Manaslu Circuit Trek, 13 Day Itinerary
5 USD 995 Per Person
13 Days
Tea house
Springs and autumn (March to June and September to December)
Breakfast lunch dinner with Three Cup of Hot Drinks a day
Local Namaste sim card
6 to 7 hours

Manaslu Circuit Trek, 13 Day Itinerary

Do you know what does the sound of forest whistling, waterfalls singing, and Monal (Nepal’s national bird) chirping all at a time sound like? Can you image a place with gaint mountain views and alpine meadow look like? The picturesque landscapes on  terraced farmland and several suspension bridges are just a few among a hundred perks of Manalsu Circuit trek.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the classic and off-the-beaten trails of Nepal. It passes through the border between Nepal and Tibet. This route has been popular since its emergence in 1992. The trail is among the best treks in Nepal that take you around the world’s 8th highest mountain, Mt. Manaslu, a mountain peak at an elevation of 8163 meters.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Highlights

  • Hike near the world’s 8th highest peak Manaslu Base Camp
  • A way less crowded trail located at the territory of Mansiri Himal.
  • A short yet wonderfully scenic drive from Kathmandu to Arughat/Sotikhola.
  • Panoramic views of dozens of giant Himalayas as Manaslu, Annapurna II, and Lamjung Himal.
  • Pass through Budigandaki Gorge.
  • Chance of encountering strange flora and fauna including snow leopards
  • Explore the amazing local cultures while exploring local Monastery, which dates back over 200 years.
  • Trek to the Tibetan border from Samdo Village

Manaslu Circuit Trek- A short Insight

While all mountain treks of Nepal are immensely pleasing, Trek to Manaslu is by far the most peaceful and pleasing one. Although was opened nearly three decades ago, This Manaslu Trek is way less crowded than Everest Base Camp (EBC) or Annapurna Base Camp (ABC).

So where do you start your Manaslu Circuit Trek? First, fly to Kathmandu from your home country and we shall be there with you right from airport. After a night in Kathmandu, we hop on early morning drive to Arughat or Sotikhola. From here, we move on the trail from Jagat to Deng to Namrung to Sama Gaun. On the 6th day of the trip, we actually stop at Sama Gaun, visiting some local places there. Then we move to Samdo, just to stop there for one more day before we hike to Dharmashala, our highest stop for the trek. Then we move to Bhimtang, Gho and finally to Dharapani. From Dharapani, we get a jeep that moves us back to Kathmandu. Well, this might be a lot of information in one Paragraph, so we break down the day-to-day Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary for below. For further details, you can also read Manaslu Trek Guide. 


Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Maccha Khola via Soti Khola (86m)

Soon after breakfast in the hotel, we arrange for your drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola. About a four-hour drive on the west of Kathmandu, along Trishuli River, we reach Dhading Besi, the district headquarters. This might be a good place to stop for lunch and some shopping. Now, the ride is gonna be in the northern direction, and on a rather clear day, we might see mountains on the way.

Upon arriving at Aarughat, you will find yourself exploring one of the beautiful towns of the district. After a short stop here at Aarughat, it’s a final rush to Soti Khola and then to Machha Khola.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours (146 km)

Day 02: Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat (1340 m)

The initial trekking days every exquisite as we move along Budhi Gandaki River, just to witness the stunning. Initially, we cross a thick forest before moving to Khorlabesi. Be alert in the forest as you will find some langurs and monkeys chattering at you from the top of the tree.

In a few hours, we move to a place called Tatopani (which basically means “hot” and “shower”. You are looking at a hot shower in the natural spring. Then a long suspension bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River is there to connect Dovan. While you can also choose to stay in Dovan, our plant is to cross Thulo dung and reach Jagat. This beautiful made-up cultural town at 1340 meters is our first place to witness the the Himalayan Buddhist culture.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking) 18 km

Day 03: Trek from Jagat to Deng (Dyang) (1860 m)

Hike to Manaslu
Hike to Manaslu

This is the second day of your Manaslu Circuit Trek and you have to over at least 12 kms out of your 19kms Manaslu Circuit Trek distance. Today’s walk on the rocky ridge. is accompanied by the most amazing views by Sringi Himal (7187 m). Along with rocky ascend, you shall also encounter the farmland of locals that grow maize and potatoes. In the  Manaslu Conservation Area (1998), you might find a few beautiful wildlife’s. After a series of walk via the bamboo forest, there’s Deng village for our rescue. It is a small, beautiful village that most trekkers choose for their overnight stay.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking

Day 04: Trek from Deng to Namrung (2660 m)

After good breakfast at Deng we head towards the village of Namrung. Few hours into the trek and our first stop shall be the colourful woodlands called Ghap. While Ghap do have some good tea houses for our night’s stay, it’s our destination only for lunch. After Ghap, there’s a sususpension bridge connecting us to Rana and in a short time, we are at Bihi Phedi. One might see many free roaming monkeys in this dangerous path to Namrung. At 2660 meters, Namrung village has some good accommodation for the night.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (19 km)

Day 05: Trek from Namrung to Sama Gaun (3220 m)

Culture of Manaslu Region
Culture of Manaslu Region

As the Manaslu Circuit Trek advances, we are most close to the mountains and also the Tibetan culture. On our way to villages of Lihi and Who, we can see many Mani Walls and colourful flags. Also, the forested trail has terraced fields and colourful wild flowers. From Lho, the views of Manaslu (8163 m) and Manaslu North(7157 m) are very distance.Lho can be a good stop for the night’s stop, but moving further north to Sama Gaun (3520 meters) will make our 6th day rather realising. However, if you are experiencing some unease, we might stop at Lho as well.

Meal : Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking

Day 06: Acclimatization Day at Sama Gaun (3220 m)

Since we have been walking continuous for four days, reaching above 3000meters, its idea to have acclimatisation day. However, this is an very interesting day we have the option to hike upto Manaslu Base Camp (4400 m). Also, some tourist prefer whole day tours to Pungent Monastery which is a shorter and easier option. Or if you just exhausted, you might wanna rest in the tea house itself.

Let’s talk more about your Hike to Manaslu Base Camp. This takes about 2 and half hour before we further explore Birendra Lake. Further off the ridge is Pungent Gompa, we great place to explore true Buddhist culture of the Himalayas. From here, you can have the amazing views of the glaciers and mountains before walking down to Sama Gaun.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (15 km)

Day 07: Trek from Sama Gaun to Samdo (3860 m)

Trek to Manaslu Base Camp
Trek to Manaslu Base Camp

After a fun day in the mountains, this is another relaxing short day tours. As you move higher, the forest are converted into a large pasture land, if lucky, you can see some yaks, otherwise it’s just a alpine grassland for the day. You might also spot a typical Nepalese bird called Danphe and other rear wildlife’s along the Manaslu Trek trail.

Before the final climb to the village of Samdo, you shall cross Budhi Gandaki River. In a few hours, you will find yourself enjoying a yum cup of coffee in Samdo.

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 6 hours trekking

Day 08: Rest Day at Samdo (3860 m) (Acclimatization Hike to Tibet Border)

Since we have got much to rest previously, we can take another break day at Samdo and spend an extra night here. You can either spend a whole day taking pictures and hot soup or go for an fun hike nearby. Do you know that you can hike near the Tibetan border and click some picture at the Tibetan side of Manaslu before coming back to Samdo?. 

Meal : Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (9 km)

Day 09: Trek from Samdo to Dharamasala (4480 m)

Now, this a tough day of hike to Dharamsala, and you must be prepared with all the foods, and blankets one might need. On Budhi Gandaki river, we cross a very dangerous wooden bridge and head upwards towards the alpine meadow. Taking enough rest, we stroll via the path of Mani walls and prayer flags to reach a wide valley named as Salha Khola. While the beautiful view of Larkya Glacier, we continue of our path to a stone build guest house in Dharamsala.

Now, this Stone Guest House is the simplest accommodation we find. It accommodates 50 travellers and operates only in peak season. You will just get a mattress and definitely need a sleeping bag of your own, the thrilling experience during Manaslu Region trek.

Meal : Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (12km)

Day 10: Trek from Dharamasala to Bhimtang (3750 m) via Larke Pass (5160 m)

Trek to Larke Pass
Trek to Larke Pass

Ready for the longest and the most difficult day of 13-days Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary? We hike for more than 9 hours, covering more than 25kms, in a very dangerous trail, especially the big rocky hills today. However, the best part for the day is to explore the four frozen lakes and take beautiful pictures before them. Today is also the day we climb to 5160 meters, the highest destination for us.

The spectacular views of Himlung Himal (7126 m), Cheo Himal (6820 m), Gyaji Kung (7030 m), Kang Guru (6981 m), and Annapurna II (7937 m) can be seen from the well-known viewpoint of Larkya La. From there on, the trail is primarily downward until you reach Bhimtang, where you will spend the night.

And, from here, your roaming around Manaslu Conservation Area is going to end.

Meal : Breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 8 hours trekking

Day 11: Trek from Bhimtang to Gho (2550 m).

After a long day, this is a short and relaxing walking time. As we have already walked to the lower altitude, the oxygen gets thicker and walking gets easier. However, since this is a rather downhill climb, you can get cramps in your keens, so make sure that you walk slow. The frequent landslides might have made the route quite rough, so be very careful about tripping. After few hours, we are back the route of rhododendron and pine forest, that feels like a heaven in a blooming season. Now, the trail then descends to the Dudh Khola (Milk River). You continue to trek through vat farmland until you reach the village of Gho. You will be spending the night in one of the fine lodges in Gho village during our Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Also Read: Detailed Manaslu region guide

Meal : Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Accomodation : Tea house

Walking / Driving : 5 to 6 hours trekking (25 km)

Day 12: Trek from Gho to Dharapani and drive to Beshisahar.

Today is the last trekking day of your itinerary. You have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the trail. You need to cover only about six kilometres to reach Dharapani. The trail goes through the agricultural fields and pastures. A few sections of the trail pass through pine and rhododendron forests and finally lead you to Dharapani, where you will explore the surrounding areas and stay overnight.

Meal : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Accomodation : Guest house

Walking / Driving : 2 hours trekking and 3 hours drive

Day 13: Drive from Beshisahar to Kathmandu or Pokhara


This is the day to say goodbye to the Himalayas. Utilize your last few minutes to share your experiences in the Himalayas with any locals. The last day of your trip begins with about a 5-hour drive in a local jeep from Dharapani to Beshisahar and then another 6-hour bus drive to Kathmandu.

It is mandatory to rush a little in the morning to catch at least the last bus to Kathmandu from Beshisahar. In case you could not get the bus to Kathmandu, you probably need to wait till the next day. Upon arriving in Kathmandu, you will be invited to the last farewell dinner party in a fine restaurant. You will probably be provided with some Nepali cultural dances and special performances.

Note: If someone wishes to travel to Pokhara instead of Kathmandu following the trek, the Himalayan masters will assist you in arranging transportation to Pokhara. Also, you might be interested in Helicopter Tours to Nepal. 

Meal : Breakfast and lunch

Walking / Driving : 7 hours drive (175 km)

Day :

Fixed Departure

Trip Date Trip Status
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Create your own tailored made trip on your own way and get ready to travel.

include / exclude

Trip Cost Includes

  1. Airport Pick up and Drop off service by private car
  2. 12 nights Best available clean and comfortable Tea house accommodation during the trek
  3. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 13 days of trekking
  4. Three hot drinks a day (Tea and Coffee)
  5. Kathmandu to Maccha Khola by Local bus
  6. Dharapani to Besi Sahar by public sharing jeep
  7. Besi Sahar to Kathmandu or pokhara by Tourist bus
  8. Guide for 13 days
  9. Trekking permits – Annapurna conservation permit and TIMS Card.
  10. Manaslu conservation area permit.
  11. Manaslu restricted area permit.
  12. All Local and Government taxes, administrative charges

Complementary services from Himalayan Masters

  1.  Himalayan Masters Brand -25 degree sleeping bag during the trip
  2. Himalayan Masters Brand -25 Down jacket during the trek
  3. and a pulse oximeter for monitoring your oxygen saturation and heart rate at high altitudes.
  4. Himalayan Masters brand water bottles and purification tablets
  5. First aid kit box
  6. Seasonal fruits for dessert
  7. Himalayan Masters Brand Duffle Bag for the trekking
  8. Himalayan Masters Brand Trekking T-Shirt and Cap
  9. The guide keeps a bottle of oxygen on hand in case of an emergency.
  10. Manaslu trekking maps

Trip Cost Excludes

  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu in case of early arrival or late departure
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Nepal Visa fee
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • International flights
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, internet, laundry, bar bills, snacks, bottled or boiled water, souvenirs, hot showers)
  • Personal trekking gear and equipment
  • Porter for the trek (One porter for 13 days USD 220)
  • Private Transport
  • Tips for guide  and driver (tipping is expected)


useful info

Weather at Manaslu Circuit Trek

Weather plays a vital role in determining the ease and comfort of your trek. It’s important to learn about the temperature and climatic conditions before you plan the tour. Although the weather in the mountains is relatively unpredictable, we can say that Manaslu experiences four distinct weather variations every year. 

 March, April, and May mark the spring season in Nepal. March begins with a temperature of -6 degrees Celsius at night but rises to 6-12 degrees in the late afternoon. At the end of May, the mountains are quite warm, even during the night. Autumn is a time of celebration and fun. After the post-monsoon, the weather is quite stable and dry. Days are pretty warm, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 degrees in the Manaslu region. These are the best seasons for Manaslu Treks in Nepal.

 Summer in the South Asian region marks a prominent monsoon. The rain starts to pour in the second week of June and lasts for almost a month. As December approaches, the temperature falls to -8 degrees Celsius in the high mountains. But the snowfall begins after mid-January and lasts until mid-December. At this time, the night temperature is almost -10 to -6 degrees. Even if the temperature reaches zero.

Best season for Manaslu circuit Trek

Thankfully, the Manaslu trek is open for hiking at any time of the year. Sadly, the winter trek is challenging as the tea houses in the upper sections of the hike are closed. However, if you don’t want to miss the best mountain views covered in a thick white blanket, you can arrange the tour even in the winter.

Also, monsoon is considered low season due to its slippery path and leaches. But since it’s the best time to visit for keen botanists, you can head for the trek with the proper preparation.

The best season for the Manaslu trek is from March to May when the temperature is bearable, and the rhododendron blooming is seen everywhere. Or, you might trek in another peak season, i.e., October to December, when the sky is clear, the trail is busy, and the locals are vibrant. After completing farming in the monsoon, a time comes for a big celebration such as the Dashain and Tihar festivals. As the trails are very busy, you might have to pre-book the lodges.

Accommodation in Manaslu Trek

On the trek, we will stay in the tea houses that the local families own. The lodge has a central dining area with a big stove for heating the room. The room mostly has two or three beds. They provide you with mattresses, a small blanket, and pillows. You might need to use sleeping bags for the night. They offer a hot shower on additional request, but the infamous “drop” toilets might be your most significant difficulty. Thankfully, a handful of newly constructed tea houses have a flush system.

Know more about accommodation in the Manaslu circuit trek 

Food for Manaslu trekking 

Regarding the food in Manaslu, you can have any meal of your choice while you stay in Kathmandu. We only provide you with breakfast (along with a welcome/farewell dinner) so that you can have the freedom of choice to eat whatever and wherever you want.

Know more about food in the Manaslu trek

During the trek, all three meals of the day are included. For breakfast, you can have a pancake, bread, dairy, juice, etc. The tea houses also have muesli and oats as options. The popular Dal Bhat with additional supplies is the best choice for lunch and dinner. However, you can also pick from noodles, momo, rolls, roti, and some curry. In the lower altitudes, some continental options like pizza and burgers are also available. Do try local foods such as Thukpa and butter tea. 

Transportation During Manaslu Trek

Regarding the accommodation, we will mostly be travelling in a private tourist vehicle. The vehicle size differs as per the group. Airport pick-up and drop-off will also be done in a private car. This particular tour does not have the option of a flight. So, most of the travelling is done by road.

Culture and festivals of the Manaslu region

Manaslu area is probably the most culturally diverse section of Nepal. In the lower chamber, we can witness village settlements with Chettri, Brahmin, and Newar people, whose lives are guided by Hindu values. Then, as we shift to the upper section, we witness the Tibeto-Burmans and Mongoloids, who mainly belong to the Rai, Magar, Gurung, and Tamang castes. 

Beautiful monasteries, mani walls, rotating wheels, and player flags are part of their culture. In places like Mu gumba, Gumba lungdung, and Rachen gumba, you can see many nuns, especially younger ones, practising the ancient art of meditation and medicine. 

 People also celebrate different festivals that bind them in a commonplace. Lhosar and Bouddha Jayanti are celebrated with much joy. Explore the unique clothing of Manaslu and be a part of their festivals. You will have enough time to interact with the people and learn about their local culture. 

What kind of Permits are required for the Manaslu Trek?

Manaslu area limited area permits, Manaslu conservation area permits (MCAP), Annapurna Conservation area permits (ACAP), and Trekkers information management systems card (TIMS) are the four types of permits required for trekking in Manaslu. You need these four licenses to accomplish the Manaslu Trek.

Know more about the permits


What is a tea house like?

What do you imagine a house in the most difficult mountain terrain look like? The tea house in Manaslu looks like a small hut, mostly made of wood or mud. Every tea house has a central dining area with a big wood burner in the center. The fire is supposed to keep the room warm while you rest after a long day. Then there will be two or three single beds with a thin mattress and thin blanket. Well, bedsheets might not always be very clean (it’s safe to carry your own bedsheets) and blankets are not warm enough (that’s why we recommend sleeping bags). 

Let’s talk about the most important topic here, the bathrooms. Still called toilets in Nepal, there might be western or Indian pan restroom that is provided in sharing basic. There are hot showers in almost all hotels in Manaslu but you must pay extra for that. 

We are often about what about electricity or charging in Manaslu Circuit Trek. The rooms in tea houses don’t have any plugs for charging and you must give your mobile or camera in reception. They charge your devices for a couple of extra bugs. 

The tea houses do offer some good varieties in the menu but Nepalese Dal Bhat is always the best option. Wanna know more about foods in Manaslu? Just get to the article here. 

What is a day in Manaslu Circuit Trek actually like?

If you have been to any other high-altitude trek around in mountains, you definitely know what we are talking about. If it’s your first time, read carefully. Every trek day is going to be different and difficulty adds up as you gain altitude, but a general outline can be made. 

Each day, the Manaslu Circuit trek begins after breakfast in a teahouse which is around seven to eight in the morning. You need to wake up quite early and freshen up before breakfast is served and then we start the walk. Following the trail led by our guide, we enjoy the view along the route. Whenever you are tired, just give a signal and the guide shall stop. We cross a couple of kilometers before the guide stops us for lunch. You will spend almost an hour in the hotel here before moving ahead. You might have to take a packed lunch sometimes, but we mostly eat fresh lunch prepared in the tea houses. 

After lunch, we walked for a couple of more hours. You might wanna stuff juice, chocolates, or some snacks in a small bag that you carry yourself. Depending on the distance we cover, we reach our destination somewhere between three to seven o’clock in the evening. The guide finds you a tea house where you shall crash for the night. 

Things to do after a Manaslu Circuit Trek

Although a trek to Manaslu is gonna rejuvenate your soul, it might be physically tiresome. A long spa session might be the best thing when you get back to Kathmandu. And for the Ladies, you might need a facial and a hair care day after that. Give yourself a day or two to let that muscle relax. Short tours to Kathmandu Valley or around Nagarkot might be a good finish to your Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

Where to met Himalayan Masters?

You can contact with us via email or WhatsApp provided in the site. We will be available to pick you up at the Tribhuwan International airport and transport you to the hotel anywhere in Kathmandu. Do note that our package begins from the day we move for trek to Manaslu, so any accommodation cost before that is not covered. If you are already in Kathmandu, we shall pick you up from the hotel. 

Himalayan Masters believe in flexibility and comfort. We will provide you with the contacts details of your client and driver just in case you need to ask anything. 

A quick tips on Travel insurance for Manaslu 

Unfortunately, our Manaslu Trek cost doesn’t include travel insurance for our clients. You need to get a foreign travel insurance that covers high altitude rescue from your own home country. 

Manaslu Trek Packing List by Himalayan Masters

This is a complete packing list made by our expert leader, so please take a look at the Packing list of the Manaslu Trek.

Head :

  1. Sun hat/scarf (Himalayan masters will provide the trekking caps)
  2. Winter hat, insulating hat or wide-brimmed hat
  3. Headlight with extra batteries

Face :

  1. Sunscreen, lip balm/lip guard
  2. Sunglasses with UV protection
  3. Face/body wipes

Hand :

  1. Lightweight gloves
  2. Heavyweight winter gloves

Body :

  1. Hiking shirt
  2. Long sleeved shirt
  3. Hooded rain jacket
  4. Fleece jacket
  5. Lightweight cotton pants
  6. T-shirt (lightweight wool)
  7. polypropylene underwear
  8. Down jacket (-20 is the best at the high altitude trekking / is complimentary by Himalayan Masters)
  9. sweater
  10. waterproof jacket and pants
  11. walking trousers

footwear :

  1. Trekking boots (Goretex one)
  2. Thick wool socks (take the extra pain of thick light socks)
  3. Flip flops/sandals
  4. Crampons

Essential gear:

  1. Backpack/daypack (size depends)
  2. Thermal bottle
  3. Water purification (is complementary to Himalayan Masters)
  4. Trekking pole
  5. Sleeping bag (-20 is the best for high altitude trekking / is complimentary by Himalayan Masters)

Others :

  1. Hand sanitiser (if needed)
  2. Antiseptic cream or spray
  3. Personal medicine
  4. Toilet papers
  5. Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, etc.)
  6. Rain cover
  7. Waterproof trousers, jacket, and gloves
  8. Compass/trekking maps


Be surrounded by incredible landscapes, exchange with the local population, contact with Tibet culture… and all that feeling safe during the entire trip. Dipak and his team provide 100% assistance and support during the itinerary.

Vengar Brazil 🇧🇷

My second time back with Himalayan Masters and they exceeded my expectations yet again. Manaslu and Tsum valley trek organised by Sandip was a great itinerary and Dipak was an amazing guide that truly went above and beyond the duties of a trekking guide. He supported our group through all our ups and downs and we certainly couldn’t have done it without his help. The 3 porters, Syren, Pawan, and Pitumber also went above their duties to help cook, serve us fresh fruit every day and keep spirits high! I would recommend Himalayan Masters to anyone who is interested in trekking in Nepal. Miss it already

Hannah KadiAustralia

I’ve visited Nepal several times and have to say the trek with Himalayan Masters was the best experience I’ve had with trekking companies in Nepal. Very professional staff, from the organisers to guides to porters. Sandip organised our Manaslu Circuit trek which was such a great experience and really went out of his way to make sure we had a great time in the mountains. Our guide Surje was really helpful and kind, and overall would highly recommend Himalayan Masters to anyone looking for a reliable trekking company for any of the awesome trips throughout the country and beyond- you won’t regret it!

Olly GasparAustralia 🇦🇺

Highly recommend Himalayan Masters for trekking in Nepal. Absolutely top-tier local company, and extremely professional. From the moment we contacted Sandip, to getting dropped off at the airport after a month in Nepal, every detail was taken care of.

Our guides Ramesh and Porter Jiba were fantastic, very well-organised and focused on our well-being and safety at all times. Each night, our oxygen levels were checked to make sure we were handling the altitude. They constantly went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable, anticipating every need. On top of this, they were both such lovely and caring people, I loved getting to know them and it really made the trip extra special.

The day we crossed Larke Pass there was very deep snow, making it extremely difficult. But Ramesh was by my side all day with a smile on his face, giving me the energy I needed to make it over the past.

The company was also flexible, allowing us to change our plans as we went. For example, they were able to adjust the schedule during the trek to account for high snow levels and illness to ensure we all made it across the pass. In the end, members of our group wanted to finish in different parts of Nepal and they also facilitated that for us at no extra charge.

The price for the trip was also very reasonable compared to other companies and the level of service provided.

I loved trekking with Ramesh and Jiba so much that after I finished the Manaslu circuit, I immediately booked another trek for a few days later.

Thank you Himalayan Masters for a wonderful trip to Nepal :)

Talah SherifAustralia 🇦🇺

I can just thank you! 🙏

Had an incredible experience. Sandip and Dipak did the best possible job I can imagine.

Sandip organized the trip to Manaslu to our needs. Quick response and perfect planning.

Dipak was our guide and well-informed about the area because it is his home area. Always made us very comfortable and gave us the best rooms and free wifi (normally you have to pay for that!).

Can recommend both from my heart.

Daniel KGermany 🇩🇪

Our Manaslu trek was fantastic with Surje Lama. Helped out immensely when I got sick, and when we had a very challenging pass day. Sandip was fantastic on the organising end from start to finish. Changes to the plan were no problem. We had a great trip. Thanks, Surje and Sandip

Lachlan Australia 🇦🇺

With the recent change to Nepal’s solo trekker policy, I was initially sceptical about seeking the support of both a trekking company and a guide. I can say upon reflection on the Manaslu Circuit those fears were completely unfounded.

Himalayan Masters and the owner Sandip were incredibly attentive, making the entire planning and arrivals process effortless.

On the trek, I was paired with Govinda, one of Himalayan Masters’ most experienced guides, who have, at the time of writing completed 31 Manaslu treks. I could not have asked for a better guide to give me the full experience of the trek and of Nepal. His attention to detail, appreciation of risk and willingness to share both language and culture have been outstanding.

For anyone considering choosing Himalayan Masters or wavering over whether they should employ a guide; I can assure you, it will be the single best decision you could make if you’re coming to trek in Nepal.

I have left Nepal having had the most wonderful of trips and am looking forward to returning in the future to trek with Mero bhai (my brother) Govinda.

Brad AEngland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
I recently completed a 22-day hike in at Tsum Valley and the Manasalu circuit and it was all possible due to Sandip and the amazing team at Himalayan masters! Our wonderful guide Dipak and three lovely porters constantly went above and beyond to ensure our every need was met! They created the trip of a lifetime for myself and 5 other group members and I can’t wait to get back to Nepal to be able to do it all again with the great, supportive team!

Ashlee Finch Australia

Amazing experience. My favourite part was Larke Pass. Ask for Ramesh, he’s an excellent guide and very knowledgeable.

Daniel CAustralia 🇦🇺

This local agency is excellent and I would highly recommend anyone to book their trip through them, they will take care of almost everything and make you feel safe throughout the trip. Our Guide was Ram and he was by far the best, most caring and kind Guide we could have wished for. He helped us through the most difficult and dangerous passages of the trek and always checked on us to make sure we were feeling well. One note of caution: the Manaslu Trek is much more difficult than it seems. The trails are consistently very steep, making the long days very exhausting and particularly when the weather turns bad it may be too dangerous to cross the lake pass, in which case you will have to turn back.

SarahGermany 🇩🇪


Why trek to Manaslu Circuit with Himalayan masters?

Being a remote restricted trekking area, the Manaslu trek comes with many unexpected physical and legal issues. That’s why you need the experts at Himalayan Masters for the following advantages:

We provide you with an experienced guide who is very useful to cope with every difficulty in the Manaslu trekking route

Our itinerary has been designed by experts in order to keep you safe and avoid hectic walks- it’s easily achievable.

We offer the cheapest Manaslu trek packages, the best offers among Nepalese local trekking company

Himalayan masters’ guides who lead Manaslu treks The majority of them are from the Manaslu region and are highly familiar with the area.

We accommodate you in the best available hotels throughout the trekking route
Our travel packages cover all necessary costs for the tour (other than one mentioned in our policy) without any hidden charge

We always prioritize the health, safety, and comfort of our travellers; the team will help you during any emergency case.
And the list can go on…

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When is the best time to trek to Manaslu?

Can you trek to Manaslu Circuit without a guide?

Where is Manaslu?

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How cold is it Manaslu?

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