Manaslu Trek Itinerary

Manaslu Trek Itinerary
Manaslu Trek Itinerary

Trekking in Nepal is one of the world’s highest mountains. Compared to different classic treks in Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit trek has been noted as the best one. The walk circumnavigates around the world’s eight tallest mountains, at 8,163 meters. Along with unparalleled Himalayan views from Larkya Pass (at 5,100 meters), this Manaslu Circuit trek itinerary offers intimate encounters with the lives of Manaslu and their ancient culture. The Manaslu and Tsum Valley tours are physically demanding but, at the same time, traditionally enriching and scenically uplifting.

The wonderful experience of wandering the off-beaten trails of the mountains is second to none. Passing through the vast array of mountain valleys, you get to live within the river gorges and striking snowscapes. Wandering in the subtropical forests, you often encounter rare and unique animals that are not seen elsewhere. Along with the beauty of nature, the Tibetan Buddhist culture in the Tsum valley you witness during the trek will be life-changing. The remote and yet happy lifestyle of people in Manaslu is a lesson to the whole world.

Our Himalayan master team customizes the Manaslu Circuit trek as per your needs and time. Ideally, this is a 14-day-long journey. However, as per your speed, we might be able to make it in 12 or 13 days. And if you want to take a longer time to live in these mountain valleys, enjoying the bliss of nature fully, this could be an 18-day Manaslu Tsum Valley trek or a 21-day Manaslu Tsum Valley trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Route

Irrespective of your itinerary, there’s a definite route used for Manaslu Circuit Trek. Being one of the closest treks from Kathmandu, we get into the region after 126km of drive to Soti Khola. Then, we walk above the mighty Budi Gandaki region on steamy lowlands with stunning terrace farms. The views of the turquoise river and waterfalls are seen all around. We visit the classic Rachen Gompa and Mu Gompa to observe the nuns’ lives from a close distance. Looking for Himalayan thars and snow leopards, we climb at Lokpa. Here, the views of Himal Chuli and Ngadi Chuli greet us as we walk to the Ganesh Himal Base. The final and yet most challenging climb to Larkya La pass brings our Manaslu trek to an end. We will then be joining the Annapurna Circuit Trek at Dharapani and getting back to Kathmandu.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

Manaslu Trek Itinerary Map

Manaslu Trek itinerary 12 days

This Circuit trek can be completed in 12 days when you have only one rest day i.e. in Sama Gau. Since this is the shortest possible trip in the Manaslu region, you will have to walk long hours. Also, you should know that this Manaslu circuit Trek itinerary here doesn’t include a trip to TSUM valley. This means, you will only be trekking in the lower Manaslu Region and need to issue only one restricted area permit (No need for a TSUM valley permit). 

This 12-day trek starts from Kathmandu with a drive to Sotikhola and covers all places in the Manaslu Circuit trek. So, although it’s a shorter trip, there’s not a thing you should miss. 

1Drive to Soti Khola710m8 hours140km
2Trek to Macha Khola930m7-8 hours34km
3Trek to Jagat1,410m6-7 hours23km
4Trek to Deng1,804m6-7 hours21km
5Trek to Namrung2,630m6-7 hours20 km
6Trek to Sama Gau3,530m6-7 hours22km
7Rest in Sama Gaun
8Trek to Samdo3,860m5-6 hours17km
9Trek to Dharmasala4,60m5-6 hours13km
10Trek to Bimthang via Larkye Pass(5160m)3,700m7-8 hours25km
11Trek to Dharapani1860m6-7 hours28km
12Drive to Kathmandu1400m9-10 hours240km
Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary-12 days


  • Since you will be walking a long distance and only have one rest day, it might be risky. You will not have time to book your stay as you will rush to a new place each day.
  • Since you will be skipping a buffer day, you will have very little time to rest and also miss some villages and monasteries that you could visit along the way.
  • Obviously, we will not get to Manaslu and Tsum Valley in a single journey, which is bad news. 
  • It is a very hard and long walk from Dharmasala to Bhimthang on the day you cross Larkya La Pass(3540m).


  • Try booking your accommodation in advance or let the Himalayan master’s team do that for you. 
  • Stop the trek once you develop the slightest symptoms of altitude sickness. In the shorter trek, the chances of falling sick due to altitude are high.
  • Never be overconfident, always walk slow and carefully.
  • Although you will have less time in each village, take some leisure to interact with the locals and observe their culture. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary 13 days

things you should know before manaslu circuit trek

Adding one day to your Manaslu region trek doesn’t make any significant difference. However, on the 13th day, you get to reach Sama Gau village via Pungyen Gompa. The route from Shyala village diverts us to the river fetched from the Pung Glen. Ascending the huge cliff before us, we shall get to the yak pasture that leads us to the Pungyan gompa. This century-old monastery built by the Buddhists around the place is a center for monks and Buddhist students for mediation and retreat (chham). The peace and calmness of Pungyen Gompa will definitely fill up your heart while you witness Mt. Manaslu, Ngadi Chuli, Siringi Himal, Himalchuli, and Kutang before us. 

1Drive to Soti Khola710m8-9 hours140km
2Trek to Macha Khola930m7-8 hours34km
3Trek to Jagat1,410m6-7 hours23km
4Trek to Deng1,804m6-7 hours21km
5Trek to Namrung2,630m6-7 hours20km
6Trek to Shyala3,430 m4-5 hours15km
7Trek to Sama gau via Pungyen Gompa3,530m4-5 hours18km
8Rest in Sama Gaun   
9Trek to Samdo3,860m5-6 hours17km
10Trek to Dharmasala4,60m5-6 hours13km
11Trek to Bimthang via Larkye Pass(5160m)3,700m8-9 hours25km
12Trek to Dharapani1860m6-7 hours28km
13Drive to Kathmandu1400m10 hours240km
Manaslu Trek Itinerary 13 days


  • Driving all the way from Dharapani to Kathmandu in a single day can be hard
  • Just like the 12-day Itinerary, this Manaslu Circuit trek Itinerary also includes an above 20kms hike in the initial part of the trek, making it really hard to the walk
  • A very long drive on the first and last day of the trek can make you exhausted
  • And, this Itinerary here also excludes the TSUM valley trek, which is the cultural and religious center of the Manaslu region


  • Since this is a long trek with longer walking days, always travel with a licensed guide and if possible, a reliable travel agency like Himalayan masters.
  • As mentioned earlier, the walk must not continue in case of slight discomfort or altitude sickness
  • If you feel like stopping at some villages and observing the peace of nature, the Itinerary here is always customizable in the addition of a small charge

Manaslu Circuit Trek 16 days

Overcoming all the drawbacks of the above short trek, this long and relaxing trek in Manaslu has so much to explore. The major highlight of this 16 days Itinerary is the shorter drive on the first and second day while we slowly move towards the valley. Also, we get one more day to conquer Larkya Pass, the highest and most challenging part of this trek. After that, the Itinerary is similar to the 13 days of Manaslu Trek and we shall also get to visit Pungyen Gompa before stopping at Sama Gaun. We might also get to explore the new destination as Loh monasteries and Kal lake. 

However, the biggest perk of Manaslu Circuit Trek 16 days is 2 additional nights of stay in the Annapurna Circuit trek route. Annapurna Circuit trek is already a very popular and rewarding trek route in Nepal with some fine hotels and tea houses built here. We join this Annapurna route at Tilje and stay at Jagat. Driving downwards, we even get to stay at a hotel in Besisahar, the headquarters of the Lamjung district. From Besisahar, the drive to Kathmandu is easy and relaxing. Basically, there’s no rush and only fun. 

Manaslu Circuit trek 16 days Itinerary 

1Drive to Arughat Bazaar606 m6-7 hours110kms
2Drive/ Trek to Soti Khola710m2-3 hours30km
3Trek to Macha Khola930m7-8 hours34km
4Trek to Jagat1,410m6-7 hours23km
5Trek to Deng1,804m6-7 hours21km
6Trek to Namrung2,630m6-7 hours20km
7Trek to Shyala3,430 m4-5 hours15km
8Trek to Sama gau via Pungyen Gompa3,530m4-5 hours18km
9Rest in Sama Gaun   
10Trek to Samdo3,860m5-6 hours17km
11Trek to Larkya Phedi4460m6-7 hours20kms
12Trek to Bimthang via Larkye Pass(5160m)3,700m6-7 hours18km
13Trek to Tilije2300m6-7 hours 
14Trek to Jagat1300m5-6 hours 
15Drive/ trek to Besisahar840m2-3 hours 
16Drive to Kathmandu1400m10 hours240km
Manaslu Trek Itinerary- 16 days


  • Well, this is a quiet relaxing trek with a long Itinerary. Even then, you need to walk for 7-8 hours each day, and the chances of altitude sickness are still there. So, make sure that you are physically and mentally fit. 
  • The initial few days of walking that involve 20-30 km of the hike can be difficult. If so, you can drive to Machha Khola, skipping a large part of the trekking route. Since Jagat, the path is relatively achievable. 
  • You still don’t get to visit the core of Manaslu trek i.e. TSUM valley (which can be done with 20 days trek)


  • Walk together with your team, especially your guide, and if you experience any unease inform them immediately. 
  • If you want to explore Tsum valley in a shorter time, one can directly drive to Maccha Khola and then from Dharmasala to Kathmandu. Although this off-road drive can be quite challenging, one gets to visit Tsum valley. 

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek 18-day Itinerary 

Manaslu trek

This 18-day Manaslu and TSUM valley trek Itinerary is very exciting. Within these 18 days, we enjoy all the perks of a relaxing Manaslu Circuit trek while also visiting Tsum valley. The path is the same as above until we reach Jagat. From here, we head to Lokpa, Chumling, and Chhokangparo, getting to the core of TSUM valley. Not only do we get to visit the century-old Mu Gumpa but also explore Ganesh Himal Base Camp at 4900m to give us the vibe of a true mountain trek. Then, we walk down to Ripchet and join the Manaslu Circuit trek at Deng to follow the same route as above. 

TSUM Valley

Tsum Valley is the remotest land in Western Himalayas that homes the Tsumba Indigenous peoples. These Tsumba people have their own unique language i.e. Tsumke or Tsumba, which is made from the Tibetan language. The Valley is called “Shyagya”, (a culture of non-violence) in the year 1920. Such beliefs of the Tibetan culture still shape the lives of the Tsumba people. The village is full of Mani Bompos/ Mani Walls, flags, Chortens, wheels, and monasteries. Although the land is 4 days of walk from the nearest bus station, TSUM valley has the happiest and most peaceful people on earth. 

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary

1Drive to Soti Khola710m8-9 hours
2Trek to Macha Khola930m7-8 hours
3Trek to Jagat1,410m6-7 hours
4Trek to Lokpa22405 hours
5Trek to Chumling23866 hours
6Trek to Chekampar3031 m  5 hours
7Trek to the Nile33616 hours
9Trek to Mu Gompa3700 m  6 hours
9Rest day in Mu Gompa  
10Trek to Chekampar3031 m  5 hours
11Trek to Chumling23866 hours
12Trek to Deng1,804m6-7 hours
13Trek to Namrung2,630m6-7 hours
14Trek to Sama gau3,530m4-5 hours
15Rest in SamaGau  
16Trek to Deng1,804m6-7 hours
17Trek to Machha Khola930m7-8 hours
18Drive to Kathmandu1400mhours
Manaslu Trek Itinerary, 18 days


  • Covering both Manaslu and TSUM valley takes 23 to 24 days for normal trekkers. Here, we attempt to complete that in 18 days. So, the Manaslu Circuit Trek difficult with many hurdles on the way. 
  • We don’t get to visit Ganesh Base Camp to get the true feeling of a base camp trek
  • Since we get back to Soti Khola on the same route, it can be quite boring. On a longer Itinerary, we get to join Larkye Pass and the Annapurna Circuit trek route. 

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek 21-day Itinerary 

Lastly, we have a complete and relaxing Manaslu Tsum valley trek Itinerary that offers users the most wholesome experience. There’s no rush and you have lots of time to understand the beauty of Nepal. Also, you get to visit Ganesh Base Camp for a complete mountain trekking experience. A bit higher Manaslu Trek cost is its only problem.

1Drive to Soti Khola710m8-9 hours140km
2Trek to Macha Khola930m7-8 hours34km
3Trek to Jagat1,410m6-7 hours23km
4Trek to Lokpa22405 hours18kms
5Trek to Chumling23866 hours 
6Trek to Chekampar3031 m  5 hours 
7Trek to Mu Gompa3700 m  6 hours 
8Trek to Chhokangparo  5 hrs 
9Trek to Gumpa Lungdang 3400 m    
10Trek to Ganesh Himal Base Camp4900m6 hrs 
11Trek to Ripchet2470m    
12Trek to Deng1,804m6-7 hours21km
13Trek to Namrung2,630m6-7 hours20km
14Trek to Shyala3,430 m4-5 hours15km
15Trek to Sama gau via Pungyen Gompa3,530m4-5 hours18km
16Rest in Sama Gaun   
17Trek to Samdo3,860m5-6 hours17km
18Trek to Dharmasala4,60m5-6 hours13km
19Trek to Bimthang via Larkye Pass(5160m)3,700m8-9 hours25km
20Trek to Dharapani1860m6-7 hours28km
21Drive to Kathmandu1400m10 hours240km
Manaslu Circuit Trek 21 days

Final words

So, when are planning to visit Nepal? Is there anything we can help you with? If then, do remember to contact us. We are happy to help. 

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