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Tea house in the Manaslu Trek

Tea house in the Manaslu Trek

Trekking in the high Himalayan lands of Nepal means embracing the remoteness of the villages. You cannot plan to conquer the mountains and then demand to remain in the utmost luxury. The true beauty of this Manaslu Circuit trek lies within the unknown challenges faced along the way. And among many such challenges, you should know about Manaslu Trek accommodation. So in this article, we will learn about the accommodation in the Manaslu Trek.

Thankfully, the Manaslu circuit trek has recently been upgraded to a tea house trekking trail. This means you can now enjoy the rawness of mountains while comfortably staying in a guest house. Having a comfortable bed and warm food at such an altitude is already a blessing. And you should be glad to get such facilities in the difficult alpine landscape. This article is all about Manaslu Circuit Trek Hotel and what you can expect from them.

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What to expect from guest houses in Manaslu?

The Guest houses in the Manaslu Circuit trek are run by the local people themselves. Earlier, the teahouse in the Manaslu Circuit trek used to be tiny wooden houses with a room separated by wooden blocks. However, now there are pretty decent teahouses in the Manaslu Circuit trek made with modern equipment. There’s always a central dining hall that has a heating system and keeps the overall Manaslu Circuit Trek Hotel warm. The food in Manaslu of your choice is served in this restaurant cum hotel. Trekkers get to eat while enjoying the fire in a Guest house in the Manaslu Circuit trek.

About the room

Although small, the rooms are clean and comfortable. The rooms are provided on a sharing basis for two to three travellers (In special request, we can provide rooms with a solo facility). Here, you will be given a mattress, small blanket, pillow, and bed cover. The additional blanket is not available in peak season and we recommend everyone to bring their sleeping bags. There might be a tea table, chair, and mirror in some hotels in Manaslu, otherwise, the facility is pretty basic. Since the Nepal government marks Manaslu as a restricted region, make sure you have some trusted travel agencies in Nepal like Himalayan Masters. We help you get the best accommodation in the Manaslu Circuit trek.

Hotels in Manaslu Circuit trek
Photo teahouse in Manaslu Circuit trek

Bathroom: You cannot expect rooms with attached bathrooms during this Manaslu Circuit trek. Bathrooms in the Manaslu Hotel are available on a sharing basis. The newly built tea houses have western seats, otherwise, the bathroom is Indian Style. A hot water shower is available in almost all tea houses (except for Dharmasala) but costs an additional charge i.e. $2 to $3.

Wi-Fi in Manaslu

Wi-Fi connection is available in all guest houses of Manaslu. Even while you are wandering in such a remote land, you won’t be away from your family and loved ones. However, the speed of the internet in the Manaslu region is really slow and you cannot surf high-quality videos. Wi-Fi is only useful for some calls and texts. The cost of Wi-Fi also ranges from $1 to $3.

Electricity in Manaslu

Places at lower altitudes like Soti Khola, Bhimthang, and Dharapani can have electricity plugs in the rooms. Otherwise, you need to charge your electric devices in the dining hall of Hotel Manaslu. The owner of the Homestay in Manaslu Circuit trek or the person in reception will charge your phone. Even charging your device costs a few dollars- trekking in the Himalayas isn’t cheap.

Note: The additional cost of the Manaslu trek for the hot shower, Wi-Fi, and electricity is often not covered by the Manaslu trek package. Do ask for these details with your travel agency in Nepal before making the bookings.

Accommodation in Manaslu Circuit trek

Accommodation in Manaslu Circuit trek

Note: Extra charge should be paid for Wi-Fi, Hot shower and charging. Heating service is available but only in the common dining room.

Teahouses in Maccha Khola: 

Machha Khola is a small village in the Manaslu Circuit area, where we stopped for our first day stay at Langtang village. After Soti Khola we reach Machha Khola.

The majority of people living in the area are Gurung and Magar. It is a village where people live and do business. There are around 40 houses in the area. Around 200 people live in Machha Khola. Their major sources of income are running Homestay in the Manaslu Circuit trek and raising cattle.

There are around 6 teahouses in Maccha Khola. Some Hotels in Manaslu Circuit Trek in Machha Khola are:

  1. Chum Valley Guest House
  2. Nirvana Guest House
  3. Hotel Everest Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouse in Machha Khola?

– The daily Accommodation in the Manaslu Trek cost will be around Rs.500- Rs.1000.

– There will be a hot shower facility (free of cost with Himalayan Masters).

– Talking about the rooms, you can find single rooms and double and triple room services.

– For the WIFI, you need to pay.

– There is no facility for online booking in the teahouse; you must call their number to book the teahouse.

– You will also find a toilet and bathroom attached to the rooms.

– There is a heating facility in the shared living room.

– You will have cozy rooms with a blanket and soft mattresses.

Teahouses in Jagat:

The next day, after Machha Khola, we will stay at Jagat. Jagat is also a small village where many people live.

Brahmins, Chhetri, Gurung, Magar, and others live in the area. There are around 20-25 teahouses in that area. Due to the large number of teahouses, it is easy for people to find a place to stay during the trek. Around 100- 150 people reside in Jagat.

In Jagat, there are around 8-10 teahouses. The major teahouses are:

  1. Jagat Guest house
  2. Himalayan Guest House
  3. Manaslu Santi Guest house
  4. Rubii Nala Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouses in Jagat?

 The costs for the room for accommodation will be the same as Machha Khola.

– For the hot shower, you need to pay as it is at a high altitude.

– For the attached toilet, only 2 or 3 rooms are available.

– There is a facility of a single room.

– WIFI, heating services, and online booking services are the same as Machha Khola’s.

Teahouse in Deng:

Deng is not a village but more like a business area where people run teahouses as their source of income.

The local people, like Tamang and Gurung, mainly reside in the area. Only teahouses are in the area; no other personal houses can be seen in Deng.

There are around 3-4 teahouses in Deng. The popular teahouses in the area are:

  1. Windy Valley
  2. Shangrilla Cottage
  3. Bamboo Guest House
  4. New Manaslu Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouse in Deng?

– The accommodation charge in Deng will cost you around Rs.800- Rs.1000.

– You will find a hot shower with WIFI in the area, but you need to pay an extra charge for it.

– You will also find a single room and attached toilet bathroom in Deng.

– However, the heating facility is only available in the common room where everyone has dinner.

Teahouses in Namrung:

Namrung is a village where few people reside. It falls under the Manaslu region.

The major types of people living in the area are Tibetans, Tamang, Gurung, and Tsering people. They reside there and run teahouses as an income source.

There are around 4-5 teahouses in the area. The names of the teahouses are as follows:

  1. Nurbi Four Season Resort
  2. Namrung Guest House
  3. Namrung Thakali

What services can we find in the teahouse in Namrung?

– The Nurbi four-season resort is the biggest in the Manaslu Circuit area, so obviously, the cost of living and food will be higher than that of another teahouse.

– While the normal teahouse in the area will cost around Rs. 1000 per day for accommodation, the four-season resort will cost around Rs. 4000-Rs. 5000.

– There are facilities, a hot shower, and Wi-Fi, but you must pay extra.

– You will have to charge in the common dining room for electricity, charging and heating services.

Teahouses in LO:

Lo village is a big village in the Manaslu Area. Many kinds of people have inhabited the area for a long time.

Most people living in the area are Gurung, Magar, and Tibetan. There are around 40-50 houses in LO, but sadly, only 120 people reside there.

Only 4-5 teahouses are in the Lo village. The major teahouses of the Lo village are as follows:

  1. Majestic Manaslu
  2. Tashi Dalek Guest House
  3. Namaste Guest House
  4. Lama Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouse in Lo?

– The services like WIFI, charging, electricity, heating, and hot shower are the same as above.

– The chances of the attached toilet and single room being available are high.

– The cost of per day accommodation is around RS.600- Rs.1200. It depends on the room you are staying in.

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Manaslu Trek accommodation
Photo Manaslu Trek accommodation

Teahouses in Shyala Village:

After staying at Lo Village, we will stay at Shyala Village the next day. The village is small and mostly has teahouses only.

The local people of the area live there and run the local teahouses. The number of teahouses in the area is 10-15. The major source of income for the people living there is running the teahouse.

Some of the teahouses in the Shyala village are:

  1. Shanti Guest House
  2. Yeti Guest House
  3. Nurbi Shyala Cottage
  4. Mountain View Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouse in Lo?

– The facilities for hot showers, Wi-Fi, electricity, charging, single rooms, and heating services are all the same as discussed in the above teahouses.

– In Nurbi Shayala Cottage, there are around four attached bathrooms.

– You will be provided with a single blanket, a bed, and a mattress for sleep.

Teahouse in Samagaun:

Samagaun is one of the famous big villages on the Manaslu Circuit trek. The area is mainly known for its last stop, Birendra Lake, and Manaslu Base Camp.

The major people in this area are Tibetan and Lama. Most people practice Buddhism. There are around 179 houses in Samagaun, and around 665 people live there. However, we will only see a few houses during the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The number of teahouses in Samagaun is around 20-25. Some of the popular teahouses in the area are:

– Tashi Dalek Guest House

– Norbi Valley Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouse in Samagaun?

– The facilities and services in Samagaun are better than in Lo village.

– Most of the teahouses have attached bathrooms.

– There are facilities for charging, hot showers, electricity, WIFI, heating services, and others, as we have discussed above.

 Teahouses in Samdo:

After Samagaun, we reach Samdo village. Samdo is the last village on Nepal’s side and the highest village on the Manaslu Circuit trek.

Most people residing in the area are Tibetan people, such as Tamang and Bhotey. Samdo is the border with Tibet. The majority of the people are Buddhist. The people in that area have warm hospitality services.

There are about 3 teahouses in Samdo Village. They are:

  1. Yak Hotel
  2. Tibetan Twin Hotel
  3. Jambala Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouse in Samdo?

– The services like WIFI, charging, and heating rooms are the same as those in the teahouse we discussed above.

– But talking about the cost of food, accommodation, meals, charging, WIFI, everything will be costlier than the teahouse before.

Teahouses in Dharmasala:

Dharmasala is the highest point in the Manaslu Circuit, also known as Larkya Base Camp or Larkya Phedi.

There are no personal houses in which people can reside. The significant people live there to run the teahouses and live in them only.

Dharmasala is a very remote area in the Manaslu Circuit trek. That’s why there is no WIFI or hot shower facility. There might be a risk of altitude sickness in Dharmasala.

There are only 3 teahouses in Dharmasala. They are:

  1. Jambala Guest House
  2. Larkey Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouses in Dharmasala?

– As we have already mentioned, there are no WIFI and hot shower services in Dharmasala.

– But the other facilities in Dharmasala remain the same as in the above area.

– During the peak season, there are not enough teahouses, so you might also have to stay in a tent.

– There is no facility for a single room in Dharmasala because the number of teahouses is limited.

Teahouses in Bhimthang:

Bhimthang is the place where we reach after Dharmasala. Bhimthang is a business site where you will only find teahouses on the trail. Bhimthang falls under the Manang district.

The people living in this area are Tamang and Bhotey. There are around 10- 15 teahouses in the area.

Some of the famous teahouses in the area are:

  1. Mountain Ponker Cottage
  2. Ganga Manaslu
  3. Sushma Guest House
  4. Apple garden
  5. Himalayan Guest House

What services can we find in the teahouses in Bhimthang?

– The services get better as we cross the Larkya Phedi.

– The services and facilities provided by the teahouse are the same as those provided by the other teahouse, which we have already discussed.

– At Dharmasala, you do not have access to WIFI and a hot shower, but in Bhimthang, you will have a hot shower and WIFI facility.

Teahouses in Dharapani:

Dharapani is a village where many people reside, unlike Bhimthang and Dharmasala. Dharapani is the last place we will accommodate you on the Manaslu Circuit trek.

The area has about 50-60 Gurung, Magar, and Tamang houses. About 200 people reside in the area.

There are around 20 teahouses in Dharapani. You will find teahouses better than Bhimthang.

What services can we find in the teahouse in Dharapani?

– WIFI facilities, hot showers, charging and hot water services also exist.

– There are a variety of teahouses so you will also be able to find a single room and attached toilets.

– The accommodation, charging, and WIFI costs might be less expensive than Bhimthang and can have a variety of them.

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Manaslu Circuit trek cost for teahouse

The Manaslu Trek accommodation charge is quite cheap i.e. $3-$5 at lower altitudes and $7-$8 at the higher altitude. While you are trekking in the off-season with a fewer number of tourists, you can find rooms for less than $5 even at the higher altitude. Sometimes, bargaining skills will also come in handy to lower your price for the Hotels in Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Although the cost of rooms seems to be cheap, you keep on paying an additional charge for a hot shower, Wi-Fi, and electricity. This leads to the increased Manaslu Circuit trek cost. Himalayan Masters offers the most reasonable price for the Manaslu trek. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Camping Type

Manaslu Circuit Camping

To be honest, the raw adventure to nature only reaches its peak when you are travelling while staying in the camps. You might have heard some people saying “five billion star hotel” for a camp and that’s true in many senses. The perks of staying right on nature’s lap do feel like nothing else.

During a camping trek, you will have a team that carries everything needed during the two weeks of the Manaslu Circuit trek. The guide will help you find an appropriate place to set up a camp and cook the food. The porters will help prepare warm food for breakfast and dinner. With a great team, the Manaslu Camping trek will be the most rejuvenating experience of a lifetime.

However, a camping trek is not all joy and adventure, there are many challenges one faces during a longer camping trek. The problems like shower, electricity, and Wi-Fi are the most severe ones. You will have to use an open space for the bathroom and don’t have to private space to change. Also, the camping price of the Manaslu trek is higher than that of tea house trekking. That’s why we recommend Accommodation in the Manaslu Trek over camping treks in Nepal.

Accommodation in Kathmandu

 hotels around Thamel
Relaxing hotels around Thamel

Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital is literally a hub for luxury tourism. Here, you can find a big impressive range of hotels (from dorm rooms to 7-star hotels) with great facilities. As per the Manaslu Circuit tour package, you will be staying in a 3-star hotel with an attached bathroom and hot shower. The room will be provided on a sharing basis for two and the cost is covered by the agency. However, if you want to switch to a better facility, it can be don’t within seconds.

FAQ for Manaslu Circuit trek

Check out some Manaslu Circuit Trek tips 

Is a room heating system available?

No, the rooms during Accommodation in the Manaslu Trek don’t have heaters or AC. Even the blanket is not thick enough to stand the cold weather of Manaslu. That’s why we recommend everyone carry a sleeping bag on the Manaslu Circuit trek.

However, the restaurant has a heating system. You can stay in the dining hall to warm up your body.

 Should I pre-book my hotel in Manaslu?

That totally depends on the season for the Manaslu trek. If you are travelling in summer (June, July, April) or winter (January and February), you don’t need to book your Manaslu Trek accommodation. However, when you are travelling in autumn (September, October, and November) and spring (April, March, and May) we highly suggest pre-booking a Hotels in Manaslu Circuit Trek. Since there is a very limited number of the guest house (4-5 at each stop), they are over-occupied in the peak season. When you pre-book the guest house, you can pick the best option available.

 How can I make the bookings for hotels in Manaslu?

Making a booking on the trekking trail of Nepal is not an easy job for foreigners. These hotels in Manaslu Trek don’t have an online presence on the booking sites and are also not available on the map. You can seldom find the contact details (phone number/ email) of a few hotels in Manaslu trek on Google. The best way is to ask your local guide for the contact details of these hotels in Manaslu trek. That’s why our government has made it compulsory to take a Manaslu trek package from a licensed agency like Himalayan Masters to prevent yourself from these hassles.

Can I get single Manaslu Trek accommodation during the trek?

The traveller often share rooms with their teammates. However, if you want a single accommodation in Manaslu Circuit trek for yourself, we will be able to arrange that for some added cost. When you ask for a room all by yourself, it will add a few extra dollars to the overall Manaslu Circuit trek cost.

Do hotels in Manaslu serve food?

Yes, the hotels of Manaslu Circuit trek serve an excellent option for food during the trek. In fact, trekkers must eat in the hotels they stay at during the Manaslu Circuit trek. Here, read a complete article about food in Manaslu written by our experts.

Can people in the Manaslu hotels speak English?

Yes, some staffs at Manaslu hotels are quite familiar with English. However, you cannot expect everyone on the staff to be fluent. The people at the tea houses are extremely hospitable and help with everything you need. Further, Manaslu being a restricted region, you will always have a licensed guide to accompany you.

Final words,

So, aren’t you excited about this trip to Manaslu? Well, if you are planning to travel to Nepal, you must be accompanied by a trusted travel agency like Himalayan Masters. We are more than excited to welcome you to Nepal.

See you!!

Also, if you have any questions, drop your queries below. Or contact us here for the booking.

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