Manaslu Trek Nepal- All possible treks in Manaslu Nepal

Manaslu Trek Nepal- All possible treks in Manaslu Nepal

The Manaslu trekking region revolves around Mount Manaslu, the 8th tallest mountain in the world. This mountain, at a height of 1163 meters, lies in the Gorkha district in the central West of Nepal. Famous for being a less crowded trekking zone in Nepal, Manaslu offers pure natural beauty that is untouched by modern society. While Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal is the most popular trekking route here, you should know that there are many other trekking trails in this region. However, before that, we must first understand some facts about the Manaslu Trek Nepal. 

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All trekking routes in Manaslu fall under the restricted region. This means the entire Manaslu Circuit Nepal is under the control of the government, and you need a special permit to enter all of Manaslu Trek Nepal. This design was made to protect the nature and culture of Manaslu from foreign invasion and to keep track of the tourists’ travelling year. This means you need to issue a special permit right at Kathmandu before you start your trick. Being a restricted region, it’s compulsory that you travel in a group of at least two people and hire a guide. It is also highly recommended that you book your package with a trekking agency and have a porter. The special permit makes trekking Nepal Manaslu Circuit expensive, adding a significant cost to your Nepal tour. 

Along with a Manaslu restricted area permit, you will need a conservation area permit to enter a naturally protected area here. You do not need to worry about where and how to issue the permit, as Himalayan Masters will always be there with you. 

The Manaslu Trek Nepal offers diverse landscapes, including lush green valleys, terraced fields, remote villages, and alpine forests. You’ll also witness breathtaking views of the Manaslu massif, Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, and other peaks.

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The culture of the Manaslu region is very unique and raw. The Tibetan village and Buddhist people living in these villages have an interesting experience. The entire route is filled with colourful flags, mantra wheels, and monasteries. The interesting communities in this region include Nubri and TSUM. While you are on a Manaslu Trek Nepal, do participate in local festivals and share their dresses. 

Unique cultural experience is the core of your Manaslu circuit trek. That being said, you should be alert that you do not have much impact on the local culture. Try to respect the food provided to you and dress decently. The Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal takes you through several traditional Tibetan villages, where you can participate in the rich culture and traditions of the local people. You’ll encounter various ethnic groups, including the Nubri and Tsum communities, and have the chance to visit monasteries and interact with locals.

Accommodation in Manaslu

Trek Manaslu Nepal

A couple of years ago, Manaslu was a campaign trekking destination. Thankfully, tea houses have now been developed along the trial. This means you get to live in the Local guesthouse while enjoying the warm food prepared for you. The development of the Manaslu Trek accommodation has made your trek comfortable and reduced the cost of the Manaslu Circuit trek. However, don’t expect the Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal to be very luxurious. 

The tea houses in Manaslu TSUM valley are simple hut-like structures with a central dining hall and a few rooms around it. Each room has two to three small beds with a small mattress. You need to carry a sleeping bag and even bed sheets. Old-designed restrooms might be very difficult to use, but that is something you should learn during your stay in Nepal. Also, do you remember that you need to pay extra for a hot shower, Wi-Fi, electricity, and hot water? 

You shouldn’t worry about the food during the Manaslu Trek Nepal. All tea houses have a wide range of Nepalese, Indian, and international cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can find Continental and Western food such as pizza, burgers, spaghetti, and more in Manaslu. However, we always recommend you go potty the famous Dal Bhat or simply enjoy Momo and Chow Mein. 


Walking in the difficult mountain landscape is not going to be very easy. Short treks around your home country and regular exercise will be very useful in the Manaslu Circuit Nepal trek. If you have a weak body or are suffering from some kind of disease, you should choose other adventurous activities. Do not attempt this Trekking Manaslu Nepal unless you are completely motivated and well-prepared physically.

Best Time to Trek

All treks in Manaslu regions remain at their best during the months of autumn, such as September and October. As winter approaches, it starts to get very cold, and we do not recommend winter expeditions. Once the winter is over and the temperature starts to get higher, you can plan your trekking in Manaslu Nepal. The weather at higher altitudes can be really harsh, and you shouldn’t be joking. Read about the weather of Manaslu and how to prepare for it. 

Guides and Porters

Trekking Manaslu Nepal

You are not permitted to trek solo or independently in the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Being a restricted area, you must hire a licensed guide before you apply for the permit. While hiring a porter is your choice, carrying 15 to 20 kg on your back is very hard. If you are a really experienced trekker who has been to the mountain with a heavy bag pack, then you already know about it. However, having a porter is always a great idea if you are a newbie. They cost about $15 per day, and the teachers of a guide are somewhere between $20 and $30 per day. 

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Since you already have a headstart on what to expect during Manaslu Trek Nepal, we shall write about different trekking routes here. All of these routes have different durations and difficulty levels. You can choose any destination that suits your needs and inform us. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • The classic Manaslu circuit trek is still the most popular one among tourist
  • The trek commences at Soti Khola, which is about an hour’s drive from Kathmandu. Then, you will follow the famous Budhi Gandaki River and explore many villages until you reach the Manaslu base camp.
  • As per the Himalayan Masters’ itinerary, you will stop in Manaslu Samagaun, Nepal, to experience the local culture and visit different monasteries. 
  • The highest altitude of the trek is Larkya La, which lies at 5,106 meters above sea level. 
  • The ideal Manaslu Circuit Trek with one rest day in the mountain is 13 days long. However, you can complete the trek in 10 days if you are an expert climber. The trek may take longer for newbies if you include more resting days in the Himalayas. Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary can be flexible according to your needs and trekking skills.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

This is a longer and more rewarding trek that includes the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trekking. 

About TSUM Valley

Tsum Valley Nepal is the oldest Himalayan Village in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Trek Tsum valley was opened to tourists in 2008 and is now inhabited by the Tsumbas people. This group of Tibetan Buddhist people has a very distinct language and traditions that are not found in other parts of the country. This Manaslu Trek Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to visit Buddhist heritage such as Rachen Gompa and Mu Gompa. Foreign tourists and local Buddhists use this valley as a pilgrim route. Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek lies in the premises of the Ganesh Himal and Sringi Himal ranges. Along with exceptionally beautiful mountain views, the entire Manaslu Circuit Nepal is entertained by lush tropical forests, alpine meadows, and beautiful terrace farms. 

This trek Manaslu Nepal also commences after a drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola, a small village in the Western north of Kathmandu (about eight hours of bus ride). 

On the sixth day, you walk along the Budhi Gandaki River and lush rhododendron forest to the village of Nile. Your journey to TSUM Valley begins here, and you will explore different local heritages. 

This Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary combines the Manaslu Circuit with a visit to the culturally rich Tsum Valley.

You will remain in TSUM until the ninth day of the trek to Manaslu, Nepal. On the 10th day of June, we will trek to the Ganesh Himal base camp. 

After this, you trek down for Manaslu Circuit Nepal and stop at Manaslu Samagaun Nepal on the 14th and 15th day. Now, you will walk down to the lower altitude and join Annapurna Circuit Trek at Dharapani before getting back to Kathmandu on the 21st day. 

Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary above includes both the Manaslu Circuit Trek and the TSUM Valley Trek; however, if you want to explore the culture of TSUM Valley alone, you can only go for a rather short and interesting trek to TSUM Valley Nepal. 

Like the previous Manaslu Trek Nepal, we drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola and then walk to Nile Valley in the first week. After exploring the upper TSUM valley, we shall explore Ganesh Base Camp. Instead of walking through the Manaslu region, we walk directly to Soti Khola and drive back to Kathmandu. 

Depending upon your pace and comfort, this trek can take 15 to 18 days. Since Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley is also a restricted region, you will need a special permit to stay in the villages during the trek to Manaslu Nepal.

Read about the distance of Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

Manaslu Rupina La Pass Trek:

Do you want something even more exciting and thrilling than Manaslu Circuit Nepal? This is the least-visited trekking route of Manaslu, and you need to design a special itinerary for it. The trek across Rupina La Pass (4643 meters) offers a different perspective on the Manaslu region.

Just like all other treks in Nepal Manaslu Circuit, you’ll start in Soti Khola and traverse through remote areas to reach the pass. Then, you will trek via Yak Kharka to Rupina La Pass. After this, you will join Manaslu Circuit Trek at Namrung on the 9th day. Spending the 10th and 11th day in Manaslu Samagaun Nepal, you join the Annapurna Circuit Trek at Dharapani. On the 19th day, we drive from Besisahar to Besisahar, officially ending our trek. 

You will camp for five nights during the trip, from the second day until the sixth day. While trekking Manaslu Nepal, you will find your first tea house in Ngyak, where you can finally shower and get electricity. 

Manaslu Homestay Trek

Unlike the complicated trek in the mountains, this is a rather relaxing tour in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal. This Manaslu Homestay Trek Itinerary aims to accommodate you in a local homestay. This means you will live with village people in their houses and eat whatever they cook for themselves during the trek to Manaslu, Nepal. 

This 8 to 10-day trek includes a Gorkha Bazaar visit, a stay in villages like Laprak and Barpak, and a private ride to and from Kathmandu. 

While this particular trek has been designed for a detailed cultural study and experience, you will also enjoy some great mountain views and unique wildlife while trekking Manaslu, Nepal. 

Read a detailed Packing list for Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

 Manaslu cum Annapurna Circuit Trek

Trek to Manaslu Circuit

If you want to add a twist to your tracking in Nepal, you can aim for this very adventurous Manaslu Circuit Nepal and Annapurna Circuit trick combined. This extensive journey through a wide range of landscapes explores the entire Manaslu and Annapurna Himalaya area while also visiting places such as Manang. We stay in Manaslu Samagaun Nepal for two to three days, exploring all the local spots. 

Crossing Larkya La Pass and Thorong La Pass on a long journey is going to be very exciting. Also, note that this entire trek is a tea house trekking route, and you do not need to carry your own camp. 

This Manaslu Circuit Nepal and Annapurna takes about 25 days to complete. You can first drive through Soti Khola, explore the Manaslu region, and stay at Samagaun for a couple of days. Then, we will join the Annapurna circuit trek and walk down to the village of Manang before heading down to Besisahar and finally driving back to Kathmandu. 

All of these treks are discussed in detail on our trip page. Follow the link here to go through them. If you want to design a special itinerary that matches your needs, please contact us at 

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