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When Is The Best Time To Trek Manaslu Circuit?

Many people ask me when the best time is to do the Manaslu trek. The simple answer is that March, April, May and September, October, November and December are the best times. to go on the Manaslu Circuit trek.

The highlands of Nepal are among the world’s best trekking destinations. These magnificent mountain peaks and awesome landscapes are precious throughout the year. Among many such best treks of Nepal, the Manaslu circuit trek welcomes the most enthusiastic ones. The best times for the Manaslu circuit trek are briefly described below.

This remote area in the northwest of Kathmandu has very interesting weather and landscape. About two weeks of walk-in in these hidden valleys and forests are going to change your life forever. However, trekking in the rough mountain terrain isn’t a piece of cake. Our highest point for the tour is 5160m, and we will be trekking above 4,000m on most days.

Trekking at this height means dealing with a very unstable climate. So, before you plan your trek to Manaslu, you must learn about the weather in Manaslu and plan your trip accordingly. Read this article to the end and you shall know the Manaslu Circuit trek best time.

Note: It is feasible to trek to Manaslu in the winter months of January and February, but crossing the Larkey La would be extremely risky. We also do not advise trekking to Manaslu during the heavy monsoon season because there is a high likelihood of landslides on the first few days.

Weather Of Manaslu In Autumn

weather of manaslu at autumn

Manaslu Trek In September:

September is the transition from a wet monsoon to stable autumn. In the lower region, early spring still gets afternoon rain while midday is quite warm. After the rain, the days are clear and the views are visible. In late September, the paths start to become dry. It’s the beginning of the Manaslu Circuit trek’s best time.

Perks: Lesser crowd, experience two different seasons in one weather, and clear views are visible

Drawbacks: Early September has some rain and the day-time temperature is still high

Manaslu Trek in October:

Ready for the peak season in the mountains? As October approaches, the clouds are completely clear and the views are unbelievable. In the upper region, the temperature of Manaslu is between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius. There’s no rainfall, there’s no snowfall, and there’s nothing you need to worry about. October is the best month for the Manaslu trek.

Perks: Perfect weather, awesome visibility, and the most stunning view

Drawbacks: Huge crowd (need to pre-book the rooms) and relatively higher cost

Manaslu Trek in November:

The weather at is Manaslu Circuit trek in November is still very stable and warm. Its perks and cons are similar to that of the Manaslu October trek.

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Weather Of Manaslu In Winter

weather of manaslu at winter

Manaslu Trek In December:

As the colder months approach, the average temperature in the lower region drops below -8 degrees Celsius. The temperature of Larkya La pass can go below zero degrees, but the snow is yet to cover the highlands. December is the last month when the tea house is all open. The sun shines bright and warm. Nowadays, the entire month of December is free of snow, but you need to check the status before making the move. We don’t recommend camping on the Manaslu trek in winter, but the teahouse trek in December is still awesome.

Perks: There are better views of the mountain peaks and sunrises. Also, the days are cool and bright for the walk

Drawbacks: Cold temperature in the morning/ night and shorter days

Manaslu Trek In January:

The true problem begins when the cold starts to hit the country in January. The temperature of Larkya La Pass can drop below -15 degrees Celsius. Only a few tea houses above Sama Gaun remain open in January, and they also don’t have any in-house heating. Moreover, you need to learn climbing skills and carry special gear.

Perks: There are not many merits unless you love to play in the snow and enjoy frozen views of the glaciers and lakes

Drawback: Obviously it is very cold and the trails are slippery; you need to carry a lot of clothes and a heavy sleeping bag- definitely not a Manaslu Circuit trek best time.

 Manaslu In February:

The final month of winter, i.e., February in Manaslu is still freezing. The temperature of Sama Gaun and places beyond that is less than -10 degrees Celsius in the morning and in the evening. The snow covers the Larka La high passes, and it’s very hard to trek. Although the snowfall occurs only 3-4 times/month, it remains on the ground for a long time, making it impossible to trek. For Manaslu in February, we suggest avoiding high lands and roaming only in the lower altitudes, i.e., below Sama Gaun.

Pros: Empty trail and all the solitude of Nature deserved for yourself; some unbelievable discount in trek package and permits

Cons: Freezing Temperature, slippery trail, and very risky for the trek (highly recommended to avoid the high-passes)

Manaslu Trek in Spring

Manaslu Trek In March:

March is the starting month of spring when the entire area commences showing the colourful blooms of wildflowers. The winter snow in the mountains is still very thick and the views are awesome- the Manaslu circuit trek best time. The temperature of Manaslu in March will be 2-8 degrees Celsius. You can trek on a warm and sunny day without getting affected by the heat.

Perks: Along with better views of the mountains, the weather is quite stable. The chances of rainfall are less and the days are bright. It’s neither too hot nor too warm for the trek.

Drawback: The trail might be a bit crowded and the wildflowers are still not fully visible. The morning and nights are still colder.

Manaslu Trek In April:

April is actually the most popular time for the Manaslu trek when the rhododendron blooms at their best. The temperature starts to rise and even the highlands of mountains are very warm. The weather is stable in these months with zero rain. You can also meet some inspiring climbers along the way since it’s the month of the Manaslu climb. The daytime temperature in Sama Gaun, Samdo, and Bimtang can go up to 12 degrees Celsius. Even the morning is sunny and has longer days.

Perks: The most beautiful blossoms of rhododendrons and a very warm temperature. You need to carry fewer clothes and walk comfortably. Also, it’s a great opportunity to meet professional and inspiring climbers

Drawbacks: The major drawback is crowded trails and you must pre-book all the hotels.

Manaslu Trek In May:

As the Spring comes to an end in May, we see some final blooms of the colourful flowers. The temperature rises to 20 degrees Celsius and even the nights are warm- the best season for the Manaslu trek. The evening trek might be a little hot, but above 4,000 meters, even the heat is lovely.

Perks: The trekker’s number starts to drop and you can see some final blooms of the Rhododendron

Drawbacks: The days are quite hot and sweaty and the trail can be a bit dusty. The cloud blocks the view of the mountains after midday.

Weather Of Manaslu Trek In Summer

weather of manaslu in summer

Manaslu Circuit Trek In June:

Since June is the beginning of the Monsoon, it’s very warm and clear. However, with the rains, the trails start to get slippery and the number of trekkers drop. The Manaslu region receives almost 300 mm of rainfall in June alone- not a good time for the Manaslu trek. However, most of the rainfall occurs in the evening and the view after the rain is quite fabulous. The temperature of the Manaslu region is almost 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Trekking in June is possible with the right kinds of rain gear including a rain jacket, pants, and waterproof covers.

Perks: Warmer and longer days; easy trek in the non-rainfall days and very less crowd (awesome discount offers)

Drawbacks: Unpredictable rainfall, slippery trail, and infection of leeches/ mosquitoes; the views are also blocked by the clouds.

Manaslu in July: July is hotter and wetter than June; it’s the peak monsoon period. We only recommend the July trek with good guidance from your travel agency.

Manaslu in August: The monsoon still hits hard in August. However, the number of rainy days starts to drop and the guests’ started to open in late August. As the temperature in Larkey La goes to 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, it’s fun to trek. The streams and rivers are all in full flow, and the new vegetation is constantly thriving; it’s a very lively month for the trek. However, there are still 10-15 rainy days when the cloud fully covers the view.

Perks: Fewer travellers; new vegetation and fresh foods; trek on warm and longer days with very few clothes.

Drawbacks: Wet and slippery trails; need special guidance

Now, that we have learned about the weather of Manaslu, let’s find the list of the best seasons for the Manaslu Circuit trek.

  • If your major target is to enjoy the awesome mountain view and the Festive mood of Nepal, travel somewhere between October and November
  • If you would rather enjoy walking in the colourful trail decorated with different hues of wildflower, travel in April and May
  • If you wouldn’t mind some chill temperature and wish to enjoy the snow, travel in February but only in the lower region
  • If you must travel in Summer, ask for appropriate preparation tips from your guide and avoid the peak monsoon phase

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for a cultural tour in Manaslu?

Nepal is a culturally rich country and many festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Major festivals like Dashain and Tihar is cherished in October/ November. Loshar, one of the biggest festivals for Buddhists in Manaslu, is celebrated in February. Holi and Shivaratri in spring also have great perks. Even for a cultural experience, we recommend the autumn and Spring tour for the best time for the Manaslu circuit trek.

Does the weather of Manaslu determine it’s difficult?

Yes, the whole point of this article was to help you plan an easier trek. Travelling in warm and stable weather i.s. Autumn and spring make your trek easier. Winter trekking is the hardest and can be deadly when you attempt high passes. The summer trek to Manaslu is also difficult and uncomfortable.

Is the booking for the Manaslu trek package available all season?

Yes, you can book the Himalayan Master’s Manaslu trek package throughout the year. For winter and summer treks, we design a customized itinerary to deal with the unfortunate weather. Our Manaslu trek Itinerary is also very flexible and easy to postpone. Thus, we make sure that you don’t face any issues due to unstable weather.

What about the best time for a camping trek?

If you are planning a Manaslu camping trek, we don’t recommend travelling in winter and summer at all. Study the weather of Manaslu very carefully and plan the Manaslu trek in autumn and Spring only.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a delightful journey to the Himalayas. If you have plans for the Manaslu trek in 2022, hope this article helps you plan the trip right. No matter when you travel, you must have a reliable travel agency like Himalayan Masters to accompany you throughout the journey. So make sure you fill out our booking form here.

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