15 Must Know Manaslu Circuit Trek Tips and Tricks 

15 Must Know Manaslu Circuit Trek Tips and Tricks 

Manaslu Circuit Trek is Nepal’s ideal off-beaten trekking route, with many exciting features. The ultimate form of travel is the intensity and adventure of travelling in a totally unspoiled land of the mountains. Located northwest of Kathmandu, Manaslu lies in the Gorkha district of Nepal, and this trip even touches the route of the famous Annapurna Circuit trek. 

In our Manaslu travel guide, we have already discussed the Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary and all other important topics, such as food and accommodation. Today, this article is about some interesting Manaslu Circuit tips and tricks to make your adventure to Nepal a fun one. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Tips for Booking 

Pick an authorized trekking agency

There are hundreds of trekking agencies in Nepal, and each one of them has a unique feature. No matter who you choose, it’s important that you pick an authorized trekking agency. Every travel package you see online at a cheap price might not be legal. Make sure you ask for a registration certificate from Nepal Tourism Association Nepal. Also, the guide and Porter they offer to you should have a license and be legally authorized to lead a group. A quick Manaslu Circuit trek tips- a porter can carry two bags if you carry limited items. 

Ask for a Trekking Itinerary from more than two agency

There are lots of trekking agencies in Nepal that offer similar packages for the Manaslu circuit trek. But all of these packages have different itineraries and different levels of facilities offered to you. Also, during the trek, the trekking route differs according to the travel agency in Nepal. So, instead of just comparing the price, you need to contact the owner of a 2 to 3 trekking agency and ask for a detailed itinerary before you proceed to book Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek Tips
Beautiful Mount Manaslu.

Check with the facilities

All trekking agencies Jot claim to have an all-inclusive package. But they differ greatly in the quality and quantity of the facilities they offer. For example, some trekking packages drive you around Nepal on the local bus while some drive you on a private bus. So there are a few things that you need to make sure before you pay that money.

  1. Ask about all the meals included in the packages; most trekking packages to Manaslu Circuit trek do not provide you meals while you are in Kathmandu (some agencies don’t let you order anything from the menu and pick a cheap meal for you).
  2. Ask about the quality of accommodation (to be honest, at a higher altitude, there are not many options for accommodation, and the quality of these key houses does not differ to a great extent. However, good facilities and hotels can be found while you are in Kathmandu and the lower region of Manaslu. If possible, make the list of tea houses and Hotel/guest houses beforehand and see if they are good enough. 
  3. Mode of transportation (whether they provide you with a local bus or private vehicle).
  4. Provision for additional trekking gear ( with each booking, Himalayan Masters will provide you with some basic gear such as sleeping bags, jackets, and even trekking boots). Such provisions do save you a lot of shopping money, so do your inquiry before you book.

Get your shopping list beforehand 

There are some special kinds of trekking gear and equipment you need for trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. While you can find all of these gears in Nepal, the quality might not be the same as in your home country. If you want to buy some original products, then make sure you get your trekking list beforehand. Especially women who need to get all skincare, sunglasses, and anything else needed for the trek from their home country. Know what you should buy from your travel agency. Here is the full Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing list. 

Physically training for the Manaslu Circuit trek 

Do not let any bloggers tell you that the Manaslu trek can be done without any preparation. If you have never been to a high-altitude trek or taken any strength-boosting exercises, the trek’s gonna be hell. Although you do not need any special mountain trekking lessons, you will definitely need to improve your strength. Cardio exercises, gym, cycling, and short hikes for at least two months before the journey make it an easy, fun experience. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a painful journey. 

Be prepared Mentally 

Everyone talks about how beautiful the mountains are gonna be. But only a few honest people are going to tell you about all the pollution of Kathmandu, the dirt on the highway of Nepal, the difficulty of using Indian seats in the washroom, and not getting to shower at the end of each day. If you have lived in Luxury and comfort, it will be challenging. 

Also, for someone who has never been off the internet, not having a chance to use social media or contact your home, which is also a real pain in the ass. Yes, the trek is going to be a rejuvenating experience, but many challenges might come along the way. Not just in the body, you must be prepared to deal with any mental challenge even before you book the trek.

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Get travel insurance

Just booking your trip and flight ticket isn’t enough. Your trekking packages in Nepal will not include your trip insurance. This means you need to get travel insurance for all rescues at higher altitudes, including helicopter evacuation in Nepal. Travel insurance might cost about 200$ or less, depending on your country. We have seen that many tourists need helicopter rescue due to altitude sickness or another kind of illness. And you cannot offer a helicopter rescue if you do not have insurance. 

Learn about altitude and learn the Symptoms 

The height point of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is above 5,000 meters, and all other regions we trek are also 3,000 to 4,000 meters. This means that if you are not careful, AMS can catch you anytime. There isn’t much before the trek other than learning about the symptoms and solutions. If your doctor can get some medication, then you can carry it to Nepal. 

When trekking to high altitudes such as Manaslu Circuit, you’re constantly at risk of suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). This mountain condition easily upsets anyone who ascends to higher elevations without proper acclimatization.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Tips
Mount Manaslu Nepal.

Packing for the trek

One of the biggest mistakes trekkers make is overpacking their bags. You will have a porter to help carry your bag, but that doesn’t mean you need everything. Here is a Manaslu trek packing list.

Be minimalistic, but have everything to keep yourself warm without exceeding 25 to 30 kg in total. A porter can only carry this much weight, and if you overpack, you can either carry the extra bag or hire more porters, which wouldn’t be pleasant. Do not forget your Manaslu Circuit Trek permit.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Tips: once you start the trek 

Get your money in Cash

You can book your travel package in cash or credit as per discussion with the travel agency. But the important thing is to carry enough cash for other personal expenses like food in Kathmandu, drinks, and more. You can bring dollars and exchange them at the Airport or around Thamel. You can also withdraw them in Nepal (Kathmandu) from any ATMs around the city. But once you drive outside of Kathmandu, you won’t have any cash. So maybe you can have cash out about $170 (NRP 20,000) of your entire trek. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Tips
Nepali cash

Keep Yourself hydrated

Obviously, a lot of water is the best way to beat the altitude. Drink all kinds of hot beverages that are available on the Manaslu Circuit trek. Get yourself soup, tea, coffee, and all to keep 3.5-4 liters of water in a day. If you experience altitude sickness symptoms, 5 liters of water per day is recommended. Now, buying all these water bottles is gonna be expensive, so carry a bottle and purification tablet enough for the trip. If you are going for a Manaslu Trek with Himalayan Masters, you will get purification tablets as a complimentary.

Opt for veg meals and soup

Vegetables are rich in vitamins/fiber that can be ingested quickly. Meat at high altitudes can be a bit unhealthy and digestible, so it’s always better to avoid them. Also, go for our options, such as garlic soups, mushroom soup, and more. Sodas, Alcohol, and fried goods are also not recommended.  Read the full Trek guide. 

Respect local culture 

Nepalese in the Himalayas have a special culture and tradition that has never been exposed to the world. And yet they respect their visitors and want to provide them with the best possible facilities. So, it’s important that you also show respect to them. The tea houses you stay in are not commercial hotels but actual homes of those people. Greeting someone you see with a smile and “Namaste” is possible. Wearing appropriate clothes, avoiding PDA, and bowing your head in religious monuments and shrines are all ways to honor local culture. 

Get Enough Rest and Sleep Well

A good sleep of 7 to 8 hours is very important for the trek. After hiking for 6-7 hours each day, enough sleep is the only way to get through it. Let those muscles recover while you get long, deep sleep in the mountains. 

Carry your valuables and some food in the bag.

Firstly, if you have some valuables such as cash, gold, and cameras, carry them yourself. Also, since the porter will be hiking at his own pace, you might not meet him in the daytime. So, carry everything you need, from sunscreen to hand cream and some food/snacks, in your bag.

Self-care for Manaslu Circuit Trek tips 

Firstly, mountains have lower UV levels and very harsh sun that can lead to sunburn and annoying wrinkles. Keep reapplying suncream, wear sunglasses, sun hats, and full-sleeve shirts, and wear buff scarves. There might also be a lot of dirt in the way, so using buff scarves can be really helpful. Be very careful with Snowstorms and Rain, and carry a windproof/ waterproof layer of jacket and trousers. 

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Be open to extending your trip

Please note that the weather in the mountains is quite unpredictable, and you might have to stop at some places to extend the trip. If you are travelling in peak season, this might not be the case, but it’s good to have a few extra days. If you do not get stuck in the trekking route, then you can use these extra few days for other short trips in Nepal. These extra few days can be great for sightseeing in Kathmandu/ Pokhara or helicopter tours in Nepal. 

Anything else you wanna know? Contact us at Himalayan Masters. 

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