer clear of Chitwan, Lumbini, and Bardia as these areas can get extremely hot, and many places lack air conditioning.

Additionally, there’s a risk of getting sick from mosquito-borne illnesses during this time of year. It’s best to avoid these places to stay comfortable and reduce the chances of health issues.

Packing Essentials for May in Nepal

As you trek through the stunning landscapes of visiting Nepal in the month of May, you must be ready for changing weather patterns due to global warming.

Higher altitudes may bring unpredictable conditions, so investing in reliable waterproof boots is smart. Pack some essential rain gear, including a lightweight rain jacket and bag covers, to prepare for unexpected showers. Don’t forget the small but crucial items – carry insect repellents to ward off mosquitoes and flies, and bring some salt to fend off leeches in the lower regions. These simple preparations ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable trekking experience amidst Nepal’s natural beauty.

Tips for Trekking in May

As you trek through the stunning landscapes of visiting Nepal in May, you must be ready for changing weather patterns due to global warming. Higher altitudes may bring unpredictable conditions, so investing in reliable waterproof boots is smart. Pack some essential rain gear, including a lightweight rain jacket and bag covers, to prepare for unexpected showers. Don’t forget the small but crucial items – carry insect repellents to ward off mosquitoes and flies, and bring some salt to fend off leeches in the lower regions. These simple preparations ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable trekking experience amidst Nepal’s natural beauty.


In Nepal, the month of May signals an appealing invitation to explore. It’s a month of diverse adventures, from Kathmandu’s cultural intellectuals to the Himalayas’ majestic peaks. Lively festivals, blooming landscapes, and warm hospitality create an unforgettable experience. Nepal’s trip in May explains its beauty to every explorer.


What is the weather like in Nepal in May?

May in Nepal signs the transition to summer, bringing warmer temperatures. In lower altitudes, expect daytime temperatures between 20-32 degrees Celsius. Evenings are milder, around 7-10 degrees Celsius, with occasional thunderstorms.

What to wear in Nepal in May?

As per Nepal weather in May, pack lightweight, breathable clothing for daytime exploration. Include shorts and short-sleeved shirts, but also bring layers for cooler evenings. It’s essential to have a waterproof jacket as May can bring occasional rain.

How is the weather in Pokhara, Nepal, in May?

Pokhara experiences a similar transition in May, with daytime temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees Celsius. Carrying rain gear is advisable, as infrequent showers are possible during this period.

What are the best places to visit in Nepal in May?

May is an excellent time to explore cultural gems like Kathmandu, natural wonders like Pokhara, and trekking destinations like Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit, offering breathtaking views amidst pleasant Nepal climate in May.

What are the popular trekking destinations in Nepal in May?

In May, consider trekking in Nepal in May to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang Valley, or the serene Gokyo Lakes, as the weather conditions are conducive for trekking, offering both adventure and stunning landscapes.

Are there any unique festivals or events in Nepal in May?

May hosts Buddha Jayanti, a significant festival celebrating Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. Festivities include processions, prayers, and various cultural events, providing a unique cultural experience.

Is May a suitable time for wildlife experiences in Nepal?

May offers rewarding wildlife experiences in Chitwan National Park. Visitors can spot rhinos, elephants, and diverse bird species amidst lush greenery during this vibrant time.

What precautions should be taken for trekking in Nepal in May?

Given the unpredictable weather, trekkers should invest in waterproof boots, carry rain jackets, and use covers for their bags. Insect repellents and salt protect against mosquitoes and leeches during the trek.

Are there any alternative activities in Nepal in May besides trekking?

Certainly, explore historical sites like Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, or enjoy the serene lakeside beauty of Pokhara. Adventure seekers can indulge in paragliding, boating, or cultural tours for a diverse and enriching experience.

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